Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Vancouver Motorcycle Show: 25 January 2009

We call it the Vancouver Motorcycle Show but it hasn't been held in Vancouver for many years. I believe the location was changed as a cost saving measure and also most riders come from communities east of Vancouver so the thinking was to make it more convenient by locating the "show" in Abbotsford, BC (a smaller community perhaps 80 kms away)., at the Tradex

(Tradex, Abbotsford, BC)

This year the "show" ran from Thursday to Sunday. We decided to attend on the Sunday. The large parking lot was nearly full and they had shuttle buses shuttling people to their cars.

(Yamaha section)


All the major manufacturers were there showing off all of their products


They even had helmets large enough for Giants



(Can-Am: new model introduction)

(Yamaha: T-max - Scootercycle)

(PGO: Spyder, copy of Can-Am)

I was speaking to one of the reps about the Can-Am Spyder and he told me that in British Columbia if there are 2 front wheels with a car type suspension and it has a "steering Wheel" then it is classified as a car for registration and insurance purposes.

(Can-Am Spyder, this one was already "SOLD")

If the Can-Am is out of your price range, then you can purchase this TANK, trike 49cc version:

(Tank 49cc trike)

If you happen to need a pizza delivery vehicle, then this TGB is what you need. Has factory Pizza trunk with heating element already pre-installed:

(PGO 150cc Pizza delivery)

(A really usable very, large trunk)

(can you tell that I really like this model)

If you look underneath you will see TWO independent side stands, one for each side depending which side you are dismounting. And both have engine cut off switches installed.


Another much more expensive Trike:


This models are similar to a car. There is a stick shift mounted right in the middle of your gas tank. The clutch pedal is under your left foot (as in a car), and the right foot controls the brakes. You have a twist motorcycle throttle as on a normal bike and you have to shift using your LEFT hand.


The start motor does double duty as your "reverse" gear


This is another neat scooter with fixed roof and windshield wiper. 150cc something or other. (can't remember the name, but made in China) . The wheels remained "fixed" to the asphalt, but the "CAB" is pivots on its own suspension so you are able to lean into the corners.

(inside, looking out)

(Honda: DN-01, scooter/motorcycle thingy)

(Honda DN-01, dash)

(Honda DN-01, front view)

(Honda: proto-type scooter)

(Honda scooter, model unknown, proto-type)

There was a lot to see, many new models. They also had a large market place area where they sell other products which might not be considered to be motorcycle related, and I include this picture of one of these products for my buddy, Jack Riepe of Twisted Road fame.



  1. As always, great pictures and dialogue. Thanks!

  2. Great photos. I see the T-max Scooter has accessories added like the backrest and rear lockable luggage case. Other smart things to have are a DC outlet plug for rechargeables like your phone and such. Also a console bag which is a portable luggage option. Accessories can make the difference on how you use your bike/scooter. Here are a few accessories.

  3. Dear Bobskoot:

    The blog that always satisfies... Thank you for these great shots of some unusual motorcycles and scooters over at the bike show you attended.

    I was very impressed with the Yahaha T-Max Scooter/Cycle which I definitely see as a machine of the future. The TGB unit also has destiny as the urban delivery unit of the future.

    I was stunned by the similarity of the cab of the enclosed Chinese mystery scooter, which looks like a carbon copy of the C-1, introduced by BMW in 2000. (That was a scooter ecades ahead of its time and one that is likely to see a come-back.)

    Thank you for the gratuitous butt shot. It is important to me that I know I am influencing my friends and colleagues.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  4. Robert, the Reverend:
    Thank you. We're going to have to get the "other" blog going. Perhaps we should aim for ONE post per year, and it's coming up soon

    Welcome. Glad to have a Yamaha parts specialist on board, good to have someone in the "know"

    Mr Riepe:

    "It is important to me that I know I am influencing my friends and colleagues."

    Dear Sir:
    Jack, I am a fast learner and everytime I get to read your flowery prose I get motivated to follow your lead. I love your eloquent, modest style.
    Re: the butt shot, I noticed the poster and display and immediately the "little guy" inside my mind SHOUTED OUT "Jack Riepe" . I knew you would be impressed

  5. I'm kind of surprised Riepe even knows what underwear is.

  6. Nice to see the photos. For those of us who didn't attend a show we can still see the bikes.

    My wife didn't much care for the picture of the "booty shorts" I'm sorry to say. She told me the shorts would look horrible on me. Thanks anyway.

  7. bobscoot. Geeat shots man..great reporting and you captured the important elements..Hey I was at the Yamaha dealer today on Westminter HWY and they seemed to be desperate to close a deal, some guy with a thick Parisian accent was ready to deal. I was able to check the beauts you describe.
    I'm now more confused than ever

  8. Bobskoot, great report on the Vancouver Motorcyle Show. Would have loved to be there - some really cool bikes there that didn't make it to the Seattle show. I'll take 2 DN-01's please!

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