Sunday, June 2, 2013

BMW R1200R front brake recall & high priced chauffeur service

I recently found out that my Nu2Me R1200R was on the recall list to replace the front brake lines.  It seems that vibration causes the line to rupture and subsequent loss of brake fluid, which in turn means loss of braking action.  The fix is to install a newly designed brake line which has a steel insert inside where it attaches to the calipers.  Of course this would be a very wise thing to have done before my summer tour.

Normally when I have any vehicle serviced I arrange for a ride to and from the mechanic/dealer.   Most of the time I would leave my bike/vehicle with the dealer, find my way home and the next day I would drive another bike/vehicle to pick it up, leaving one car there to be picked up later.  This generally means that I pick up my car/bike and later Mrs Skoot would drive me back to get the other car.   My problem is that with her recent surgery she is unable to drive so I have to fend for myself

I have my appointment scheduled for Saturday morning @ 8:30 am to be done first thing in the morning.   I decided to ride my bike to work on Friday.   It is very unusual for me to ride with out my side cases or top case as I like to have storage options & the safety factor of a larger footprint

so I crammed my backpack with an extra change of clothes, walking shoes, lunch and rok strap it onto the back seat

I very seldom ride my bike naked but it feels so small and narrow without the luggage.   I also removed all my tools from under the seat, as well as all my RAM mount extensions but I left the ball mounts in place.  It's not because I don't trust the dealer, but I thought it may be left outside for me to pick up and may tempt someone passing by

After work, on my way home I drop my bike off.   I thought it would be easier to have them store my bike overnight and then they will be able to start first thing in the morning.   This would also allow me to have breakfast with the guys, just like normal.   If I rode my bike here at 8:30am,  when they open, I would be stuck here without a way to get home and I would be too late for breakfast

This dealer has lockable clothes lockers where I can put my riding clothes so I don't have to worry about carrying them home and then having to bring them back.  As you notice, I am changing into something more comfortable for my journey home

After I sort out my gear and sign the work order I am on my way .  My old legs are not used to walking very far but I make it to the bus stop to join the crowd

It seems like a long time but eventually the bus comes along, I pay the Senior's rate and 4 blocks later I get off and transfer to another bus.  I thought about walking the 4 blocks, but it was uphill and it would have killed my muscles.  Did I mention that it was uphill ?

Here's a snapshot of the killer hill.  Did I mention also that it felt hot under the blazing sun ?

I finally make it onto the next bus and head West bound on Broadway.  I get off at Cambie Street where I have to wait for my next bus and notice this ZX-14 Ninja, just like Erik's, except this one is blue

Again it seems like a long time but I eventually get home and it took just over an hour.   I decide to move my Corvette out and give it a quick wash.

It is more dusty than dirty and I find that I don't have a lot of maneuvering room

I find that it feels better to be driving a clean car.

The next morning my plan is to drive my Corvette to breakfast in Steveston.   I know that my bike will be ready later in the day and I am still wondering how I am going to get there to pick it up.  At least my riding gear is already there

It is threatening to rain but I generally only drive this car with the top down.  It is around 7:15am as I make my way down the lane.  It feels so nice to not have to wear riding gear and I can drive in shorts and sandals, and feel the wind in the little hair that is left

I am on my way to downtown Vancouver to pick up a visitor from Montreal, whom I am going to enlist as an unsuspecting chauffeur . . .

We arrive in Steveston about half an hour later and find that the staff at our breakfast place are late so to kill a few minutes we head down to the wharf to see the fish for sale

It starts to drizzle a bit and the skies look a bit dreary and grey

Soon enough it is time for Breakfast

   David, from Montreal, PQ

He is looking a bit sad as we told our favourite waitress that his Montreal money was no good here, and she agreed

We spent most of our time chatting and generally relaxing the day away and then I got the call that my bike was ready.  I said that I would be there shortly and they said no problem,  "Your bike should be washed by then"

My bike is patiently waiting for me and was very glad to see my smiling face

I reclaim my riding gear and soon enough we are back home where David tries Nu2Me on for size

A big thank you to David for helping me out today .  Have a safe trip back to Montreal


  1. Wow you import a chauffeur from Montreal, wow! Nu2u looks like a good fit for David. Hmmm bike in the future? Glad your brakes are fixed.

