Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Limited Connectivity & Leaves

Instead of moving our clocks forward an hour (to go to Double Daylight Savings Time), we fell back an hour. Wonder whose idea that was ? I'm of the opinion that daylight at the end of the day is better than in the beginning of the day. It's hard enough to just wake up in the mornings. Have you ever tried to get out the door 15 minutes earlier ? 'cause in order to do that you have to allow an extra hour. I try to do my household duties during the weekdays, so as to leave the weekends free for scooting. We moved our clocks back last Sunday, and now it is dark to and from work. I've been trying to give our lawn that "one last" cut of the year. It looks like I will have to make sure my flashlight has a huge battery so I can see where I'm cutting.
It's been a frustrating past few days. Late last week I had a minor problem with my computer so a friend said he would take a look at it. I purchased an external DVD writer for my netBook and the Nero software locked up. I attempted to un-install it but it appeared that one component was still trying to load up on boot up, thus giving an error. Not really a big deal, but the error screen always came on so you had to click the "OK" button. I tried to find the startup script to disable it but being computer illiterate as I am, I have to rely on someone else to help me out. Anyway, long story short, I came home with the computer on Friday evening and could not get it to log onto the internet. Thus no BLOG updates for a few days. But all is back to normal. My netBook is a great little machine. It is small with a 8.9" screen great for travelling or being on the move, as well as being a backup computer for surfing the web.
Saturday was a great day for scooting . . .


On the way home from Breakfast with the guys, I took a little detour through Queen Elizabeth Park. There is a Ring road that circles around and passes by a little lake. The locals call this park, "Little Mountain" and it is the reservoir for the City of Vancouver, being the highest hill in the city. The main reservoir at the top used to be OPEN, but now it is covered with a parking lot on top, Restaurant and viewpoint of the city, as well as a few walk ways (walking paths) .


There are lots of ducks begging for food, and there are some small fish in the lake, goldfish size so you would need a lot of them to make a meal. Just as I got there I wanted to take a picture of the scoot under the large flowing willow tree, but a father and son got there just before me so I had to change my angle a bit. You are able to see a bit of his red jacket, on the left.


I don't live very far from the Park so took the scenic way home. You have to be very careful this time of year and watch out for all those leaves on the ground as they are slick as grease.


Right now we are in-between storms. Lots of rain & wind were forecast for this particular afternoon, but so far the weather has been clear. Just a few spits of rain but you can definitely feel Fall in the air.


  1. Nice pictures - fall is looking pretty nice in Vancouver. The Kymco looks great!

  2. Dear Mr. Bobscoot:

    You are a monthly winner in the Readers Meals Contest from "Twisted Roads." I have no idea how to contact you. There is an email address at the top of my blog: Twisted Roads."

    Drop me a line so I can forward your prize.