Monday, August 10, 2009

From the Caribbean to the Orient

WITHOUT leaving home. Recently Mr Conchscooter wrote an entry about LOBSTER FEST ( <--- read about it here ) . Vancouver is a melting pot of ethnic nationalities and during the summer there are lots of festivities happening around the metropolitan area. Yes, there were food venders there with prepared items from exotic lands though the temperatures at our latitude are not as warm as in their home country


A couple of weeks ago we happened to be in Surrey (suburb of Vancouver) and noticed some tents being set up in a field. Things were being set up and there were few "customers" walking about


and a closer view of the trinkets and other dust catchers


an excellent place to purchase wooden knicknacks if you are so inclined. They also have cake spiced with rum if you are looking for dessert


and after dessert your main meal awaits you


The smells invoke a sense of adventure and it is difficult to resist temptation


* * * * * * *


In a different part of town there was the Powell Street Festival which was originally known as the Obon Festival hosted by the Japanese Community. Lots of food such as: sushi, barbequed Salmon, and other tidbits. This event is usually attended by thousands of people as evidenced by the long food line-ups


I remember that it was a very hot day with the sun beating down and little shade was to be had.


A lot of preparation goes into the preparation of these delicacies


Many groups take advantage of the opportunity to raise funds by preparing food, as is the case with this local dance troupe

It takes a lot of manpower behind the scenes to keep the food moving


They have a stage and performances range from music, dancing and martial arts


* * * * * * *


This market is open on Weekends from Spring to Fall in the evenings, usually from around 7:30pm to mid-night


They close off the streets and set up vendor tents and sell a wide range of products from cell phone accessories, clothes, toys, DVDs and other electronic stuff


There is a stage and here you see a traditional Lion dance as well as other musical performances


This year there was a display of luxury and exotic vehicles for sale. Here you see two Lamborghinis. The white one on the right is around $225,000.


The White one on the Left costs nearly double, at $439,900. as evidenced by this sticker


It's amazing what you can find at the night market. There is something for everyone . . . if cost is no object.


Hard as I try, I did not manage to find any Bonnevilles tonight.


  1. Just typical. People will spend half a millin on a cage but not...oh wait a minute they aren't real dollars. Phew! I thought that car was expensive for a minute. So do they give Bonnevilles away with paper dragons?

  2. Love the pictures! Chicago too is a city of summer festivals. I could almost smell the food--I'm hungry!

  3. Fun collection of festival images. Can't feature spending that much on 4 wheels! Know some do, but ... not my style ... nor my pocketbook -:)

  4. Bob, great post - thanks for the tour. One of the reasons I really like Vancouver is the diversity of nations there.

  5. great selection of photos, thanks for that, may ask dave for one of those cars for xmas..watcha think!!!!lol

  6. Dear Bobskoot:

    I deeply regret the endless crap and ribbing you take from some people who read your blog, just because you come from Canada. Quite frankly, I think enough is enough, eh?

    I love street festivals that have an ethnic theme and all the food to match. But in truth, festivals are hard for me to navigate. It means being on your feet all day, and in many cases, being jammed shoulder-to-shoulder in crowds.

    So I look for restaurants that participate in these -- then go eat in the air conditioned comfort of the mother ship. I love dungeness crab... And a lot of places in Vancouver have them in tanks -- where you pick the one you want. And you're right. They're not cheap.

    I love Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, where dungeness crab are sold from stands on street corners, like hot dogs in New York City.

    Great post, Bob.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads


  7. Mr Conchscooter:

    As hard as I have been looking, can't find anyone giving away any free Bonnevilles. Some foolish people have a lot of $$ to buy expensive cars


    This year there are more festivals being held everywhere in the city. They are trying to encourage more car-free days in specific areas where they close the streets off to traffic.


    One good thing about have a fleet such as yours, they all fit within one parking spot, and you don't have to take out a mortgage to afford one of those exotics


    Hopefully one day soon you will come up and saviour the food . . .


    Always ask for something attainable. Car NO, but perhaps a new Transalp is within reach

    Jack "r":

    ONE WORD: "Mobility-Scooter"

    also, being jammed shoulder to shoulder may not be such a bad idea down at the beach on a very hot day.

    I keep reading about your crabs, I love crabs. We should go for a crab ride someday, but first I have to get to PA

  8. Bob, a ride to PA to hunt crabs might be an interesting adventure. Don't know if the eastern crab have a season, but suspect they might. Perhaps something to think about for next summer? I just might be game -:)

  9. Thanks to this post, I can now change my goals. Where before I was a long distance rider, now I resolve to become a long distance eater!

    I never really thought about how much of the world I could experience by simply stuffing food in my mouth. :)

  10. Hey Bobskoot:

    Did you get out to ride this weekend? It was hotter than hell here. I was out of sorts on Saturday, and Sunday was spent taking the pictures for my first column this fall.

    You haven't posted in a week, which is odd for you.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads


  11. Chuck:

    It's just that PA is so far away. The last time I had a crab fest was in Tofino. We had arranged for a local diver to gather up all the crab we could eat


    I noticed that this is a recurring theme of nearly all rides. The destination is usually an eating/beverage establishment. A view of the ocean makes for better eating.

    Jack "r":

    I have been busy nearly everyday for the past few weeks. There is no time to sit and play on the keyboard when the sun is out. For some reason Vancouver is a hub of activity. Following Irondad's suggestion I am riding all over town sampling food from exotic lands. I had a friend come to town who is an avid rider of an 850 Norton Commando which he has owned since new, purchased in 1973 and I loaned him my maxi-scoot for the weekend, and we went everywhere; car shows, picnic, night rides, and the largest motorcycle show in British Columbia, held in Gastown. I have asked him to provide a paragraph or two of his impressions of navigating an automatic CVT machine when he returns home. I also had some problems with the wiring of my GPS. I found out the hard way not to use those illumiated switches. I swapped out for a non illuminated one and I think the problem is solved. All of the above is just a hint of things to come

  12. I thınk ıf Lında ıs goıng to have one of those Lambos I want the other one! Hope you ate at Mama Bevs!!

  13. Bob,
    I love this done Vancouver, our city, justice and have presented it very well to the riding community.
    You are hereby officially appointed, Vancouver's Ambassador to bikers.