Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cityscape: Vancouver, BC

I have been busy of late trying to rekindle my photographic roots. Years ago I belonged to some photo clubs and many of the local photogs gather weekly to socialize and talk about cameras over dinner and which B&W film and developer combinations work the best. I have been an ardent user of Divided D-76 which is a 2 part developer used for contrast control. Of course I mix all the ingredients myself on a 3 beam scale. Tom Abrahamsson (Rapidwinder.com) suggested I try Beutler and tonight gave me some Sodium Carbonate which was the only ingredient I was missing. So while I plan on doing all my own B&W processing I have been busy digging out my dusty cameras and plan on doing more professional quality prints. As you probably know from my YouTube channel all of my vacations are devoted to travelling the backroads of the PNW and taking scenic pictures (which has been my hobby for many years). This year, if I can figure out a way to safely transport and secure my camera and accessories to either my Scooter or Motorcycle, I plan on riding with photographic destinations in mind. This will include stopping at all viewpoints looking for nature's scenic beauty. Right now, I cannot figure out a way to secure my tripod without a thief spotting it, and I don't want to have to carry my camera whenever I am away from the bike. I only have soft cases which are not really secure. (more discussion on a future blog entry)

For now, here is a photo of Vancouver's Skyline, taken from the inner harbour from Stanley Park facing south east

vanc m crop
(Vancouver, BC Cityscape March 15, 2009)

This is a stitched panorama from 5 photos taken with a Canon G-10. Click on the image for options to view at full size


  1. This photo depicts a very nice and clever montage of 5 pieces. Well done mate...a far as the camera mounting is concerned...you ure have a challenge to solve. I'm sure you'll find a clever olution

  2. I cheat by living where I do. I have left my Tiltall tripod bungee corded to the back of my scooter parked in town while I have been off running errands. I know someone could pick it off but I don't want to carry it with me.

    I do have a small pod that fits under the seat of the GTS. It's flimsy but it will hold the G9 or the Leica M6 in a pinch.

    Very nice stitched image of Vancouver.

    D-76. I just bought a gallon package. I am returning home though not to divided development.

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

  3. Dear Bobskoot:

    I will never have really great pictures to accompany anything I write, not as long as I am the one taking them. But I hope to have a highly varied list of destinations this year, with photos that at least prove I ride a motorcycle.

    I have been taking note of every location mentioned by Steve Williams, in Scooter In The Sticks. I am going to head out his way one weekend, when everything is in bloom, to get some shots of my bike in pretty country.

    Technically, this is a kind of photographic plagarism, but I am getting desperate.

    I look forward to seeing your next photographic efforts.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack Riepe
    Twisted Roads

  4. My criterion when i bought my first digital camera was a) does it take double a (AA) batteries so I can use ordinary rechargeables and buy spares as needed and b) does it fit in my pocket so I can whip out it anywhere any time. Present me with a can of sodium phosphate and I'd be as likely to sprinkle on he vegetable patch or garnish an omelette with it.
    Photoshop is a mystery to me too. Foto-verite, c'est moi.

  5. Little by little I'm working on photo skills, too. However, you gave me a goal, but not in this post. You commented on someone's blog that you finally discovered "scooter speed". What a great goal for relaxing on two wheels!

  6. Baron:
    It's a challenge to carry a 4x5 camera along with all the paraphenalia you need to operate it.

    With my 4x5 wood view, I may be able to get away with a smaller, lighter tripod. I'm going to do some testing.

    I think if you try divided development you may like it. You alter times for A and B depending upon contrast range so you can print negs 'straight' without burning or dodging. I am from the school of overexposing and "pull" development to minimize grain. I've had good results from Tri-x and Neopan 1600

    You're too modest. I'm looking forward to seeing some photos taken perched atop the new seat installed on your K75

    I too used to purchase cameras that used double AA's, but Lithiums actually last longer and I have a contact to get batteries at a great price so I usually have a spare with me. I was also looking at the SX100 for our daughter, but ended up with the SX10is instead.
    With photography I am a self taught purist, I just had to mix my own developer from powders rather than commercially obtainable products for B&W, that is. For colour I send it out even though I have processors as the colour chemistry is too expensive for a small user such as myself

    Dan aka: Irondad:
    "scooter speed" is a term I picked up over the past few years. Also goes hand in hand with "scooter time". I often drive (cage) at "scooter speed" just to check the actual flow of traffic over bridges and through tunnels so that when we plan scooter rides I know that the smaller scooters are able to keep up with traffic. I usually ride shotgun (sweep).
    When I happen by chance to find myself behind a small scooter, often I will hang back behind them to protect their rear. It's easier to do in a car 'cause when I am on the bike (motorcycle) they some how feel threatened or self concious.