Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hack sighting & Oregon or bust

The other night we were visiting a relative in the hospital and were too tired to have a home cooked meal so ended up at an English Pub for a quick dinner. Outside I noticed a Charlie6-mobile


It was a pristine Norton 750 Commando with

(a sidecar)

I don't recall ever seeing a sidecar on a Norton before. It had the usual gauges, speedometer and tachometer. Simple but functional


I was imagining that I was riding in the mountains of Colorado and breathing in the fresh mountain air.


There was no windshield, nor any spare tire but the seat looked comfy


And as I suspected, the sidecar was not made by Norton but it appeared to be very well made and was attached solidly


Oregon or bust . . .

Well, I've run out of time . I spent the weekend doing chores which included cutting and trimming the lawn and trying to de-weed the walkway. When we replaced our front walkway we decided to install paver stones but the weeds always find their way into the crevices and I decided to do something about it. It is not often that I spend my whole sunday at home doing chores when I could be riding. But things don't get done by themselves. I also didn't want to dirty my Pink Crocs


so I opted to use my washable footwear instead

I'm trying to pack light but I'm not so good at it. I've packed and repacked, removed, added, culled and my clothes are starting to weigh a lot and I still haven't added my chargers, netbook, pocket drive, cameras (video and still) and we are only going for 6 days (5 nights). There is such a wide range of temperatures from Yakima to Lincoln City so I had to bring my jeans, just in case because I notice that night lows are 7c with highs of only 18c, as compared to Yakima which was mid 35-38c.

Tonight I relubed my chain and re-checked my tire pressures. Tomorrow I will double check everything and try to repack to conserve space in my sidecases. Shoes and crocs take a lot of room due to their non-ergonomic shape so I may have to resort to outside storage


My riding Buddy (SonjaM) & myself plan to leave in the early hours Friday morning . I plan to leave around 5:30am and head south towards Bend, Oregon where we will be meeting our blogger friends . Or course we will take the long, scenic route through Toppenish as I love Mexican food.

Watch out . . .


the Canadians are coming . See you on the road .


  1. The low temperature here in Redmond tonight is supposed to be around 4-6C. Quite a contrast to the very warm temperatures this afternoon. It sounds like you have a great trip planned. Text me when you get here.

  2. Bob, being barefoot gives you honorary Kiwi status :-)

    If that's you with the maple leaf on your trunks, I do hope you aren't the subject of unwanted attention at your destination :-)

    Travel safely my friend.

  3. Have a greast trip to Oregon. Good luck with the repacking! I look forward to your (and Sonja's) posts from the road.

  4. I'm enjoying your blog more and more Bob especially with the Reepee style closing shots.

    There's sometyhing about a gal with a maple leaf on her derriere.

  5. Dear Bob:

    Tell the Candian in the last picture that I just shaved, so she'll have a comfortable place to sit. Have a good ride, and keep us posted.

    And when it comes to Crocs, keep the Fru-Fru side up.

    Fondes regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  6. For a second there, I thought that was hair on your foot, and you had turned into a Hobbitt. But then again you are embarking on a quest that is noble and exciting.
    Here's hoping you have a great time and experience a little of that BMW Kool-Aid we keep hearing about. (Not that your Wee isn't a very capable and beautiful machine.
    Happy trails! And Ride safe! And bring back lots of pictures (and videos)!

  7. Somebody needs to rip you a new maple leaf fir comparing a hallowed Norton to a Russian Urinal. I girds it will have to be me. See you at zydeco in bend. P

  8. Bobskoot, I am honored(I think) to have you see all sidecar rigs as "charlie6-mobiles).

    that was a sweet looking rig though, thanks for the pics.

    as to the pic of the croc-less foot...I think a croc picture is preferable. : )

    As to the "Canadian warning sign", very nice.

  9. Very interesting comp of the Norton and sidecar. I'm no expert but It looks like a replica of a Stieb (500??).

    Travel safe, look forward to you updates.

    Like the Maple Leaf...

  10. wayThe Norton doesn't seem to have left any oil spots on the ground. From this I deduce it was parked there for less than 10 minutes. :-)

    The nameplate on the sidecar is brilliant.

  11. :) love this!!! and im wishing i could have joined you at the rally. have a great time.

  12. Rubber side down, you two. Hope it is a wonderful adventure and do wish I were joining you.

    I like your new reflectors on your bike. I'm certain all the truckers will stay way far back and give you extra room when they see you ahead! -:)

  13. Ride safe friends and we'll see you Saturday.

  14. Dae Bob:

    I just got the strangest communication from Conchscooter (Michael Beattie) regarding a weekend meeting with you. Apparently, you are some kind of a wildman, judging from the details I got. Conch seems to be blaming it on the rum.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads