Friday, May 22, 2009

Victoria Rally: day 1

The Capital City Scooter Club hosts a Rally every year on the May Victoria Day long weekend and this is their 25th anniversary. Festivities start on Friday evening, but we went over on the 1st ferry on Saturday. We ride, we eat, we stop, we eat, we ride, we talk, we take pictures, we talk, we eat, we ride and the cycle continues.

(Saturday morning group ride, easily over 100 scooters)

Group rides are a really organized affair. The "riders" are used to keeping large groups together and it doesn't matter which club you are, where you come from, you just step up to the plate and do what you need to do. I imagine that over the years we know and trust each other. I realize that a lot of you will not agree with what I am going to say, but it works to keep the group safe and cars out of our way, but once in a while you get a renegade/aggressive car who doesn't wish to go along with out plans. We have lane blockers on both sides as we enter controlled intersections, and without regard to RED lights, our group continues to block cross traffic while our scoots snake their way along. Of course we always give the thank you wave to waiting cars. I am accustomed to bringing up the rear (Sweep) and keep a mindful eye for those with mechanical problems. After we pass "the blockers" we pull over to let them catch up with the front of the line to be in proper position to block again.


While this is technically a scooter rally, and comprised mostly of Vintage Vespas, lots of other modern TnG's and motorcycles tag along, everyone is welcomed. You would be surprised to find that a lot of Vespa owners also own large displacement motorcycles

(another Vintage Triumph)

While I have been mainly riding my SV650, I brought my scooter . . . after all, it's a scooter rally

(My Kymco X500Ri parked across the street from the Empress Hotel, Victoria, BC)

And others left their scooter at home and came in their Isetta


We went for a ride and ended up with ice cream

(Rocci, couldn't decide which flavour she wanted)

Between events there is time to contemplate by yourself, so I went for a ride along the ocean drive

(South, facing Port Angeles, WA - on the other side of Juan de Fuca strait)

I also posed my scoot at "MILE Zero" of the Trans Canada Highway

(Mile Zero, TCH, Victoria, BC)

Further down along the scenic drive, I came across a tour guide (possible summer job for Mr Conchscooter when he visits BC)

(scooter sure looks familiar)


Behind me is one of the hotels invaded by scooterists


I also found this lonely Suzuki at the Hotel


I made my way downtown and found the entrance to Chinatown, Victoria, BC


What can I say. A great weekend, great Key West weather. Renew friendships, EAT and Ride.



  1. It looks great and for one ghastly moment I thought Victoria looked liveable. Then I remembered all those Canadians are suffering under the jackboot of socialised medecine and I was surprised not to see a bunch of chugs taking off for Port Angeles and the free market. ( Mention me as a tour guide one more time and I will seek asylum and claim you as a sponsor).

  2. The rally looks like it was a blast....kind of reminded me of the moped/vespa gangs that swarmed around one's car in heavy Italian traffic, totally unconcerned seemingly for the laws of physics or their wife and I in the car were quite alarmed for our lives though.....memories....

  3. Dear Bobskoot:

    Once again you have managed to submerge the gentle reader in a surge of color and an insightful litany of text that puts all in the the center of the action. This is greatly appreciated by the cognoscenti, who understand that life is a confluence of diversity, and a melding of cultures.

    That being said, a truly great man. Peter Buchheit (Motonomad) once said to me, "The group ride is something that everyone should try every now and again. But its joys will wear thin on the independent spirit."

    Doesn't that sound profound? What he actually said was, "Follow me. I'm getting the hell out of this line."

    I used to love complex group rides involving as many bikers as I could find. My biggest group run to date was a 680-bike chain in the Pediatric Brain Tumor Philly Fundraiser Ride.

    If I had had a bat, I would have beaten the two riders in front of me to death. They were having a running conversation side-by-side (WTF?), and nearly ran into each other -- or other riders -- 50 times. At one point, I just went around them and took up another position.

    I know that your group must cater to the 49cc crowd, who is often inexperienced or underpowered. I have the greatest respect for your patience and sense of commitment.

    I have since learned that the best number for a group ride is four.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  4. Bob, amazing pictures and post. I love the view of the Empress from your Kymco! It looks like a fun time in Victoria!

  5. Mr Conchscooter:

    Victoria is similar to KW in the way that it owes it's existence to Tourists. It is slower paced, more laid back kind of attitude and is a gathering place for seniors and other retired folk who come from other parts of Canada to enjoy the moderate year round weather. You notice it immediately by the traffic behavious. Mostly polite drivers, who meander along the thoroughfares barely moving in 1st gear, and will stop emphatically for anyone even thinking of crossing the street.


    Victoria is a great place for a scooter rally. If you are going to make fun of yourself and party, what better place than in someone else's city. As they depend upon tourist $$'s to survive, the police turn a blind eye to parking on the sidewalks

    Mr Jack:

    Actually the more group rides I do, the more I am graviting to your style of riding. It is a refreshing change to be one with yourself, rather than tripping over everyone in your private space.

    I like to lend my support to the local scootering community, thus I find myself usually riding sweep on group rides. Of course many scooterists also have motorcycles and on most rides scooters larger than 49cc dominate, and riders therefore have full motorcycle endorsement. We intersperse the "newbies" within the group just behind the "leader" so he can pace the ride more easily. The rest of us on larger machines or motorcycles take up the rear.


    Perhaps one day you will be able to join us. The Bellingham group leaves from Fairhaven at 6am and aim for the Anacortes-Sydney Ferry, of course, motorcycles welcomed. You will have a blast and meet others with similar interests. Most of the rides leave from the Inner Harbour which is just across the street from the Empress and the Parliament Buildings

  6. Bob...this post is a visual delight for everyone to see and enjoy. Very well done. I love those vintage VESPAS