Thursday, August 20, 2009

Photography Tuesday & Tiger meets Wee

It's been a very busy summer. Between car meetings, rallies, show and shines, and riding my bikes, I have been pressed for time. There are not enough weekends during the summer to fulfill all your plans. Fall is around the corner and soon my new WEE will be broken in and ready for the highway. This year I decided to re-acquaint myself with my old photography group which meets every Tuesday. There is one official meeting on the first Tuesdays of each month, and on the other Tuesdays a select few of us meet up for dinner and discussion


You can see that it is a light-hearted affair finding us taking pictures of each other and showing off our camera equipment. We are part of the Western Canada Photographic Historical Association (<-- link) . We are a collectors' group and have been hosting the annual Vancouver Camera Swap Meet for many years.

A prominent member of our group is Tom Abrahamsson (<-- link), seen below sporting one of the few models of the new Bessa 667 Folding Rangefinder Camera that he has for evaluation


Tom is also a mentor on Rangefinderforum (<-- link) . Topical discussions usually gravitate towards equipment but often developing techniques and film selection exclusively towards Black & White films. I am among professional photographers and it feels good to be able to converse in their language, and throw in the odd shutter speed and "f" stop

Today Chris was there with his Triumph Tiger


Chris loves his Tiger. He has Givi E36 on the exhaust side, and Givi E46 on the left. He bought it re-owned 3 years ago and it has taken him to a lot of place and is very reliable


Here is a view from the cockpit


I noticed that he had very solid crash bars. Chris told me they came from some place in Australia


I managed to snag a spot next to the Triumph. I think they like each other


While we were leaving, this vehicle pulled up and parked close to us


While it was pulling up I thought it was a Cobra, but on closer inspection it was something different. It sounded like it had 500+ HP, loud and fast


It was a beautiful car, nice lines and muscular looking

(dashboard view)


It looked fast just sitting there. None of us knew what it was but the owner said that it was a production vehicle with a GM powertrain

This is the only identification we could find on the rear bumper



  1. A $75,000 (real dollars) Lucra can be shipped anywhere in the eworld for your driving pleasure. It works for me, at least I could get my feet on the ground which I can't with a Tiger (even though it has a tachometer as standard).

  2. Your bikes do look good together, Bob! I like the Lucra - like a Cobra, but at a fraction of the price. Maybe one will come up on craigslist someday for me!

  3. Looks like a somewhat ornery group of photography friends. I assume you fit right in.
    Your bike looks great!

  4. thats fantastic that you have found/made the time to reconnect with the photography group. and it seems the bikes are getting along wonderfully.

  5. Dear Bobskoot:

    The Tiger is a pretty ballsy looking bike. The cockpit has a bit of the "old aviator" side to it... And I ust say there is someting ominous loking about the crash frame.

    Your bike cuts a neat profilre too. Parked side by side with the Tiger, they creat a "black hole" effect larger than that of an lawyer's convention.

    There wasn't much for me to say about members of a photographer's society getting together, and taking light-hearted pictures of each other. When my friends get together, we meet in a topless bar, get smashed, and howl -- as light-heartedly as possible.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  6. Ian and Bev have just rode from the UK to Turkey on a Tiger, had no problems at all, I took a good look at it whilst it was here, a sound bike, seems more of a glorified racer than a tourer though, picks up some speed...

  7. Conchscooter:

    I can think of better things to do with $75K. I'm getting used to the height. It's not bad after you get mounted, it's just having to swing your leg over that takes a little more effort. I may need to borrow that lift from Jack "r" when he isn't looking. Send me an email with your address and I'll see about sending you a replacement tach. (


    I've always liked the Cobra, but first time I've seen a Lucra. I like the idea of GM power. Sometimes it nice to feel the wind in your hair, without the helmet. Plus the trunk is a bonus

  8. cpa3485/Jim:

    Sometimes it's hard to break into a group as a newbie, but I was intimate with this group for many years before I got into other interests. During the past 10 years I was doing my own thing travelling around the PNW/backroads and taking pictures in the middle of no-where. Recently I decided to connect again. We have a fun time at our dinners


    I think photography goes hand in hand with riding. Also I find that you have more photo ops due to your small footprint, you are able to stop in more places where a car wouldn't fit

    Jack "r":

    Hey Jack ! (can friends say "HEY" ?). You're going to corrupt me yet. When I get to PA you're going to have to take me to one. Do they allow cameras in there ? Do they have pole dancers in Redmond, OR ?


    I like the Tiger. I sat on one at the dealers a while back. Once you get your leg over it's still a bit too tall for me, but I like that triple engine.
    I also like your Transalp, but they don't sell them over here. Looks like you treated Ian & Bev to a great time in Turkey. Take care and hope Montie is healthy again

  9. I noted that interesting-looking camera in the post with the Woodstock reference and wondered about it. So, I'm glad you talked camera in this post. Interestingly, I just picked up a 1961 Bell & Howell Canon Canonet 1.9 for a steal on ebay. I just ran through two old rolls of film and am looking forward to seeing what it captured. Sounds like a neat group of camera buffs/pros!

  10. Sharon:

    That Canonet 1.9 is a very good camera. I grew up on film cameras and have a few stashed away. I'm also on some photo forums. for your camera check out my handle is "bobwith2bees" . is also a forum of mostly professionals or very advanced amateurs.