Monday, January 3, 2011

Dropped Camera and Polar Bear Swim

I don't know why, but I was pre-occupied with removing my neck warmer and didn't think about the camera strap around my neck so when I pulled my warmer OFF, I heard something crash to the ground. The camera came off unexpectedly too. I don't know why I just didn't put my Canon T2i on the table first. Later in the evening I inspected the damage and as it turns out the camera appears to be fine. No dents, bumps or scratches. The lens flange is also working without binding but the zoom ring may be slightly stiffer than normal as it appears that it landed on the corner of the lens breaking the scalloped lens hood and bending the protective UV filter ring.


I was worried that the filter would be stuck onto the lens but it was easily removed. The other side was bent at least 30 degrees and the lens cap had to be forced on. I got a pair of pliers and bent the ring back to normal position but wreaked the outer threads, but at least the lens cap fit

The lens hood fits into a channel near the end of the lens. It was not broken but looked stressed. I managed to use my glue gun and with a piece of clear plastic from some packaging I used it to piece the lens hood back into service .


I got one side lined up perfectly, but this side, not so much


It seems to work okay, but I have to be careful not to put too much pressure on it in case the glued joints come apart


I ordered another hood from the local dealer and it should arrive in 3 months. They are not very busy this time of year so I have to wait until they get their Spring shipment .


New Years Day 2011 started off very cold around -6c . It has been the coldest in recent years. Last year it was pouring rain. This year there was frost everywhere


All of the ditches were frozen over


even the blueberry bushes were patiently waiting for Spring


We usually arrive at the farm, park our car and then walk back with the Polar Bear participants back to the River. I fall behind as I am busy snapping photos along the way


If you come back when the Blueberries are in season you can pick some for yourselves using that tried formula of; two for me, one for you. Eventually though, you will get your containers full around the same time as your stomach fills

After some traditional formalities, the swim gets underway with a crossing of the Alouette River . Some walk in and dunk while others swim accross


And others are content to hold a camera, observe & record the action

A few years ago there was a problem when they realized that they should have a safety system in place so now they have a rescue kayak on site


after the swim we head back to the farm for breakfast


I can't help but notice all the food out on display


I'm starting to get hungry. It takes a lot of energy to carry and aim a camera


I also notice some appertifs in the middle


today I am driving so I settle for the bottomless coffee pot

and a sneak peek at the treasured award, of which we were a recipient a few years ago


Here's another image from SonjaM's back yard (<-- click)



  1. Bob,

    looks like the hood took up most of the impact! I've always viewed those things akin to hand guards on bikes....guess I was right. good to hear your camera is ok.


    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

    Redleg's Rides

  2. After reading your post I realize I need to put another item on my bucket list;
    - Attend a polar bear swim.....and take pictures of it. :)

    That's as close as I want to be! LOL

  3. GLad the damage was minimal...surprised that they would actually swim across the river...must have a great internal heater to overcme the cold water..I'd be lucky to dip my toe in without freezing ti death

  4. Bob,

    Glad to here the camera is OK. At a seminar 11 or 12 years ago a professional photographer told us the most important piece of kit was a factory (hard) lens hood as it would protect the lens better than anything else. I never shoot with out one now.

    Whats the story on those Egg's? Boiled? Deep fried? What's the coating? I need to know....


  5. I am glad your camera is mainly OK, but 3 months for a new lens hood? Do they get there replacement gear from the same place as Sonja’s BMW parts? The Polar Bear Swim looked great and just right for ...... Polar Bears. This human could never do anything like that. Glad to see you are still taking pictures of food in 2011.

  6. Dear Mr. Bobsakoot:

    Happy New Year to you! Once again, I look forward to reading another 12 months of "Wet Coast Skootin."

    I was shocked to see you had dropped your camera, but relieved to see the damage was minimal. I agree with Gary France that the same people who shipped Sonja's BMW parts must be handing the camera hood. I know a guy who needed a BMW part
    (for an 18-year-old-bike) when he broke down in the Sudan — and got it in a week. If they can get a clutch to a guy in the Sudan, they can get a a camera hood to you in Vancouver.

    I am ridiculously careful when handling my cheap (by comparison) $300 point and shoot Nikon, rmembering to put the strap around my wrist whenever I take it out of the case. I'm sure you were momentarily distracted.

    The scenery in your photographs looks like typical countryside in southeastern Pennsylvania, minus the mountains. My friend Ricky had a 100 acres of blueberry bushes in an extremely rural part of this state. You could pck them, provided you carried a rifle. The bears were rather touchy about the berries, and quite large too.

