Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's day 2009

Preparations started last week when I decided to bring my Toy out from hibernation. Usually when I park my car in the fall in preparation for winter, I used fuel stabilizer treatment and plug in my Battery tender, and there my car sits waiting for spring to arrive. Sometime around late March I wanted to get some paperwork out of the trunk, pushed the remote trunk release and NOTHING. I opened the door and NO courtesy lights. The battery was dead. While I have never before had any problems with the battery, I thought that after 5 years I should get a new one. Last year I purchased the newest, largest CCA battery available in my size (with the longest warranty: 7 years) and had it installed so as to not have any future problems. It seems that I must have had a defective battery.
Off I went to the GM dealer with the original receipt and getting a new battery exchanged was easier than I thought. Now came the problems of finding the Radio Code and having to reprogramme all the remote Key FOBs.
It was now Thursday night. It was my plan to re-insure my car on Saturday. The car started easily and I backed it out of the garage and noticed that it was leaving a trail of pink fluid dripping behind . Of course Pink is transmission fluid and I have never had any problems before. Now I'm thinking that I have some serious problem but decide to do a quick detail of my car, clean the windows and get things ready for Saturday morning when I would return home with my insurance tags.

Fast forward to Saturday . . . I start the car, back it out and sure enough the trail of pink fluid is dripping behind me. Doesn't look good. I go around the block a few times, stopping every so often to check the road and sure enough, the drops are still falling. As luck would have it, today was Oil change day for members of the British Columbia Corvette Club (<-- click link). We have a member with a hoist and every year, early in the season, he makes his facilities available for members of our club to bring their cars for a DIY oil change.


It is a 40km drive and I wonder whether I should chance such a long excursion with transmission fluid dripping away. For those who do not know Corvettes, the transmission is located in the rear of the car under the rear suspension. There is no way to fill the fluid and you do not have the luxury of a dipstick to check the levels. I believe that there is a fill bolt located somewhere higher up the transmission housing but do not know where it is although it is possible to see the drain bolt.


I arrive Late, all the oil changes have been completed leaving the lift "available" . In mere seconds, my car is in the air


Nigel is an accomplished mechanic, I am not. I am in the Jack Riepe league (<-- click link). I am grateful for friends that are able to help me in times of need, and of course I can reciprocate in other ways.


After some assessment, a theory and some guess work all was done and I am very happy indead. It was a very minor problem which may have cost me greatly had I brought it into a dealer to service. I drove home the long way and after another 60 kms not a drop dripped, and when I check again on Sunday morning, the ashalt was devoid of new pink fluid

Today was Sunday, Mother's day. I start the car, lower the top and off we go for a quick ride down to Steveston for our Mother's day Brunch

(Steveston, BC)

Steveston is a little fishing village about a 30 min drive, just south of Vancouver. There is a boardwalk and restaurants along the water


We manage to snag a table outside with a water view and are able to enjoy the warm spring air in short sleeve shirts. While we came by car, others are able to cycle. Some cycle for pleasure and exercise, and others have made it a lifestyle, so it appears


While we are waiting for table service, others prefer the take out style of fish and ships which are more flavourful in the salt air atmosphere of the harbour


and savour their fish morsels while posing for pictures. There are other food dispensors with food from different nationalities


Our restaurant was very busy today. All of the tables for inside seating were reserved and we observed many families gathered together and taking their mothers out for their yearly meal.


Yes, they do allow leashed dogs on the boardwalk, but not on the floats. There were lots of folks wandering about, listening to music from Peru. For a small fee you could leave with a cassette or CD of your very own.


Or you could set there, close your eyes, and just relax for a few moments under a warm sun and pretend that you were on another continent


If you were a photographer, you could get a very close up picture of the artist while he was performing


It was my choice to stand further back in front and make use of my telephoto lens


It's a great place to spend a little time walking about and observing the "tourists" enjoying their day


(spelled QUAY, but pronouced KEY for our KW fans)

After lunch we took the Vette and went for a ride into the country side to enjoy the scenery. We had to be back home in time to prepare our Family dinner. It was time for me to man the BBQ and load it up with chicken


Everyone says that they love "my" chicken, but I think it's just their way of sucking me in to do the cooking.


It was a good day. Nice ride, nice weather, nice brunch and no more transmission leaks. We only insure the Vette for the summer and it was our first outing of the year . . . and hopefully many more to follow.

(Grandaughter: Natassia with our eldest Daughter: Tami)

Hope you all had a Super Mother's Day too


  1. Great post, great car, great pictures.

    It's Mother's Day here too, but Mother's Day in the UK was in March. No chance of a barbeque then!

