Sunday, January 16, 2011

Between Storms

British Columbia has been pounded for weeks with torrential rains coming from Hawai'i. They call it the pineapple express. Before global warming it used to drizzle all month with hardly any accumulations. Now it rains constantly with daily downpours measured in inches. Saturday morning was the lull between storms.


It seemed like an eternity since I have swung my leg over my V-strom. I topped up my tires and got my machine warmed up to do some errands and urban riding. After a few quick stops I found myself down at Jericho Beach


As you can see it was a dreary, cloudy day with heavy rains forecast mid afternoon. There were not many crowds down here today


The Vancouver Hostel is located mere steps from the beach. It has been here for some time, since 1971


In the late '60's this area was home to the Hippies. Many camped out on the grass fields. Our West 4th avenue was the Haight-Ashbury district of Vancouver, back in the day . . .

Jericho used to be a sea-plane base


There is a small yacht club on the Beach and a pier from which you can fish or use to launch crab traps


For now all is quiet and all the boats are asleep waiting for Spring's arrival. You can see Vancouver's skyline in the distance. Jericho Beach is one of a few beaches which are adjacent to each other as you travel westward towards Point Grey. Collectively this area is called Spanish Banks, known for their flat sandy beaches. At low tide you can walk out for nearly a mile, but be careful when the tide decides to come in as it comes in very fast and you can be caught off-guard.

I make it over to Locarno Beach and stop to see this Kwando club running along the sandy beach


The freighters behind are anchored in English Bay waiting for a berth to load cargo. That is Stanley Park directly across the Bay


There were others also looking at this group. Soon I put my camera away and continued on my journey Westward along the Marine Drive Scenic route


I didn't get very far when I decided to take a short facilities break. I managed to get parking close to the restroom building . It must have been my lucky day


But due to budget shortfalls the doors were padlocked shut so I continued on my way and stopped at a viewpoint overlooking the Fraser River


This used to be where the Simon Fraser Monument was located, but it isn't here anymore. Simon Fraser was one of the first explorers to successfully navigate the Fraser River to its mouth where it joins the salt water of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The Fraser River is named after him.


Just across the River on the left side you can see the runways of the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) on Lulu Island. Planes land at the rate of about one per minute

There are no fences so you have to keep your distance from the cliff, lest you find yourself at the bottom.



  1. Glad you got out despite the rain. I was busy with 'stuff', and alas, didn't have time to ride. January so far has been unpleasantly stressful, but oh well, whatever pays the bills. Hope to get a bit of a break com February. Cheers, SonjaM

  2. Nice tour with photos. It looks like Sundays are quiet around Vancouver. I especially like the middle photo of the Kwando club training. I like the telephoto look with them in the foreground against the seascape background.

  3. Things really do quiet down. Many of you other pictures show Vancouver as a very busy, crowded city. A little cool weather and rain drives everyone into their homes or is it always this quiet?


  4. Good to see you out and about Bob! The reverse is true here. A tropical storm is due to hit us in about 5 hours and hammer us for the best part of a day. Don't think there will be any riding until it is well past.

    All the best...

  5. Great photos! Not that I'm surprised!
    The runners make me think of that movie, Chariots of Fire. I'm wondering, are they running barefoot?

    I find I like the grey days. No sun in my eyes, no strobe effect from shadows and sunlight across the road. I must live in the right place. The other benefit - fewer people out and about.

    It's good to see the V-strom on the road again! I'm glad you got in a ride. :)

  6. Nice photos and all, but let's get down to important things. Did you find an open "facility" in time?

  7. SonjaM: it was nice to not have cold, ice or frost for a change. It seemed very warm out

    Mike: It was actually Saturday. Sundays are quieter. It was neat watching the group run along the beach. At first, from a distance, it looked like a gaggle of white geese

    RichardM: The beaches are usually deserted this time of year, but in the summer try to find a parking spot.

    Geoff: We've had our share of torrential rains, measured in inches each day, but still better than the white stuff.

    BlueKat: Yes, cooler weather has advantages. You don't have to sweat, and less glare. Probably the best time for photos with the diffused light. Running barefoot in the sand makes your skin smooooooottttth. I would have joined in but I forgot my black belt

    Irondad: tsk, tsk. Now what do you think ? They had padlocks on the doors. I continued around the peninsula and held my breath for another 10 miles before I stopped at my usual place. I suppose I could have stopped at one of those many trees I passed along the way.

    I didn't even know you started a photo blog. I just mix it all up here

  8. Dear Bobskoot:

    It is terribly disconcerting for me to look at a blog, complete with pictures, that originated NORTH of here, where thr grass is green, the roads are clear, and there isn't a trace of salt.

    What I wouldn't give for a day like that! We got hit with snowstorm #4 of the season last night. Storm #5 is due on Friday. Storm #6 is due next Tuesday. I'm sick of this shit.

    We have been baby-sitting at Leslie's son's house for four nights in a row. You called on each night. I should be around tomorrow night. Tonight, I am playing with trains.

    Fondst regards,
    Jack • reep * Toad
    Twisted Roads

  9. Hi Bob!

    What a great day! Love it when the roads are scenic spots are there just for you. You can ride as fast or as slow as you want. You can zig and zag and to the beat in your head.

    Great images. I didn't even notice the skyline behind the masts. Great.


  10. bob, love your black Wee-Strom. I have a think for black bikes too :-)
    I would trade the snow and cold for a bit of your rain.