Sunday, February 7, 2010

Food & Flying Food

The other day I had a chance to have lunch with Robert, the Reverend. (<-- click link) . He is still scooterless. It's like a slow boat from Italy is taking the scenic route around Cape Horn with his Vespa parts. We are hoping that soon he will be riding with the rest of us. We decided that we would go to Havana


It's like travelling to Cuba without leaving the Commercial Drive area of Vancouver


It had been sprinkling a bit and we notice there are lots of tables available. If this had been a warm day during the summer they would be taking names for tables. We head inside


We are lucky to be able to be seated without having to wait

(Robert, The Reverend)

While I have never been to the real Havana, I would imagine that this place captures the ambiance sort of like you are transported to Cuba in your mind


It is very interesting to look at all the pictures on the wall.



Today was a double header. I would be having dinner with Robert again later in the day at a Korean BBQ AYCE Restaurant (AYCE = All You Can Eat)


There is a gas grill built into every table for you to cook your own meal. Everything is prepared for you. The raw food is served and separated on individual plates. You cook, talk & socialize and eventually eat


It seemed to me that food was flying everywhere; from the uncooked plates to the grill, from the grill to the cooked plates, back and forth the plates were being passed to each other and back for refills


Evenutally we were finished, stuffed and were on our way home



The next day we visited a noodle house which was recommended by a friend. Here you are able to view the chef making your noodles which is cooked to your specifications. From stir-fried to soup, vegetarian or choice of meats, it's your decision. There is a large window for you to observe the status of your order


I ordered the stir-fried noodles with beef


along with a side of boiled dumplings




  1. suddenly i am REALLY hungry :) mouth watering bob!!

  2. Weren't you taught not to play with your food?
    I see what you mean when you said there was food flying everywhere. Looks like fun but definitely not a relaxing dinner. wow.

  3. Havana looks like a great place. The somewhat askew photos hanging on the wall add to the authentic ambiance.

    Do hope Robert - R's parts arrive soon. It is definitely scootin weather!

  4. I ate at aKorean barbecue place once. It seemed like a scam, going out to eat and having to cook your own food. The whole point of going out not cook.

  5. Dear Bob Skoot:

    What kind of parts does Robert The Reverend need? He should contact Domingo Chang and get a lesson on how to make replacement parts for sensitive Italian machinery at home.

    There is a joint around here called the Tiki Bar. It is an outside gin mill, along the banks of a bucolic stream. Entrees are purchased raw and cooked over communal grills, that can accommodate 10 or 12 people at a clip.

    I am a big fan of Asian cuisine.

    Please consider that people who live in a single weather environment are often quick to judge others and their lifestyles... To the point where they may try to raise the proletariat against you.

    Nice blog today.

    Fondest regards,
    Jck • reep • Toad

  6. I love Korean BBQ but, unfortunately, we don't have any around here. Grilled shortribs are a popolar dish around home. Now I'm hungry....

  7. Ha! I'm with everyone else...hungry now. And I just had a snack too. But I kind of agree with Conchscooter. I want the food cooked for me when I go out to eat.

    Great post! But, now I'm off to find something to munch on

  8. Hi Bob,

    I nearly went to the real Havana back in the early 90s when Cuba first opened up, but got a cheaper deal in Asia and went that way instead...A regret.

    I like Asian food, I like it even more when I don't know what it is lol.



  9. Looks like a grand time had by all. Nice pics too. I could see myself experiencing that just once. Reminds me of the days of fondue. I liked the resultsl, but not the work.

  10. More and more the social aspect of a meal appeals to me. The flying food part looks kind of neat. Despite cooking your own food. That's part of the socializing. Consider it the ice breaker.