  2. The domesticity is astounding and charming. And surprising for such a hard core dude.

  3. having my own car lift would be sweet....its great that you have access to one

  4. Dear Bobskoot:

    This post was my idea of a good time... To head to a place where there is open water, some music, something good to drink, and the aroma of global cuisine waifting through the air.

    Of course it helps to get there in a red hot car. The women in your life (daughter and grandaughter) have the kind of eyes that make a man wish there was more cotton candy and balloons to buy.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack Riepe
    Twisted Roads

  5. Lovely post! Felt right there. The setting looks great, friendly and ideal for people watching.

    The food...made me hungry, which reminds me I need to go eat.

    The car is too cool for words...

  6. John:
    Thanks John. I have always been a car guy. MGB's, Alfa Romeos, RX7's, convertibles of all types since the 70's. But I started riding in the 60's but stopped for a few years due to young family. I like the idea of not having to wear a helmet.

    We have a small overhang where we can BBQ in the early spring or late fall. Everytime Mrs skoot doesn't want to cook she hints at how nice it would be to have a BBQ, so I just go along with it

    I have another Blog entry in the shadows ready to roll soon and you may be surprised at other things you may not want to know

    I don't like to impose myself too much, but Nigel is a good buddy and I think I could use it again if I needed to. It would have been very awkward or nearly impossible to repair this simple problem using a hydraulic jack and jack stands. You just don't have enough clearance (from the ground)
    Jack R:
    I took your lead when you recently posted pictures of your beautiful daughter. I'm getting more comfortable with more personal details after I see Conchscooter spill out his guts and thoughts on his recent posts. And soon, like yourself I may also be able to post a picture of myself and my bike from time to time. If Conch can stand knee deep in the ocean fiddling around with his self timer and gorilla pod it gives me much inspiration to follow suit.

    If I've inspired you to do anything, then I have done my job. and not eating OR muching on junk food is not good for you.

    If you should ever travel WEST, you will find these little hideaways along the water worth exploring.

    I have been neglecting the 'Vette, prefering to ride my bike, so this year I was going to use it more. The last major trip (in the 'Vette) was to Montana. We went to Yellowstone, Glacier NP, and drove the Highway to the Sun, but I wanted to also do a bike ride somewhere . . . (we'll see)
    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  7. Sounds like you had a great day! That is a beautiful car. I have an aquaintence that has 3 Vettes in various years that he fastidiously maintains in mint condition just like you obviously do.
    You must have had a pretty big crowd for dinner as evidenced by all of that chicken on the grill. I fired up my smoker for the first time that same day and did a couple of beer can chickens. They turned out great and we ate way too much and then went to see the new Star Trek movie. A great day for all.

  8. Just read your comment on Sharons blog. I posted a comment there as well. FYI, the Ozarks comprise a section of southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas, just about 4 hours East and a little south of where I live. It is absolutely beautiful country and maybe not totally deserving of the hillbilly reputation. But there are some relatively poor and backward people there, not unlike other areas of the country. But there would be a lot of great twisties there that would be great on 2 wheels.

  9. Thank you for visiting my blog. It is nice to have a doorway into other blogs which I wouldnt normally visit. It sounds like you have some pretty great adventures too. I LOVE your car! My dad restores alfa's, triumphs, MG's and Jags. I Love the classics!!

  10. cpa3485:
    I have had motorcycles in the mid 60's and larger bikes up to the early 80's. I thought it too dangerous with my young family so I converted to convertibles, sort of the same thrill against the elements without having to wear a helmet. You have storage, radio and if it rains you put the top up. A few years ago I re-entered the riding scene and have sold my muscle car, but the 'Vette, I will keep.

    Yes, we BBQ'd a lot of chicken, but we are big eaters and we re-heat them for subsequent meals or turn them into Sandwiches or gourmet Pizza

    See how much we are conditioned by what we see on "the tube" and stereotyped movies. Or the southern Sherriff who will lock you up and ask questions later. Still worries me though. I don't wish to "disappear"

    I would never have discovered you if it wearn't for Baron. You have an artist's eye. I left a comment on your blog. Thanks again for stopping by

  11. Bob,
    GREAT post man...what a lovely way to spend a day.
    Great wheels there...any other secrets you keeping away from us...sorry haven't been around for a while, just been able to post on the fly while taking care of problems...who doesn't have any eh?
    Hopefully things will get back to normal soon...Cheers and ride safe man...!

  12. Bob, excellent post. Did I ever tell you that I love your chicken too???