Thursday, April 17, 2014

September, 2013: Last camping weekend, finale

This is a continuation of my last camping weekend post  here,  from September 2013

After a leisurely breakfast in Lillooet BC I started my trek home.  I took the Bridge of the 23 Camels to the other side of the Fraser River and headed south on Hwy 12

Traffic was non-existant on this Friday morning and I had the road all to myself

There is supposed to be longhorn sheep on this section so I just meandered on my way hoping to catch a glimpse of them but I only saw two little deer on the side of the road

The road followed the Fraser River for a few miles and then headed inland over rolling hills and farmland .  There was really no where to stop, so I just kept rolling and after an hour or so I had arrived in Lytton

This place has the reputation of being the hottest place in BC during the summer and is often the hottest spot in Canada

Even though we were here in mid September it was a fairly warm day and I had to get out of my riding gear as I walked around town

As I walked past the Town Hall I noticed the Farmer's Market sign.  What luck to be here on a Friday morning around 10:30am

I wasn't sure what they would be selling

so I walked about looking around as they were setting up their tables

Most were local artisans displaying their crafts.

And others were selling fresh rabbits

or fresh chicken.  I mean, how much fresher can they be ?

The visitor's centre is just right of the Church.   The View caught my eye, so I stopped

It appears to be a restaurant at one time but long abandoned.  I walked around the side on the rotting walkway and this is what you see

That elevated section of roadway must be new as it wasn't here the last time I visited .  It is time to get rolling

and I take the Fraser Canyon down to Hope and decided to divert to Lougheed Highway where I ended up at Harrison Hot Springs to grab a snack

but first I ride down to the main beach area

In the background you notice the famous Harrison Hot Springs Resort Hotel

and to the North you see Harrison Lake which is cold because it is glacier fed

I am getting better at having meals by myself.  I haven't had Mulligatawny soup for a while so that is what I ordered

Here was my soup and sandwich special.   Because I live in the heart of the City it took me about 3 hours to get home taking the slow route.

I lucked out with the weather.  It was to be the last warm summer-like weekend of the Season

Sunday, April 13, 2014

What's a Fluevog ? Part Two

I was still near the beginning of my cross country trip.  It was July 12, 2013  and my 3rd day on the road

I was camped at the KOA in Bozeman, MT     I remember that it was very windy that day and I was bracing myself for the worst as I headed east on I-90

It was just daylight and I like to get an early start.  I generally like to pack up and leave at 8am and grab a bite to eat an hour or so down the road

Not much happening on this section of road.  It is flat and straight as I try to keep at the posted speed.  I like to keep an eye out for a McDonalds breakfast so I can use their WiFi to check my progress and confirm where I am

I happened to meet Dinah on her HD from Denver, CO.   She is heading home

I am trying to make time and put on the miles so I don't take any photos until I arrive at Red Lodge, MT

    The Main street, Red Lodge, MT

As I ride into town I saw some Harleys parked on the left, a motorcycle shop and another place selling Harley leather goods so naturally I made a U-turn so I could park with the other bikes.

A voice: "I don't think you are allowed to park here"

Me: "What do you mean ?  because I am not riding a Harley"

A voice: "Well, look around, do you see any other bikes that are NOT  Harley?"

Me:  "I suppose I should move somewhere else then, is that what you are trying to tell me ?"

I wasn't sure what to expect but eventually I caught on that he was merely joking.  He was also a tourist and he had just driven over Beartooth Pass and was heading North.   We talked a while and he was also from Vancouver, thus he noticed my British Columbia licence plate and decided to come over to meet me.  We seemed to have a few things in common and we also liked to frequent the same restaurant, near Gastown

    Compressed view of Red Lodge, MT

I suppose that we spent over half an hour talking about Vancouver and this and that and I offered to take their photos with the intention of meeting up with them after I got home from my trip.  I had good intentions but somehow I got distracted and never got around to it yet.

    Vintage Harley on display inside the clothing shop

I happily started snapping photos and directing the couple to stand here and there and pose for me.  I felt like a fashion photographer.   At one point his young lady took my camera and she took some photos too.  She seemed to know what she was doing.  I surmised that she was no stranger to photographic equipment

    Ruth & John Fluevog, Red Lodge, MT

I had no idea who they were until we exchanged email addresses

    Myself with John Fluevog, both from Vancouver, BC

    The Fluevogs

I mean, what are the chances of meeting a celebrity from Vancouver in this small town in Montana ?

Notice that I directed them to stand in front of my BMW R1200R

    Ruth & John Fluevog

To John & Ruth it was my pleasure to meet you.   I hope that our paths cross again,  sometime soon

With such a popular line of custom made shoes, available in stores around the world. I'm thinking that you couldn't afford a pair for yourselve(s)

I get confused easily,  I  think those are John's on the right  . . .

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What's a Fluevog ? Part One

You may not have realized that  MAY 15th  is . . .

Fluevog Day.   Yes,  International Fluevog day is coming to Vancouver, and is also celebrated all over the world

Mark your calendar for May 15th    If you don't know what this is all about, read about it   HERE   

    Entrance to The New Worldwide Flagship John Fluevog Shoes Store and Fluevog Design Studio in Vancouver.   On Water Street, Gastown, Vancouver BC

Here is another view looking East

Full frontal view.   The Fluevog design studio is on the mezzanine floor.   John Fluevog is a Vancouver institution you can read about how he became a shoe designer    HERE2  

Fluevog even has a blog     HERE

If you have an idea for a style of shoe which you can't find. he may produce them for you.   Read about the process    Here  

He even produces Men's shoes

    John Fluevog, Granville Street Store, Vancouver BC

John Fluevog is our local celebrity

In the meantime why don't you visit his creative website and look around   click here
He even has a wikipedia page   Here  

What's all this got to do with Motorcycles ?   You'll have to wait for a future post . . .

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Gastown: Birthplace of Vancouver, BC

Another Saturday and another walk in the city. Although it was raining I decided to walk to Gastown

It is not easy to find free parking in Vancouver but I managed to find a spot near Science World.  This meant that I had to walk past some grungy areas, through Chinatown and into Skid Row

Over the years Gastown (Water Street) has evolved into an upscale tourist shopping mecca where it parallels the railyard.   I am using a GPS tracking app on my iPhone.  I let it record where I have been and when I get home I load the CSV file into Google Earth to get the two views above.

I eventually make it to Maple Tree square.  In the old days there was a Maple Tree here, now there is only the statue of Gassy Jack

Here is the inscription on the plaque and where they chose the name Vancouver for this City.  In the old days they got their light from Gas lanterns, thus they originally named this place Gastown

On the left you see the statue of Gassy Jack (the site of the old maple tree)

That triangled building in the middle is Hotel Europa which has been restored with retail businesses on street level

During the summer this is a busy place, but not so much today on a cool rainy day

Not long ago this was not such a desirable area and you still have to be careful as we are only a couple of blocks from an area which tourists should avoid, especially at night

There are many specialty shops who cater to tourists

Our rainy season starts around March and goes until around June so make sure you bring your raingear, or umbrellas

If you should continue walking West you will come upon our Steam clock and at noon daily it sounds out "Oh Canada"

The taller building on the left is the Toronto Dominion Building which was once the tallest building in the British Commonwealth.  Lots of older buildings to admire

A Western specialty store being guarded by these dudes with guns

Here are a couple of convenience stores

and here we find the flagship John Fluevog designed custom shoe store  (info here)