Monday, March 24, 2008

Nostalgia and the 60's

Well, I'm back. computer gremlins got into my computer and logged me off the internet for a few days. I know nothing about computers, I only use it. The last time it bugged out I had to run the anti-virus, then the superspyware - so that's what I did. then reset the Modem and router, but nothing . . . so I left it overnight and tried again the next morning. reset the Modem and router again, but still nothing so off to my provider's tech support and they couldn't solve the problem on the telephone either. the solution was to send out the tech later in the day. Long story short, it now works. So all is back to normal.
I was actually waiting for a very important email (from Rocci), but I was helpless. I did not have her phone number and she did not call me back. so by the time I got back on line, she had already gone to Seattle to get her bike serviced. I would have tagged along for moral support if I had gotten the details in time to meet up with her.
Saturday started out with sunshine, a perfect day for the season opener Sport Bike ride to Harrison Hot Springs, a small group of about 100 bikes. navigating the twisty backroads of Mission

Here's a small teaser

and we had the road almost to ourselves. This is the first time I have tried to mount the camera on the bike so once I get this figured out there will be more "on the road" videos. Hang on tight, you are getting a headlight view.

Sunday we went to see the Easter parade of old cars at Oakridge Shopping centre. It was a smaller group than normal probably due to threatening rain showers, but the sun did come out in spurts and there was a misting or two.

Also, there is the closing of one of the last old time burger joints on Kingsway. Wally's burgers had been in business since 1962. Their lease was coming up at the end of the month and the property is slated for redevelopment. You have to sell a lot of hamburgers every month just to make the $6,500./mo rent (and this is not including wages).


There were lots of people there, music, muscle cars and many friends that we have not seen in a while. Wally's was a hangout for us youngsters way back when . . . when there was King's Burgers, A&W , The "IT", Texan Burgers, and we almost forgot "The Delmar". I think only White Spot and A&W are left. Did I mention that I am also a car guy. I sold my muscle car a couple of years ago, but still have my sports car, which is only insured during the summer.



Yes, Wally's will be gone forever. They are closing on March 28th, so if you are craving a Deluxe Wagon (Double Burger), you had better hurry over right now

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