Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Annacis Channel & Dyke Road

And so after all the excitement of a nearby shooting last Saturday, I left the crime scene, mounted my mighty V-strom and headed towards Queensboro to pick up my riding boots, which failed during my Oregon Trip last July.


The buckle came apart on our way home and from Tumwater, WA I had to rely on bungy cords to keep my boots on. I arrived early and the store was not yet opened so I thought I would wander around the area to eat up some time


We are on the border of Burnaby and New Westminster and traffic is light, the roads are narrow. It is easy to stop in the middle of the road to snap a photo or two


Actually, you have no choice but to stop in the middle of the road as there are no shoulders and if you drop off, you will be in the water filled ditch. Above you will notice the overhead freeway ramp which is a major artery known as Hwy 91. Down here it is quiet but on the ramp it is like a raceway with vehicles tailgating and speeding to nowhere.

There are several waterfront communities scattered about the greater Vancouver area. This one is located on Annacis Channel, which is basically the south arm of the Fraser River


I suppose there is an attraction to having a floating home


There is no lawn to cut or maintain and you are able to park your yacht beside your home in your own parking spot


And if you cannot afford a yacht, you can still keep your canoe close at hand


This particular community has more than one cluster of floating homes. You have all the amenities of a regular land home, including water and sewer lines


Further along Dyke Road there are also commercial vessels scattered among the residents


(Glendevon, recently restored)

As we ride down Dyke Road we come to a more upscale cluster of exclusive homes


These seem to be of more recent construction


It was a pleasant day to spend some time on less travelled roads


And we are thankful that this has been one of our mildest winters in years, fingers crossed. While others in the southeast have been buried under feet of snow and ice, we are happily making do with bare roads and the occassional glimpse of the sun


My Strom is smiling . . .


  1. Dear Bobskoot:

    You"Mighty" V-Strom looks good. What's the deal with that water-filled ditch? Is that the norm for roads in the area? Actually, the floatig homes looked interesting to me... But too close to each other.

    I spoke with some of my friends today, and we see no riding until April 1, 2011. Yet we are off to the dealer's on Saturday to look at the new K1600GT.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  2. The benefit of a floating home?? The entire house rocks like a waterbed!

    When, exactly, did you turn in your boots? I hope it hasn't taken them this long to return them to you.

    Glad you were able to get out and enjoy some clean, dry roads. It's snowing here! :)


  3. Water in the ride a dual sport! should be no problem...little ditch of

    Beautiful day for a ride. I prefer overcast (but dry) to sunshine. No sun in my eyes, no deep shadows. Perfect for scanning the road or viewing the passing scenery.

    Wonderful ride report and photos. I love the floating homes. I'm not sure if I'd want to live in one, but it would be interesting to say the least. Yes, I can see the Strom has a very big grin on her face!

  4. I've always liked the concept of house boats, see any with a motorcycle parked on it?


    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

    Redleg's Rides

  5. I lived aboard for years and it's not a bad way to go if your boat is your major interest, because boats become shambolic floating nests if they aren't used. Living aboard in a muddy ditch seems not quite the thing though.

  6. I thought the 'Glendevon' was the 'Master' until I noticed the caption.

  7. Vespa

    There used to be a floating hotel near me at Nortwich, (the home of the mighty ***THUNDERSPRINT***).

    The plae was simply awful, the loos used to back flush and the beer was ***** - it went insolvent and sank.....

    Best wishes, Spotted Dick

  8. I would not mind living in one of them floating house but they are very expensive to acquire and to maintain

  9. I'm curious, do you still have to pay property taxes if you build your house on a floating platform?
    Nice ride.

  10. I've always liked the house-boats and wish I lived in one. High cost, high maintenance, neighbors way too close, all valid issues. But to be on the water would be wonderful. Years ago, I briefly considered living on a boat (not in Alaska).

    Great pictures.


  11. Well, you needed to give your 'mighty' Wee an ego booster after you strayed to look at a certain other bike. I always wanted to live on a houseboat, alas no garage or parkade to leave the two-wheeler.
    Glad you got out. I was housebound (and still am) due to a nasty flu.

  12. Floating house? Not for me, but I'd like to see one up close! Nice ride, bummer about the boots.

  13. I think having a floating house is one of those dreams most folks have, probably because of the impression of being able to just weigh anchor and go. But the basement is ALWAYS wet.

  14. Growing up on the Mississippi River in Iowa gave me ample opportunity to be on a house boat or two, but I can't remember ever seeing a community of them like you showed us here. The house boats I've had the pleasure of visiting were just docked in different marinas along with all the regular boats. This concept seems very cool to me, and I would proably like to own one as a vacation place, but I think I would need stable land on a regular basis.

    I'd be afraid too much boating would make me want to trade in the Glide for a Jet Ski! Woo Hoo!

  15. Jack r: Richmond and Queensboro are known for their waterfilled ditches. There are many car accidents where cars go off the road and land upside down and people inside cannot open their doors and drown.

    We have several floating communities around the greater Vancouver area. Some are attached to marinas and some are not

    BeemerGirl: My boots failed during July. When we came home I brought them in for repair and 2-3 weeks later I got them back, except I did not notice that the crease was on the stitch line. I have other boots and they just sat there for a few months before I used them again and then I noticed that the leather was ripping on the stitch line. Before Christmas I brought them in again but due to the holidays etc I didn't bother to pick then up until now.

    Bluekat: The water is actually quite deep and if you went in you could be trapped under your bike. There is no shoulder and the road is angled towards the water, so you have to be very careful. That's why I stopped in the middle of the road

    Charlie6: There were a few motorcycles parked on the land, some under cover but there is a lot of corrosion from the salt water.

    Mr Conchscooter: The Fraser River is a fast river known to carry silt for hundreds of miles. Even 2 hours away in Hope, BC it is brown from silt. At that part of the river the tide goes both directions. Salt water mingles with the fresh water and the tide level goes up and down.

  16. Wayne: I have a few photos of the Master when it was docked down in Steveston. There was another boat under restoration in Westminster Quay. I can't remember its name but a log hit it during one winter and it sank. I think they floated it and restored it again. When are you going to collect on your FREE breakfast. I could pick you up at Fraser and 48th. Let me know

    Nikos: I can't think of any floating Hotels, but we have a lot of Hotels with views of the water

    Baron: I would be careful to make sure that the plug was secure, otherwise you may inherit a water bed by accident

    GeorgeF: I'm not positive but the Marina would have to pay taxes on the land and water rights to the Federal Government. I would presume your rent would include a tax portion.

    RichardM: A houseboat may be better than waterfront property, or riverfront as when water levels rise, you would be safe.

  17. SonjaM: it's good planning to get sick during the winter. Get it out of the way before Spring arrives. (just kidding) Get better soon. A floating home would be okay if you had secured parking

    Ken: there are more floating homes scattered around the area. I'll try to get more photos in my travels

    Canajun: these homes are not designed for rough waters and have no propulsion system. They would have to be towed or barged to another location

    Lady R: WHAT ! trade your Glide in ? you mean get a SkiDoo in addition to. I would imagine that "rolling" on the water would be very stress relieving

  18. Your right... WHAT was I thinking? :D