Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ucluelet, BC March 2005 weekend

It seems like only yesterday when we went to the West Coast of Vancouver Island. The weather wasn't great, we were in the torrential rainy season of the Wet Coast.

Here's a rainy day view of Wickaninnish Beach, where the restaurant used to be:

They have now turned the Restaurant area into a tourist information area. The new Wickaninnish Inn was constructed a few miles north on MacKenzie Beach. March is typically not tourist season and we were glad that we made the decision to stay in Ucluelet again at the Terrace Beach Resort (this is previously owned by Roots).

The Cabins are built on the side of the hill, and the raised boardwalk are sort of on stilts, so be prepared for many steps:

We had our own 2 bedroom (three level)cabin. Top floor, master bedroom and bath, Middle floor, kitchen, living room, and washroom, and on the lower level, another bedroom. Oh, almost forgot, there is a jacuzzi on the upper level with a view of the ocean, with balcony. There is really no where in Ucluelet to purchase supplies except for the co-op so we made the 45min trek to Tofino to visit the seafood store. We had a meal fit for a king.

We discovered this newly constructed, Wild Pacific Trail:
The trail follows the ocean/cliffs around the Ucluelet area:
from the lighthouse at Amphritite Point the trail goes North or South from this point, and there are numerous overlooks:
and don't fall in, the waves are just churning and smashing the rocks below:
They have built some staircases so you can access the beach below:
The trail covers a few kilometers:
I can still hear the power of the ocean:
The intrepid trekkers, Bob & Yvonne:

Currents are dangerous this time of year:



It was a pleasant break from the pressures of daily life and to experience 1st hand the power of the ocean and nature's fury. On our final day we had breakfast at the new Wickaninnish Inn and returned to Vancouver. It's a four hour drive back to Nanaimo, 2 hours on the ferry, and about an hour from Horseshoe Bay to home.

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