Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mumblings: One

I think this is a great idea to write about my mumblings, sort of like Vignettes from my colleague Key West Diary (<-- example here) . Sort of not enough information for a complete essay but rather a few short paragraphs of thoughts.

Back to my confrontation:

The light changed and the truck remained stationary in front of me. At least the back up lights are not on so I know that he is not going to be backing on purpose. The truck started to move forward at a couple of KMH, sort of barely rolling. As we were crossing the intersection I was contemplating just making a right turn to "get away" but he wasn't far enough ahead and I thought that he could still turn and follow me. To my surprise he turned into the gas station and I quickly accelerated and kept an eagle eye on my rear view mirror, but as I passed I noticed that the truck was backing into a parking spot. When you have erratic/unpredictable drivers it is safer to be behind them rather them being behind you. I have not changed my route to work and I have not seen this truck again. I doubt that this person would recognize my car anyway as last week was before DST and I had my headlights on, and also I have a very non-descript vehicle which blends into the background.
There has been a lot of Gang Activity here in Vancouver, so in retrospect you never know who you are dealing with, Nor what weapons, if any, they may have on their possession. As a law abiding citizen I also have a possession firearm permit but there are restrictions as to when and where you are allowed to carry a firearm. You cannot just have one in your trunk but thugs and gansters are above the law, so next time I'll just turn a blind eye.

Attention: Jack Riepe of "Twisted Roads" (<-- click)

Thank you very much, for your envelope arrived today. I know it has been a while but our Canadian Postal Service is not as efficient as the USPS. I was very surprised to find what was inside. I was expecting a "coupon" of some sort and was going to put it to very good use down in Bellingham, in the very near future. From your writings I feel that I almost know you and your desires so when I come across images that reflect your ahem, "style" , I just can't help myself. So to Jack . . . enjoy. These images are "in the style of Jack Riepe" , un-annotated as I am not at his literary level, nor is my limited vocabulary up to his high standard, but I am sure if I post the photos, Jack will come up with the narrative.





Jack Riepe, recently posted this comment in reponse to another post . . .

Jack Riepe said: "It is the policy of Twisted Roads to explore every aspect of motorcycling, and to present photographic proof whenever possible. As they say, one picture is worth a thousand words.

I am forced to compete with Key West Diary, Wet Coast Scooting, Scooter in the Sticks, and REDLEGS Rides for meaningful pictures. Most of the shots in this episode of Twisted Roads frame my thoughts exactly"

So in Jack's words, and in the spirit of Key West Diary, Conch who rides up and down every street in KW taking photos of everything he sees, it is getting harder to compete with his documentary style, but I am trying and my mandate is to attempt to include lots of photos with my posts. I have recently discovered that his Squeeze Leslie, is also a very accomplished artist and photographer in her own right and I am surprised that some of her photographic skills did not rub off on him.

ARCTIC air has invaded British Columbia again

Just when we thought that we were rid of Old Man Winter, the cold air returned.

(view from the office parking lot)

Now I know that Conch gloats and posts the odd cutting remark about those of us who live in the northern regions of the country, (hoping that we don't notice) but one day the warmer weather will return. We don't take chances with the possibilty of snow or ice on the roads but we ride as much as we are able. Most years we are able to ride all year except for a week or two, but this year was different. We had the worst snow storm in 40 years and we are not alone. Many areas of the country has had miserable weather due to global warming, or was that global cooling ?

ONE WEEK: (the Movie) :

(One Week: movie poster)

We are not movie goers but it was Mrs Scoot's BD a couple of weeks ago and we went to see a movie (her choice, of course), Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio "Revolutionary Road" a great character study. Anyway they were showing previews of the upcoming movies and they showed the trailer for "One Week". It's about someone diagnosed with a terminal disease and given One Week to live. Well, actually not exactly One Week. Could be One hour, One week, One month, One year, you get the idea. He decides to purchase a Norton Commando 850 Motorcycle and travel across the country "to find himself" and go on an adventure. It's a Canadian actor, travelling across Canada from Toronto to Tofino, on the West Coast of British Columbia showing some key sights along the way. Now it's giving me ideas of travelling across . . .


  1. A Hemingway in the making you are...enjoyed your writing...very entertaining

  2. Carl Zeiss Jena... I wonder what's happened to them since the Wall came down. They were one of the few hard currency earners the GDR had.

