Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dirty Oil, OlympiBad 2010 video & into the dark

I can't believe that summer is nearly over and that curmudgeon down in KW is going to start rubbing it in, along with that youngster over in NZ, with their smug comments soon. The air is definitely getting cooler and I notice the leaves starting to turn brown. Yes, Brown just like my oil. My last oil change was just before leaving for Oregon in mid July and now I have travelled nearly 5,000 kms since then


So on Saturday I rode my bike over to EMS: Essential Motorcycle Services for a general checkup and an oil change. Will that be regular oil, semi-synthetic, or full synthetic oil Ted asks . On my bike there is no need for the good stuff so regular oil and filter is all I need, plus lube the cables and chain while we're at it. Oh and I need another M6 bolt to replace the one that fell out on my Oregon trip.


Today they are buzzing with activity, putting in an engine for that Honda Cruiser. They had just replaced the head gasket and had to pull the engine out and were having some difficulty lining up the shaft drive. That is Hilton on the left (in the blue riding jacket). He also rides a V-strom (DL1000) and that is him in the first photo of the previous post in charge of the BBQ hiding in the smoke.

While it was not planned, there are three V-stroms there at the moment surrounding Monica on her Honda sports bike.


That's Andreas taking up the rear on his blue K7 'Strom. It's always nice to meet other Stromtroopers.


Addendum to the OlympiBAD 2010 Vancouver Scooter Rally:


It's amazing that when the sun goes down most of us put our cameras away. Last weekend I was in search of night photos and rode around town looking for appropriate subjects. Darkness and lights often make mundane scenes come alive. Subjects that have no life in the light of day, turn into magical, mysterious scenes after the sun goes down.

For example, take these two scenes which I took yesterday afternoon. It was cloudy and dreary, with some drizzle. It was a day of low contrast light. These were taken down in False Creek near Science World

(Parking lot, Science World)

(False Creek, looking West towards the Cambie Street Bridge)

At night the scenes come alive

(Canon T2i: 30 sec, F8 , ISO 100, 23mm)

(Canon T2i: 15 sec, F11, ISO 200, 42mm)


  1. Love those night shots. As you say it comes alive.

  2. More superb photos Bob. I doff my helmet to the Master!

    By the way, Conchscooter won't be the only one giving you a hard time about the end of your summer. **grin**

  3. Wow, amazing night shots. Brillant, especially the one of the Wee in front of science world.

  4. We are well past that "summers ending" thing and waiting for winter beginning. By next week, we could have snow in the hills around town. It may not stick but it's still cold enough to hit the ground. But today was a great day for a ride.

    That night shot by the Science World is great. Thank you for including the technical details with each shot. Much appreciated.

    Richard My blog

  5. I appreciate the comparison shots. Amazing the difference.

    I envy you your service intervals. My little beast needs its oil changed every 600 to 1000 miles. If practice makes perfect, I'm getting rather perfect at changing the oil.


  6. Is Monica married?

    Bob me Skoot, I have a problem: Lot's of video shot from my holiday in Greece of bone shaking motorcycling on rutted tracks but no idea how to edit the long scenes...

  7. Really nice night shots Bob!

    As to the end of summer riding and the onset of Winter....I have one word for you: Ural.


    Redleg's Rides

  8. Conch will probably mention often how advantageous his weather might be in upcoming months. But I really can do without the combination of heat and humidity.
    Your pictures are superb. Thanks


  9. Love the night shot of the sphere. The sky and lights on the dome have such great contrast.

    Fall is in the air...enjoy the colors! -Lori

  10. Dear Bobskoot:

    I have been preoccupied with a lot of writing work lately, and I apologize for taking so long in leaving a comment. I am amazed that the sjop in Canada lets the curious and idle in the service bays. You can occasionally chat with my independent mechanic, but bnot when he is doing anything that requires his concentration.

    As the others have said, you took some great night shots that are definitely magazine worthy. I do think you should temper your city scapes with a focus on people, however. People like Monica,

    Isn't it amazing when you show up someplace, and your bike is suddenly in the majority? Last Saturday, I hosted a crab run, and four BMW "R" bikes turned out for the event. (I own a "K.") This was pointed out to me and I replied with a smile and, "Bite me."

    The dogwoods in the garden are now tinged with red. The cold season is coming. So is Conchscooter.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads