Monday, June 2, 2008

Routine Saturday

Lately it seems that I've been very time challenged. I try to get my chores done during the week so as to free up my weekend. So it was last week; cut the back grass on Thursday, and the front grass on Friday. I know that it is only my imagination but to do the complete job (in one sitting, including the trimming) would probably take around 2 hours. It just doesn't seem so bad when you spread the deed into two days. Of course, my reward is a free and clear Saturday with nothing to do except . . .

Meet my friends for breakfast every Saturday at a motorcycle friendly neighbourhood cafe down in Kitsilano. We have been meeting at the same spot for probably over 10 years. Now comes the transporation decision. My preference is to take the scooter which I use for my daily commute, but today it was the motorcycle. I have a Suzuki SV650n which usually sits unused in the garage and I have been hearing whimpering sounds lately, esp on Sunny days. All the maintenance has been done and we are just waiting for summer so we can plan some weekends on the open road.

I had made a mental note to accomplish two things today. One was to try and find some soft saddlebags and get my bike washed at the Charity bike wash Hosted by Pacific Yamaha BMW, and organized by Dallas (Swan Charities) and a member of the Flying Swan Hot Chicks. I read on a recent post that all male owned bikes will be washed by a Hot Chick, and female bikes would be washed by a Burnaby FireFighter. So off to Richmond I go:

My bike seems to be getting a lot of attention:

My bike really wasn't that dirty. Only last month I purchased a rear stand and spent some time trying to clean the wheels but I don't mind donation for a good cause.

Here's another view:

I think that's Dallas on the Right, can't tell from this angle:

Yep, that's her:



I must say that there was a lot of washing going on:

There were also BBQing Hotdogs and Hamburgers (by donation):

I was getting tired just eating and watching:

It was all for a good cause.

Oh, almost forgot . . . They raised $535. for the Firefighters "Burn Fund"

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