    Sue-Lee is very interested in that white swimsuit on the left. I think it looks good, though not necessarily as beachwear. I don't, however, think it's appropriate for a Moslem country, but then I'm having great difficulty in persuading her to wear a headscarf, walk a few paces behind me and to never ever let a man into the house when I, or other male relative, am not there.

  3. Baron: Thank you, you are so kind. I can't wait for the good weather to show up, then I can get the bike out and get back to posting more current riding stuff.

    John: I believe Zeiss is alive and well ( but their old East German products were very good back then. I have a few cameras with Zeiss Jena lens' .

    I took a gander at that white swim suit and WOW ! That shot is in THAT section of town where it wouldn't be all that unusual for a male to go in to purchase it without having to say "it's for a friend of mine" and the salesman would probably say . . . "would you like some HIGH heels to go with it ? We have some over here which you could try on for size"

  4. Hey bob, sorry you didn't make it to the Pi Run. It was wet, but then this is the wet coast, right?

    Scootin' Old Skool

  5. When summer actually arrives, it's scheduled for July 29th, we should all pack snow balls in dry ice. Then we shall ride to Key West and pelt Conch with them!

    Speaking movie people, Osama Bin Laden has released a new videotape. He says he just broke up with Jennifer Anniston.

  6. Dear Mr. Bob Skoot:

    My father, one of the world’s smartest men, one said, “It is easier to stay out of trouble than to get out of trouble.” He knew what he was talking about. The world is full of testosterone and steroid-laden muscle bags who thrive on conflict, confrontation, and intimidation. The only language these Morlocks understand is a beating that will cripple them for life, or bullet between the eyes. Many of them get one or the other from their own droogs, or from the next upcoming troglodyte.

    But it’s best for the likes of you and me to give them the wide pass, as there is little chance for our ilk to get the upper hand in a one-on-one slugfest on their terms. And our society is so ill-equipped to deal with tribal gang violence, until the time comes when we are forced to address in a state of nature, and the dark ages will reign again. The edge of society’s sword is blunted by the misconception that kindness and understanding always begets reason and appreciation. There is a reason why mad dogs are gassed.

    A hot, cashless summer of recession should get the urban pressure cookers going this year. We are reaching a point where the Mad Max movies might be regarded as documentaries. Yet my shapeless Wonder Bread physique marks me as a hostage or target in the first round of confrontation. At least that’s what I’m telling people.

    Bob, I am genuinely flattered by the notoriety you’ve showered on me in this episode. Nearly all of it is undeserved. (Just ask Conch... He’ll tell you.) The envelope you mentioned is the prize you won in the monthly “Twisted Roads” meals contest. Every month, the names of two contributers (folks who leave comments) are selected at random to receive a gift card to a chain restaurant. In 2008, these were $50 cards. This year, they will be $25 cards. We at “Twisted Roads” like to think of our blog as the most rewarding biker reading on the internet. “Twisted Roads” will have one or two contests a month in which respondents will receive valuable merchandise or gift cards. You lucked out!

    The more often people leave comments, the more likely they are to win something.

    If I had a suggestion for your blog, it would be to organize more group scooter rides... To the kind of places where pole dancers and bar-top performance artists will pose on your scooter. Pictures of these events go a long way toward sharing local customs and color. By the way, I have purchased several variations of the spider-web work-out suit (second from the left in your pictures) in the store window for the current and for past women in my life. They revel in my selflessness.

    I am not surprised that you know which stores carry high heels in mens sizes, as you are Canadian.

    It was kind of you to mention the artistic talent of my squeeze as well. She blushed when I read your statement aloud to her. You were immediately dismissed when I revealed you were a pal of mine.

    Cheer up. The snow is blowing itself out. The spring is coming, and we will all ride like Cossacks.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack Riepe
    Twisted Roads

  7. Bob, it was good to hear that nothing further came about from the confrontation. You never know how some people will react out there in the wilds. Ride safe, particularly with the continuing snow that we both are getting.

  8. I was hoping it was safe to come back and say how much I enjoyed it.The swimsuit I mean. This is a tough crowd.

  9. The truck confrontation--scary stuff.

    BTW, I picked up a Canon G10 a couple of weeks ago--loving it so far. Hoping it will allow me to confidently leave my Nikon D80 at home on moto trips.