Sunday, June 23, 2013

Neglected Vstrom & a couple of British Bikes

We had such good weather on Saturday so we went down to the Fraser River to have a simple picnic dinner.   We bought a BBQ chicken and took a few leaves of Romaine and a couple of apples.

Even though it was after 7pm, it felt very hot under the beating sun.  You will notice the very high water levels.  When we had our dogs we used to bring them down here so they could enjoy the water.   

I am very happy with my new lens.   About 3 weeks ago I bought a Sigma 18-250 multi purpose lens as it is more 

convenient.   Whenever I take my bike on a trip I always had my 55-250 with me but I seldom used it as it was buried in my luggage.   To give you an idea of it's quality the following was taken at full wide angle (set at 18mm)

   Sigma 18-250, set at 18mm

Notice the lady at the end of this boardwalk

    Sigma 18-250, set at full zoom (250mm)

It focuses very fast.   This shot was taken a millisecond later.   I also wanted to check for flare

It is not yet sunset but I saw the sun shining through the trees.   For the price, this lens is not too bad and is considered a bargain

On Saturday I wanted to buy another set of Rok Straps so I headed down to my Dealer where they were having a BBQ and had invited those with British Bikes to display them

It was also Triumph Demo Day and you could have taken a test ride as they had bikes "ready"

The fellow who owned the Black Vellocette was also the previous owner of this very nice BSA

While I was there enjoying my Dealer supplied beverage I noticed a familiar face.   Here is Jack with his new to him Vulcan cruiser

I bought my Nu2Me BMW R1200R from Jack  (he was the previous owner)

He told me he regretted selling his Beemer and asked if he could sit on it again, so here he is

For the past month or so, actually more than a month I have not ridden my Vstrom.  I have been riding my "R" to get used to it but last Friday I decided it was time to take it out and commute to work

This was a last minute decision and when I checked the tires they were down a few PSI so I had to dig out my portable compressor.   The first thing I noticed was how heavy it was, not as nimble as my "R"

I decide to take a slower way home and snap a photo or two

As compared to my "R" the engine feels like it is lacking a few HP and has to rev higher to get moving.  Must be my imagination but my "R" feels much smoother & quieter with effortless acceleration.

The Brakes on my "R"  are excellent and can "stop on a dime".  It makes my Vstrom feel like it has no brakes.   I guess I'm bonding to my "R" faster than I thought

Trip Update:    Will post details soon.   Preparing to leave on July 10th, which is 11 more work days, 2 more weekends


  1. Oh, careful what you say about the Wee, she'll get upset and leave you stranded at, hang-on it's a Suzuki - i doubt it will ever leave you stranded...

    BTW: agree about the brakes. I loved my couple of rides on a Wee before I bought the Vee. Comparing the Vee to my Dad's R1100S - the Vee would toast it for torque, maybe not top speed though, she's as aerodynamic as a brick...

    1. Andrew:

      I like my Wee but I had always wanted to ride a BMW. I know the Wee is more reliable and better for rough roads, but the "R" is more suited for Interstate travel and for putting on the miles. Everyone who has ridden my "R" mentions about the most excellent brake system

  2. Was it wise buying a BMW from a "Jack"?

    1. Nikos:

      I had posted about Jack before but my photos got "lost" from the Webshots shutdown.

  3. Every motorcycle has its plus and minuses Bob as I am sure you know....having said that, I've yet to ride my V-Strom rig since I got back from Alaska!


    1. Dom:

      The Wee shines on rough roads and speed bumps. With my "R" I have to slow down, my Wee pretends that they aren't there. I also have a greater fuel range with my Wee and I don't need premium fuel. My Wee also has more storage capacity

  4. That looks like a beautiful picnic spot. Did you notice in the photo it looks like Mrs. Skoot only has one leg? Her other is hidden behind yours.

    Your trip is getting closer..........

    1. Trobairitz:

      My fat legs got in the way again !

      It is a peaceful waterfront park down by the Fraser River, protected from the ocean breeze, so it gets hot. It would have been much cooler and windy at Jericho Beach were we went later to check it out on the way home.

      Yep, lift off is just around the corner

  5. The excitement continues to build. Did you say Hell's Canyon and then a trip to see Kedgi?

    1. Chris:

      NO, Hell's Canyon was last year. I'm heading to Kedgi's place for home-made lobster rolls.

  6. Glad to see you out and about. I can't imagine owning two bikes. My single is sorely neglected. Just a busy year. I look forward to a rendezvous in July. Let me know your route plan and I'll come meet up with you for a spell.

    1. Kathy:

      I was supposed to sell my other bike but it may fit into my Ride and fly back home plan next year. Ride when you are able and don't worry that your bike is just sitting and waiting . . . There are other things in life that may need attending to, like moving your DAD to PA

      It would be great if we were able to meet up next month. I am looking forward to it

  7. Bob, nice to see Yvonne out and about. You married a keeper for sure.

    How many sleeps left?

    1. David:

      T minus -14 days to go then watch out, here I come . . .

  8. Bob, looks like Jack is breaking in a new Beemer for you, stripping off all that pesky new bike steep depreciation. Very nice! I hope you appreciate the effort he is making to improve your stable :)

  9. Trip anticipation, I always get antsy before a trip. Your picnic looks lovely. Hope Mrs Skoot is feeling better and on the mend. Have you figured out everything you are taking with you? Are you still betwixt & between on which bike you are taking?