Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vintage M/C show & swap meet


more info from their website HERE

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. I was all prepped up for the bike show to see all the classic bikes. It was early and Mrs Skoots says,

MS "What do you want to do today ?"

Me: "I'd like to go to the Motorcyle Swap meet"

MS: "NO you don't, your foot isn't well enough yet. We'll gather some stuff, sit in the sun somewhere and have a picnic"

You see, I've been struggling for the past week barely able to walk, hobbling around with my walking stick. So in SULK MODE I put on my shoes and went for a crawl around the neighbourhood all the while looking at the clock watching the minutes, then hours tick away. Soon it was going to be too late. My plan was to have breakfast "on the fly" then get there late morning. It was now around noon, and when I arrive home after my jaunt around the block it was time for a quick home-made breakfast of bacon & eggs and oatmeal.

With every bite I was looking at the clock again and counting the revolutions of the second's hand. All the while there was clunking and clanging as Mrs Skoot was getting out the plastic picnic set, boiling water for the thermos and dusting off the insulated bag. She asked where we should go to enjoy the sunny day. It was now after 1pm and it would still take at least a half an hour to get there (to the M/C show).


We were nearly at the point of no return, meaning it would be too late to even consider going. Then out of the blue, she asks . . . If you really want to go then Okay "we'll go" . With a glint in my eye, I gathered my camera and walking stick and hobbled out to the car. All along the way as we were heading south on the highway, many bikes were coming back to town in the opposite direction .

Some solo riders and many separate groups all returning to the city from Tsawwassen. You can't mistake the deep growl of their exhausts.

(Honda: 350 Four)

Eventually we arrived. The parking lot was thinned out quite a bit but there were still some bikes there

(Honda S90 custom)

Many riders bring their vintage bikes to put on display and show them off. I like to see all the older stuff and also what is for sale


IMG_4077 (Italian something, Mr Conchscooter should know)


(Triumph, with sidecar)

(Italian: Harley ?)

Parked all by itself out in the grass field was this neat 3 wheeled machine


There are two jugs sticking out the front, similar to an "R" type BMW engine


it would have been nice to have the engine panels opened, but the owner was nowhere to be seen. It appeared to be a front wheel drive with one wheel in the rear


it looks like a neat 2 seater roadster


There were a lot of bikes out there today


  1. I'm glad you were able to make it after all. Perhaps going later when things had thinned out was a better option. Less temptation to wander around on foot too much, but still a chance to see some nice bikes.

    I'm curious about the Italian Harley. My boss is a pilot and I think he has a plane called an aermacchi. I'm not sure if that's it or not (I know nothing of aircraft). I'll have to check my computer tomorrow. I have photos of his aircraft, and see if that's what it's called.

    Hope the foot gets better. It's no fun to have mobility issues.

  2. Entertaining story. "Sulk mode" worked I guess. Nice shots of the bikes. The front drive three wheeler is kind of interesting. If it was front drive already then it would have been simpler to just add the fourth wheel. I don't understand their design.

    I've actually remember reading about the Harley made in Italy by a Italian light aircraft manufacture. I don't remember many details but it was back in the '60s.

    Hope your foot heals soon.


  3. Good set of pictures Bob, glad you made it out there....

    As to the Triumph with the sidecar, did you get to ask the owner why he had it on the right side of the tug?


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  4. Dear Bobskoot:

    Great shots of old bikes. I love the three-wheeler too. Isn't it cool when you find some bikes that you never heard of before?

    "Sulk mode?" The last time I had a case of the "sulks," Stiffie locked me in the bathroom with a hornet's nest. As I screamed and pounded on the door, she calmly said, "NBow you have something to sulk about."

    I'm sorry to hear you're gimping around. Like we discussed on phone:
    • Wear shoes in the house...
    • Elevate your foot...
    • Ice the part that hurts...

    You have my deepest sympathy for this. I walk with a cane now, even in the house, and find it as agravating as all hell. But your foot trouble will undoubtedly subside if you keep on top of it.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad

  5. Very nice shots Bob! I would have liked to have been there too. I like that BSA and the Honda S90 is a steal at $1000... I think.

    I agree, that 3 wheeler car is interesting.

    Hope your foot gets better soon. Have you been to the Doc?

  6. BlueKat;

    we saw lots of bikes leaving whilst on our way along the highway. The parking lot appeared to be about half of usual, so many had already left. I tried to not walk so much


    Morgan had a 3 wheeled car and also there was the Messersmidt. They were probably all manufactured around the same time.


    It probably has to do with driving on the wrong side of the road. This Triumph was probably made to UK specs


    some of your suggestions are working. Aging is so frustrating


    I like to look at the bikes for sale. If I saw something I liked then perhaps it would come home with me. It doesn't hurt to look, and thankfully there was nothing I needed.

  7. Ah Bobskoot. You are so good at storytelling. I can just picture you in sulk mode though. I am glad that Ms. Skoot changed her mind and you were able to go and enjoy the day.

    Great pictures of the bikes. I like how the little dog was left to guard the three-wheeled contraption.

  8. The small red bike looks like a typical 1960s utilitarian Italian motorcyle built by companies like MV Agusta, though the tank on that one seems wide and the engine lacks the fins found on MV150s.
    Aermacchi built aircraft in Italy and fighter planes for the royal italian airforce and they were used to bomb Ethiopians to not much effect in the 1930s. Aermacchi was bought by AMF Harley Ableson and HD imported Aermacchi flat singles, known as egg engines for their shape to power entry level Harleys for the US market. I liked the Aermacchi 250/350 singles when they were fading in the mid 70s but never owned one as my friends thought they were oldfashioned (they were) but they ran economically and for ever.
    The Citroen Filby Flyer was built using the flat twin Citroen engines. I had a Diane for my forst car in Italy and I drove it across Europe with the rear seat taken out to make room for a bed. They were great machines, with suspension that could be raised by tighhtening an arm behind each wheel of the car, they had an opening fabric roof and they were so simple they were not much more than motorcycles.
    My belief in simplicity as the answer to most problems is based in my childhood of riding bikes that were electron free.

  9. Glad you were able to make it, some very interesting bikes. An Aermacchi Harley Davidson?? Never heard of it.
    A Puch? haven't seen one of those since I was a kid ;-)
    Hope you feel better.