Thursday, September 2, 2010

Loop: Heading home from Merritt, BC

While we were having our sit down lunch at the Home Cafe in Merritt, BC we were frantically looking at weather forecasts in the area trying to determine our next course of action. Originally we had planned to head West towards Spences Bridge but rain was forecast. We also checked Whister and Cache Creek, rain there too.

(Westward towards Spences Bridge, BC)

We seemed to be in the middle of black/grey funnel clouds. We found that the forecast for Hope was sunny and warm. Currently in Merritt it was around 15c . Someone needed to refuel so we headed downtown


there was another rider on a V-Strom with the same idea. He was from Kelowna and they were on their loop from Kamloops, Cache Creek, lunch in Ashcroft and now they were here heading back on the Coquihalla connector back to Kelowna, but the skies were very dark in that direction too. He had something attached to his helmet. Upon closer inspection


you will notice his helmet mounted GoProHD sports cam. He was part of a group of 8 riders out for a day of riding. It was raining a bit and we all took refuge under the large canopy

Merritt is known as the City of Murals


so we posed our bikes for a few photos. It is also the Country Music Capital of the west as they previously hosted the Merritt Country Music Festival and many big names have performed here. That's the reason that most of these murals feature famous country singers


The rain was spotty and the sky was very overcast. It was to rain on and off all the way back down to the Fraser Valley. We decided to travel south on Coldwater Road. It is a little gem, little traffic and winds its way more or less along side the super highway.

(Coldwater Road southbound)

Coldwater Road eventually meets up with the Coquihalla Highway and soon we are travelling supersonic speeds down the mountain towards Hope, BC. There are no safe places to stop so we continue on our way and decide to take a short Ice Cream break before continueing our way back to Vancouver.

From rain and low temperatures we are now feeling the heat of the Valley. It was now in the mid 80's (30c) and getting very warm and toasty. We had to remove all of our liners so we could be more comfortable.

I am not positive but I think that Hope is known for their Chain Saw wood carvings.


many are displayed on the side of the road and they are not for sale.

(Hope, BC: gateway to the mountains)


If it is not safe, I will not stop for photos and many times where I noticed a photo opp I had to pass it by. I did manage to shoot a bit of rolling video for some of our ride so you can see the differing terrain. I am very hesitant to pull off onto gravel shoulders while slowing down from highway speeds.

Note: to BeemerGirl/Lori, sorry no waterfalls today


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  1. oooohhhhhhh...who cares about waterfalls with rivers like that?? Your video is making me drool. The views in the beginning the rolling prairie land south of Merritt, those breathtaking mtns at Snowshed Tunnel!! Those empty roads!!! AAAGGHHHHHHH!! Overload!

    Looks like you had an okay day.... -Lori

  2. dropped off my smirking comment... :) of my stupidly over-sensitive mousepad wiped it out without me looking. It actually happens often... -Lori

  3. Dear Bobskoot:

    Absoulutely beautiful terrain and delightful commentary. Too bad you didn't get the cahance to take more pictures. Very cool videos too.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  4. Great ride report Bob. Sorry about the rain and hail, but I loved those murals. No doubt you have noticed like me the GoPro camera makes it look as if you are going faster than you really are and it makes the vehicles in front look a long way away, even though they are not. Or is it just me....? I liked the white convertible VW Beetle you passed at about 7 mins into your video.

  5. Coldwater Road southbound
    I love this scene - it just begs to be ridden.

    Awesome video. What a great trip despite some rain.

  6. Bob, very good video, got a very good quality. I want to buy a good camera to film my rides a motorcycle. I also liked the white Volkswagen Beetle, a car very common in Brazil.


  7. great ride bob. im not stopping for pics often it seems, too much time on the road, but its making me think i'd really enjoy using the go-pro. hmmm...

  8. Nice video. It looks like a beautiful trip. Love the mountains!


  9. Came by Merritt today, alas no time for stopping. Lovely area, I will certainly get back here on my bike.