    1. Dar:

      It was just by chance that he was in town this weekend. I had planned to take the Bus, but this was 'mo better

      I think he wants to learn to ride a motorcycle but we need to find a 250cc for him to practice on. He already has a Quebec M/C lic so it's more the ergonomics. I had to get the brake line(s) fixed because it is a big safety item which I can't ignore

  2. I bet he hated having to drive the 'vette!

    1. Andrew:

      I decided it was better for him to use our Crosstrek which has built in Navigation. Besides he would be having too much fun picking up the girls

  3. Replies
    1. Dom:

      I'm sure they have them for paying customers. This was the first time I had been here. I usually go to the other one in Richmond. Normally it's not a big deal as I can hitch a ride from someone. Had I waited until this next week I could get a ride to work from my Manager, and also get dropped back after work (as we live close to each other)

      I just wanted this done right away so I could start preparing and packing my bike

  4. Very impressive that you brought over David just to chauffeur you. He must have hated to drive the Corvette ;-)

    1. Sonja:

      It was just luck that he was here giving a lecture/seminar, plus his son lives here in Vancouver. He was also here a few months ago but I haven't blogged about it yet.

  5. Obviously, Canadians are extremely friendly. And helpful!

    Don't relegate your legs to the "Old" bin just yet. Use them more and they will feel young again!

    1. Martha:

      I think many people are helpful no matter where they come from. I don't mind helping anyone but I would like to feel appreciated for whatever I do or I won't do it anymore. Friendship is a two way street a bit of give and take

      I used to be able to walk all day, but not so much lately. Ever since I had a mishap and tore my Achilles tendon it never really healed and if I stress it, then I can't walk. It is recurring but so far this year, I am good . . .

  6. Slowly plugging away at your "to-do" list before beginning your adventure. You could have a list on the side of your blog showing all of the outstanding tasks for those at home to play along....

    Nice opportunity to meet another blogger and get him to chauffer you. Did he complain about not being able to drive the 'vette?

    1. Richard:

      Only one more item of consequence, which is a new battery which I ordered. (14A Yuasa battery). The plan was to replace everything I could think of and then only have to worry about oil/filter changes. I am sure I forgot something but I will remember later when it is too late

  7. How gallant of David to come all the way from Montreal to pay chauffeur. I hope you tipped him well.

    1. Trobairitz:

      David also came to Vancouver during March, but I haven't gotten around to posting that encounter yet. It was just luck that I needed a driver for Saturday, that's why I dropped my bike off on Friday after work instead of Saturday morning, so as to have more time available for breakfast.

  8. Wow, the dealer has a clothes locker AND he washes the bike before you get it back? Now that's service! The only free stuff we get here are some oily fingerprints and maybe a scratch or two.

    1. El D:

      This must be their standard premium service. I also get the same treatment from the Honda dealer. Your car is always returned with a wash and inside vacuum. I haven't used this dealer before but it was more convenient and is staffed by young, vibrant people who seem very helpful. The clothes locker was great. You don't have to take the bus and worry about lugging your riding clothes back and forth. Plus they supply their own locks.

  9. I see the bus system works just as efficiently in your city as mine - waiting, waiting, and more waiting!

    And your backyard is looking rather spiffy now with all that new grass!

    1. Suzu:

      I suppose our Bus system isn't that bad. Yes, lots of waiting but then again you can people watch. Rain may be different with no cover at the bus stop.

      I remember in Toronto having to drive to the Park and Ride, then taking the Subway from Islington and then transferring to go down Yonge to King every day. Parking was so expensive. I had to commute from Weston & Sheppard. During Summer the subway (tunnels) were very hot down there

  10. Glad you got your brake repair done. Getting ready for a long trip has it's own excitement. A clean bike and a clean car! All of ours are dirty but soap and water can fix that. Garden's looking great though.

    1. Chris:

      I notice that you are a master gardener with all those bags of topsoil and mulch. Not sure if I would have bought those worms though

      I didn't know about the brake recall, but seems they have had front brake lines stress crack from vibration so it had to be fixed

  11. Two things Bob. First, it was a pleasure for me to arrange my teaching opportunity to coincide with the recall service on your Beemer. It's the least I could do after they offered to wash your bike.

    Secondly, I know you well enough to become very concerned when you begin mentioning riding your Beemer *naked*. Mowing your gorgeous new lawn barefoot with a power mower is one thing (though I'm very relieved to learn that you now have a gardener on the case), but riding naked???? I was suitably relieved to learn that it was the BMW that was naked. Still, poor choice of words and sentence structure. Thank heavens I figured it out before having to read the post while trying to avert my gaze from some pretty messed up photography.

    Never a dull moment!!

    1. David:

      always a pleasure to have you visit and it was convenient to use your services too. Too bad about lack of dinner, you know that the Night Market has already started up ?

      Of course you know that my BMW R1200R is a Naked bike . . .