Friday, November 13, 2009

Lake Abert, Oregon

Last year while on our way to the Oregon Outback Scenic ByWay (Hwy 31) we found ourselves heading south down Hwy 395 just 30 miles north of Lakeview and discovered a beautiful place


It was a beautiful sunny, warm day as we stopped to admire the cattle grazing amid the while salt deposits


The landscape was captivating. Sand, sage brush, the white salt deposits, and open range cattle. It looked like we had entered another land


There is not much traffic along this section and eventually we found a place to pull over and spend some time


We later found out that this was the last remnants of a great inland sea from another age which covered a large area


It turns out that this lake can stretch for over 30 miles in all directions depending upon the time and year and amount of rainfall. I am nearly positive that we had travelled over 20 miles down this gravel road


And looking both directions (North & South) Abert Lake extends farther than your eyes can see


I was very tempted to transverse the rocks and sand to make my way down to the water but decided against it for I noticed lots of Lizards wandering about. I know that this is a very arrid area and I was worried about poisonous snakes lurking & shorts and sandals are not adequate protection. Not to mention that we seem to be in the middle of nowhere if medical attention was needed.


I'm not sure how far away we are from the ocean but there are lots of seagulls about


We read somewhere that this was a great sea loaded with salt. With the water having no place to exit it gets depleted through evaporation which leaves the salt behind. Right now the water levels are very low and only so much salt can be precipitated into the water solution, so I would imagine that the water should be very saturated and salty tasting.


Since I didn't get a chance to taste the water I'll never know how it tastes


But I will the next time I visit again . . .


  1. More great photos! I can't believe your crocs wouldn't protect your from lizards!

  2. A very interesting looking lake and area. I am always amazed at the power of nature. How certain beings like lizards and snakes will thrive in areas virtually uninhabitable by humans and other animals. Our planet is amazing in many ways.
    Your pictures are incredible as usual.

  3. Bobskoot,

    Great post. I find the cattle grazing near the lake interesting, I guess they have a fresh water source other than the lake.

    Your current header photo fantastic. It really makes me want to visit that part of the country again. GAW

  4. Iexpect you don't need to salt the steaks much when you hack up those cows.
    Just as well there wasn't any medical care available - it would, have bankrupted you.
    D'you suppose visiting Canadians will count as illegal aliens in the new health care reform? Will be forced to deny care?
    I am grumpy. It has been cold for too long.

  5. LOL at Chris's comment!
    I'm sure those pink crocs would have sent anything lurking underfoot scurrying off.

    Another beautiful place!

  6. Dear Bobskoot:

    You get the prize for the most amazing blog photographs this week. When I first flicked through this shots, my thoughts were that you were in New Mexico or someplace.

    Just this morning, I went through them again and realized you were in Oregon. I drove through Oregon once, and was amazed at the diversity of the terrain. Very nicely done, Mr. Skoot.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  7. Hi Bob,

    Not sure where Oregon is, other than its the the Americas somewhere, but that landscape could be here in Turkey Bob, white salt and calcium are just dazzling in the midday sun....great photos as always.

    I know what you mean about the snakes, I would have sent the Mrs. down to the water lol



  8. Nice photos Bob! This is a part of Oregon I haven't been to yet and we've lived here 20 years. Thanks for another great post.

  9. I have a distibutor in Klamath Falls. What a great excuse to get out that way!

    Nice post. Let's hear it for Oregon!

  10. Chris:

    This trip was before Pink Crocs. I should have walked over to the water. I'm still curious about the salt


    That area of Oregon is amazing. Lots of different landscape. They call it the Outback of Oregon


    Actually, your adventures are amazing on your new GS. I don't think I would have had the nerve to go through Lost Creek.

    Mr Conchscooter:

    What, You Grumpy ? NOPE not you. Your bark is mightier than your bite. At least, that is what I'm thinking.


    I really felt as if this was a magical place. I had to stop and absorb the atmosphere. The landscape in southern and eastern Oregon is spectacular

    Jack "r":

    Thank you, but I just love Oregon. The best roads in the West. Southern WA in the Palouse is very nice too. Before we reached Lake Abert, we had to pass through Alkali lakes and Sand dunes, and another lake with bubbling sulphur.


    Now that's an idea. I'll have to get you to send Linda over before we go there next time. I'll send her ahead with her radio, and if she stops transmitting I can just turn around.
    This lake is very close to the California border, approx 1,000. miles south of Vancouver


    I have always been intrigued with the Outback of Oregon Scenic By-way when I first read about it, Hwy 31. So I file it in the back of my mind and eventually plan a trip there.


    The secret's getting out. Oregon has the best roads. There are lots of things happening.

    check out:

    and there was recently a restaurant tour on