Monday, November 9, 2009

Galiano Island, BC - Finale

Whenever we go into exploration mode it is our usual practice to travel onto every road we find to see where it ends up. We head up (NW) along the main paved road and came to a goverment dock and this house along the shore, which looked vacant.


This is a typical view of the road. You will find little traffic along here


Again we stop for another photo of this abandoned home wondering what had happened to the previous occupants


Another building where we find in nature's grasp


I was thinking to myself that this would be a good place to crank the throttle of your bike as there are no speed traps here.


We head over to the west side of the island to find a beautifully paved road and wondered where it went, and stopped when we noticed this writing.


Not much farther ahead there is a locked gate with more NO trespassing signs. I think it was a plan for a new subdivision which never got developed.

We head back towards town and noticed the road to the BLUFFS which has a commanding view of Active Pass, where the ferries pass.


It is our lucky day for we noticed a ferry just happened to come into view.


The house on this little peninsula has water views on both sides: front & back


The Galiano Golf & Country Club operates on the honour system. Just put your money in the box and have a round


While we were having dinner at the Hummingbird Pub we didn't realize that a snow storm was closing in. The flakes were wet and slushy making for very slippery roads. We nearly didn't make it back to our "Tree House" . There are no street lights and no moon to light our way. We really could have used the bright lights of the sun on a certain K75


I couldn't help myself. I knew the previous renters had left the day before, and we could have had the Cliff House for our last night but seeing as we were taking the early ferry off the island I thought it too much trouble. But it certainly will be on the plan next time.


Along the way to the ferry terminal we came across this scene


I imagine that it was very slippery and just a light touch on your brake pedal would have put you into the ditch, just like this. It would have happened to us too if it weren't for the AWD of our Subaru WRX. Just remember to keep constant throttle and keep OFF the brakes.

Not wanting to miss the ferry we arrive at the dock in plenty of time


There is nobody else there, except us. We have the parking lot to ourselves. In the summer season usually a member of the Ferry crew comes on shore to man the ticket booth.


We are safely loaded on board the ferry and bid Galiano Island farewell. A relaxing weekend it was. We headed over to Saltspring Island



Addendum: SaltSpring Island, Ganges Harbour, BC

We had a mission to head over to Victoria to meet up with some friends and decided to have lunch on the Pier on Saltspring Island


They had quite the snowstorm over here too and we noticed lots of cars buried in the ditches along our way into town. They seldom get snow over here and caught the locals off guard

(Ganges Harbour, Saltspring Island, BC)

After lunch we head over to Vesuvius bay to catch the ferry over to Crofton, BC

(Ferry terminal, Vesuvius Bay, Saltspring Island, BC)

Looking out into the bay the water looked very serene and tranquil


This is our last shot of the setting sun. Notice the pollution smoke stacks from the pulp mill at Crofton BC, our destination.



  1. Very nice pictures Bob. Thank you.

  2. It's good to have a Subaru.
    Really like your pictures of the run down cottages. Been thinking of taking some similar pictures around here. You see always giving me new ideas for photos.

  3. Fab pics once again - I especially like the last 2. You live in a very scenic part of the country - you're lucky! Good roads too - of course, when it says "no trespassing" you have to trespass........

  4. BFF,

    The pics are great! I really enjoyed all of them. I also love your banner photo--two thumbs up!! Sounds like a great get-away weekend!

  5. Great pics as usual Bob!

    I'm selling my '07 WRX Limited tomorrow. Very sad, but it will pay for more motorcycles. :) Which one do you have?

    Everyday Riding

  6. Dear Bobskoot:

    These pictures are positively enchanting. I love the house on the peninsula. But even more, I loved the lighthouse across the bay. There wouldn't be a day of the year that I didn't have a line in the water, as long as it was legal.

    I can't get the cliffhouse out of my mind. In upstate New York, where I would love to live 6 months of the year, construction that close to a body of water is illegal. The Department of Environmental Conservation will not permit the potential for any household drain to overflow or discharge in a lake, river, or other waterway.

    To sit inside that cliffhouse, to look out the window, to sip a warm drink, and to pretend to be writing would be a great live.

    On the subject of the HID PIAA lights on my bike... I like them so much that I seldom ride with the MotoLights on any more. The PIAA lights are probably illegal the way I use them. Too bad... The athorities will never take me alive.

    Great post today, Bobby-boy.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  7. Now just whats going on here with you and Bev??? I go away for a few weeks and return to almost hourly posts from yourself and Bev!!

    Very good pictures as always Bob and your an unsurpassed tour guide of Canada, and the life there in....Did I see snow in one of your pics, it's only November!!

    Hhmmm...must get me some of those bike gadgets that you have, err...what is a PCM ??



  8. Mike:

    Thank you. I try to take a lot of snapshots, and some are better than others


    I like historic places and crumbling buildings. I close my eyes and wonder about the past and what the people were like


    For some reason, anytime you have water views it seems more romantic. When you see something everyday you don't feel lucky, it just feels normal to have this scenery. There was a locked gate farther up the road. Perhaps next time when it is warmer we could "walk" to the end


    I am a wanderer. I have to keep rolling. It was a change to stay put for a day or two. I have to learn how to relax. As for the banner photo, thank you. I plan to feature scenics and rotate them


    As far as I am aware Subaru WRX's only come with one model up here. It is fully optioned incl sunroof. Do you really have to sell yours ? You've already got a fleet of bikes. I only have 4

    Jack "r":

    That Cliffhouse is a gem. You can find it by doing a google for Cliffhouse, Galiano Island. That lighthouse that you liked is on Mayne Island. There are hundreds of islands and once in a while one goes for sale. Many are privately owned


    Ah yes Dave, Bev is so photogenic.

    Last year was an unusual year for snow. We had too much too long and we had a snowstorm while we were there in November.

    That PCM digital recorder is like a portable recording studio used by musicians. Recordings are better than CD quality. I'm trying to learn audio editing etc. OH, PCM = Pulse Code Modulation

  9. This was a good tour. Too bad our new blocking software at work now allows scooter in the sticks and not bobskoot. It must be personal.
    And no, I am not going to get all worked up about a subaru. Do you own any cars that aren't cult cars? Like a boring old Nissan?