Sunday, October 19, 2008

EOS: ?? Not Really

It's not really EOS (EOS= End of Season) though a lot of riders seem to think so. I ride all year, except for those times where there is ice on the road, or fog, or monsoon-like rain, but I can't afford to insure all my bikes for the whole year.


My insurance on my SV650n is expiring next week so I had to get in one last ride for the weekend and prepare it for it's winter hibernation. I haven't really ridden it much this year since I got my new Maxi-scoot in May. My intention was to take the bike on highway outings and the scoot for more urban use, but I ended up taking my scoot to Oregon for the rally instead.
Today my plan was to take out the SV650 get all the fluids circulating and install the fuel stabilizer. That's it on the tank of the SV. Being FI there is not much to do. Just Fuel Stabilizer and plug in the battery tender. Of course the battery tender part has become 2nd nature for me as it is always plugged in all year long whenever is is parked in my garage/carport. Actually, every vehicle that I have parked is connected to a battery tender. That includes my Vette (in the background) which has also seen lack of use this year. You know that I am a bike "kind of guy" when the sun comes out I hop on my bike 99% of the time.


Here's my bike all decked out and ready for touring on the open road, but alas . . . it is getting ready to be parked for the winter instead.

Saturday was also the 1st day for Cappucino's for Alzheimer's at Urban Wasp, formerly known as: Vespa Vancouver. We are trying to raise funds to send Jennifer to climb Mt Kilimanjaro next year and Urban Wasp is matching (dollar for dollar) the amounts of donation collected.


Or course if you are in the area and wish to make a donation, that would be greatly appreciated


Of course, these gatherings are also an excuse to socialize with other scooterists of our group, whom for one reason or another are often not able to come on our group rides. And for those not so mechanically minded (my self included), sometimes simple adjustments can be done by others more knowledgeable. Here you can see The Reverend, Robert, helping Deborah


We have a lot of fun during these gatherings and there is a lot of joking and prodding going on. That's James, attempting to unseat The Reverend. (all in fun, of course)


After a while, more riders show up: Otto (GT200), John (BV500) & Lise (GT200) parking in the background.


And we didn't forget James who just installed a Puig windscreen on his Derbi 150. We were attempting to change the position a bit but it is a 3 person job trying to get all the points to line up. I think it looks better now.


It was a great, sunny, autumn day, just perfect for riding and companionship and ended with a great cup of Cappucino, brewed by Robert, the Reverend, and we raised $54. for the cause (to be matched by Urban Wasp). Every thing about today was great, except . . .


having to park my SV650nK4 until next Spring


  1. I have to keep all three bikes insured. There's just no way I could resist the temptation to sneak one out for a ride!

    This year the FJR will do Winter duty. It will be interesting to see how it compares to the STeed.

    You have a 'Vette? Dang, I'm jealous!

  2. Whoever invented Winter must not have had motorcyclists in mind! I had been riding year round unless of course the monsoon rains come along (or ice) like you mentioned, and my motorcycle insurance is so cheap (Progressive Insurance) that it wouldn't make a difference by not insuring part of the year. So can't save on insurance, might as well ride! -My first time visiting your blog and have been enjoying it!

  3. Irondad (dan):

    I usually have at least one bike insured. This year will be my Xciting 500Ri scooter. there is more weather protection from the elements, however my SV650 has heated grips, which my scoot doesn't. I don't usually advertise about having a 'vette, but if you go to my YouTube page, you will see lots of 'vettes, as I am an active member of the BC Corvette Club (for many years).


    Insurance is very expensive here in BC. During the summer we have 6 vehicles insured. (3 cars, and 3 bikes/scoots), and that is reduced from 7 as I recently sold my '67 Firebird convertible muscle car. (oh, almost forgot, also sold my Lambretta GP200)
    Last year I had the SV insured for the winter, but this year with the economic meltdown, I thought I would try to reduce my expenses a bit.

  4. Bobskoot - that's a great pic of your Suzuki under the overpass (at least it looks like an overpass to me). Also, it looks like the scooter community is pretty active - nice shots of the event - thanks!

  5. my Insetto Scoppiettante would have felt really at ease, there!