    Once again, Happy New Year!

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  7. As everyone else has stated, so glad the camera is OK. Mr. Oilburner purchased a used lens with a fixed metal hood. It had received a love tap too from the previous owner. Still some of the best glass I have.

    Really like the picture on the farm with the water in the furroughs, looking towards the sun.

    Mrs. Skoot and the others are incredible!


  8. Bob:
    Glad your gear survived. Isn't it like a ding or scratch on a new car. Once you get it you don't worry about it as much? I also like the frost on the plants.

    I believe those are scotch eggs. Boiled eggs wrapped in sausage, bread crumbs then deep fried. Pretty good. (Darn, now I'm hungry...)

  9. Yep, they are scotch eggs. They taste really good after a swim. No, they taste really good at any time.

  10. Bob
    You are indeed a lucky man being offered scotch eggs (meatballs with attitude) and not having to immerse yourself in freezing water to prove a point.
    Mrs Nikos dropped her camera recently and now she gets me in soft focus.
    Agape, N

  11. Glad your camera is doing okay. Excellent food photos, as usual. That looks like a fun event!

  12. very key west like. almost time to go swimming again.

  13. I cringed when I saw that crack. Even if it is just the hood, it still hurts to see that crack!

    All that ice in your pics, I was afraid maybe it would be a polar bear ice skate rather than a swim. Ron and I took a swim in the Columbia River in January a few years back. Quite fun and not cold at all. Of course we had drysuits on at the time. :)

    I'm glad you got your Polar bear swim pics. I've been looking forward to this post! And I'm really glad the camera survived!!

  14. Charlie6: Yes, I was lucky. It appears that the Hood and the filter took most of the impact

    Ken: Taking photos is better than being a participant. Warmer too . . .

    Baron: There have been some close calls. I have a video from a year or so ago, that's what prompted having a kayak nearby

    682202/GAW: as mentioned below, they are scotch eggs, but I went for the low fat bacon strips

    Gary: I have been trying to give my business to local shops. I could have purchased the hood from in Toronto as they had it in stock but if stores don't get local support they will stock less.

    Jack: don't tempt me with your PA scenery. I just might show up one day and move you out of that room, next to the kitchen. I want to ride on Amish roads and have crabs by that place with the water view. I hope you get that GIG soon, I want to make plans for summer

  15. Lori/BeemerGirl: If it were a metal hood, there would have been more damage. I think the lens got stressed a bit from lateral force. The plastic hood absorbed most of the impact and the filter ring bent from a side hit

    I stop often at that Slough and have photos of it in every season. That is Golden Ears mountain in the background.

    RichardM: My Nikon D80 was getting torn apart by being in my topcase. Too much vibration was causing problems with the lens mount contacts. It was getting worse so I need a new camera for my China trip and the D7000 wasn't out yet. Now I can throw the Canon around

    Gary: Correction: Any food tastes good at any time. And if you photograph food, you can relive the experience everytime you look at the photo

    Nikos: Perhaps Soft Focus is a blessing, it would be like me looking at you without my glasses on.

    Mike: It's all about meeting people and maintaining friendships. We went to Hawai'i with them last January

    Mr Conchscooter: It may look like KW but not the same temperatures.

  16. BlueKat:

    I cringe when I see that crack too. It is patched up and if it comes apart I can reglue it.

    It is a tradition. Every January 1st I make time to go there and take the photos. This year it was colder than usual with more ice and frost

  17. Hey Uncle Bob,

    You know, if you had the D9000 like me you dont care too much if you drop it (or your wife stands it in a pool of water)just spend 40 bucks and get another one!!

    I've seen alot of newspaper photographers use duct tape on their cameras, worth a thought for that finishing touch!!



  18. Dear Bobskoot:

    There is no riding in the Pennsylvanis countryside around here today. It has been snowing since Thursday, and another storm is expected on Tuesday. Unless we have three days of rain or 80º temperatures, I will not be riding to the Mac-Pac breakfast on January 16th.

    Any luck with a faster replacement for the camera hood?

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  19. At least you have an excuse for soft focus! I dropped my G11 without any more damage than a dent. I blame dropping the Canon for fuzzy shots with the Nikon.

    By the way, I just purchased the D7000. I was going for the D300s but it seemed more logical to get the 7000 for now and save up for a full frame like the D700 later.

    Don't know if I would want to carry it on the bike, though. For now I use the old D40 for ride pictures.