Thursday, August 18, 2016

ScooterBob is in Colorado.

Just a short entry to announce ScooterBob's safe arrive in the great state of Colorado.

ScooterBob meets Fiona


  1. Dom now you've got a wooden monkey to trundle around. If I recall correctly the original owner of the chunk of wood was, not that long ago, monkeying around Colorado in your company.

  2. Colorado is exactly where that wooden scooter now belongs. Will we see any snow??

  3. Davis Masse...I believe he was!

    RichardM....not sure, but it'll probably involve a mountain. :)

    Coop...not sure re snow, I'd have to keep ScooterBob here till at least mid-month October and not sure the next blogger will want to wait that long.

  4. Looking forward to your adventures with SB, Dom.