Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

While I prefer to use the scoot all the time, we had established a long time ago that Sunday would be family day. It is a day for a ride in the country (in a car), family get togethers, Sunday brunch, visiting friends and other car related club events. And so it was on Mother's day that we got our family together for Mother's Day brunch along Commercial Drive (Vancouver, BC). Of course, we all have our favourite haunts but sometimes you just have to experience something different. Commercial drive has been evolving over the years and how has turned into a sort of trendy place, reminiscent of the old Robson Strausse before the big name fashion megastores took over. Away from the prying eyes of tourists, Commercial (also known as "The Drive") is mostly frequented by the 'Locals' . We arrived at the restaurant early so that we could put in our reservations, but as luck would have it, you cannot be seated until your complete party has arrived. So it was not to be and we had an hour to kill.


We decided to walk north for a few blocks and then return on the other side of the street. There are a lot of neat little stores jammed into these few blocks which makes for interesting exploring. The passageways are also decorated with art.


Wait, we noticed someone we know having a beverage. It was Diana and her friend on their Vespas:

It was a beautiful day to be riding your scooter, any my scooter was at home. There is no place better than Vancouver (when it stops raining):

Eventually, everyone arrived and we were seated at the window table:

That's our Grand daughter, Natassi and she is becoming quite the photographer:

We were famished. Must have been the neighbourhood walk and the long wait for everyone to show up. But my food came first so I had no choice but to gobble it all down. This is a mexican version of eggs benny:

It was a spectacular day. Warm, sunny and perfect short sleeve weather:

That's our grand son MAX, who recently turned 2:

That's Grace (Rear), then front row (L-R): Tami, Natassia, Ryan & Max

Happy Mother's Day to Yvonne, and many more

Love, Bob

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