Friday, April 24, 2009

New WS & RTE 4 F & C

It seems that everyone I care about is working on their bike. Jack has gotten his beloved Fireballs spruced up and ready for summer. He started with a full tune-up and installed his new powder-coated crash bars, muffler and custom Russell Day long seat (with those special plastic retainers). Yes, I am talking about his fabled K75, the one with auto retracting side stand and parabellum windscreen. My other friend, Michael down in Key West has been doing a bit of rust removal. (you can read about his rusty Bonneville here)
I've been using my bike as my main vehicle for the past few weeks


going to and from work and doing errands on the weekend and I too have been noticing that dreaded rust which has accumulated in a few spots.


Luckily it has settled mostly on the hardware that holds the windscreen.


and on the 4 screws which are needed to attach the plexiglass to the stabilizer rods. I've been meaning to attend to this for a while now and on the way home I stopped at a Suzuki dealer and purchased a new "smoked" (rather than clear) windscreen.


It's not a hard job but it is finiky to try to align everything so that the windscreen is parallel and equidistant on each side with just the right rake. You have to place it in approximate position with all the screws not fully tightened. And the hardware on this windscreen are cast aluminum rather than the cheap bent metals strips on the old one that I removed.


With the new hardware and mounting screws replaced it looks much nicer than those old rusty ones. I like the slightly tinted (smoked) rather than the clear one.


I wasn't timing myself but I wanted to finish the installation before sunset. It took around an hour to get it all sorted out


Can't wait to try it out tomorrow when I take a ride out to the Fraser Valley to attend a free BBQ at a dealer's open house.

Cockney Kings, the Best Fish & Chips in British Columbia


That's what the sign says. As voted for by the British Community across British Columbia. The really do make really good fish and chips, light batter, tender fish cooked just right. Think of it as a Fish Sandwich without the sandwich. (Probably better than those fish sandwiches I have been reading about down in Key West)

If you happened to go there on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, then you would get a very economical meal indeed


That's right. Only $9.50 Cdn including unlimited soda refill. They start you off with 3 delectable pieces of scrumptions fish, with chips which is a meal in itself


and you just keep ordering until they roll you out and on your way. Did I mention this also includes your unlimited fountain drink refills.


It is a very popular place and it is rare that you would arrive without having to wait at least a half hour or so to get your table. They have been winning awards for years with their consistent preparation and quality fish.


They have two locations and we frequent both, from time to time, and usually on AYCE days, which is Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday

(this is their Westminster Quay location, New Westminster, BC)

If you are ever in the area, I would heartily recommend a meal here.

Comments: Quay is pronouced KEY, as in Key West, sounds the same but Canadian pronunciation. AYCE = All You Can Eat, We have a lot of AYCE restaurants in and around Vancouver, esp in Richmond, BC


  1. Dear Bobskoot:

    I am very partial to fish and chips, having some memorable meals in Leicrster Square, in the heart of London. Rarely do you find them well made in the United States -- even in shore communities where you'd think they'd have their acts together.

    I have a few adjustments of my own to do on Fire Balls this afternoon. There is a problem with the mount for the Works Performance shock, and I want to take another look at the mountings for the Parabellum Scout fairing, which also hold the fork tubes in place.

    I intend to go by a local tradition, Rita's Water Ice, and get something like a quart of homemade papaya sorbet, to mix with club soda and fine rum. There is nothing better to help keep you hydrated during garage work. By the way, the temperature here is expected to hit 88º F or 13º C.

    Your bike looks good. I like your dask. It reminds me of the face on the robot in Robo Cop II. (Explanation for Canadian -- left handed compliment dripping with sarcasm).

    Would it be easier just to replace the screws or bolts o the windscreen every year. The ones on the Beemer are black.

    Nice pictures as usual.

    Fondest regards,

  2. Jack:
    I think you're worth the Cdn$9.50, plus taxes & gratuity. Get your K75 out here and we'll go for fish & chips, the best fish and chips around, Unlimited AYCE (All You Can stuff down your throat), then we'll ride down to KW to sample that "fish Sandwich" Conch as been bragging about.
    It's also getting warm up here too. I'm going to have to ditch the riding pants soon and ride Conch style.
    As for the windscreen, the plastic was cracked and had taken a couple of Hits lately so I wanted a new one. It really wasn't a difficult install, I would think that if a person with average abilities and a screwdriver can put up a small garden shed (single handedly, I might add) having driven 400 miles in a van could easily do the job

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  3. I don't think I've ever seen an AYCE fish'n'chips place in England.

    I like fish'n'chips but I wouldn't be able to eat many.

  4. Wow! That fish and chips sure made me hungry--one of my favorite meals. I might have to add this to my ride list and take a visit to BC! And, that's a SWEEEET bike!

  5. John:
    There are a lot of AYCE restaurants here, esp Japanese. Richmond is known locally as "Little Hong Kong" . You could mistake it for an asian city if you came here blindfolded. There are hardly any English speaking signs anywhere

    You're more of a long distance rider than me, also you have a lot of gadgets to amuse you while riding. Richmond, BC is known for food. We have a very large Asian population, which includes East Asia. If you like food, you will think you are in heaven.
    As for the bike, I could trade you straight across for your F800ST . . . Jack is planning a ride out WEST, perhaps as early as next year. I was thinking of something larger to not get left in the dust, and with a more ergonomic leg position. Thanks for stopping by

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin