Monday, August 11, 2008

Car & Scooter Service

Last weekend, nothing eventfull happened. Sometimes your schedule is so busy you don't have time to breathe. Others are just filled with routine chores that must be done to allow time for scootering. July was just one of those busy months. I belong to a car club and summer is when all the events happen. Show & shines, White Spot Fridays, then there were those scooter rallies in Kelowna and Bellingham, plus that long ride to Hope for coffee and next week is the scooter ride to Cultus Lake. I suppose this past weekend was just the lull before the storm.
I have also been busy digitizing some of my videos from my miniDV Sony handicam. For some reason the recording section doesn't function anymore, but the VCR section can playback just fine. It does take a lot of time to produce those YouTube videos and I have a backlog of projects being worked on. If you don't appear to see anything happening on this Blog, go to my videos and perhaps you will spot something new posted. Those videos from Mesa Verde, Grand Canyon, Arches are all from miniDV tapes. Right now I am struggling to post some footage from a recent trip, but am having a really hard time compressing 45 min down to the 10 min max that YouTube dictates. I want to show you the whole thing . . . perhaps I will just make them in sections.
Saturday was not a great day for riding. You would have thought that it was October as the rain was coming down in torrents. Lucky thing I had an appointment to service my car, so I took my car to breakfast to meet the Reverend (Robert). I was surprised to see that he also came in his car and not his scoot. I thought he was a diehard rider. Anyway off to my mechanic who spotted something not right with a certain bearing. When you find a trusted mechanic it is hard to take your car elsewhere, but in the interests of preserving my warrantee on my "new" Honda, I decided that I would take it to the Honda dealer "every other time" to get my car registered in their system. I must say that i have had another warranty repair recently and they stepped up to the plate, no muss no fuss service. So off to the Honda dealer to let them know what I discovered. I dropped of my car and a while later they phone my cell to let me know that they had to replace my right axle as well as the steady bearing (under warrantee, of course). Bad news, the parts are in Montreal and will take a few days to freight in. So problem - it's summer and sunny and hot all week. Not that I don't use my scooter most of the time anyway.

My scooter looks so lonely just parked there all by itself. Three of us ride to work regularly, but I am usually there first, and leave last after I lock up the building and set the alarm system.

I am usually wedged in-between a Harley and a Yamaha XS1100. The scooter is smaller than the Harley, but looks bigger than the Yamaha
My Suzuki SV650 doesn't get used very much but I take it to work occasionally just to get the fluids circulating. This was taken a couple of weeks ago

And this week I took my bike to work again

Saturday was a washout. Spent all day driving around town to get my Honda fixed and by the time I got to Kymco it was late. The Honda dealer is only a one block walk to get here. I had been trying to an oil change since last week but they said they would wait for me to go home to get it. I quickly hopped on a bus and came back pronto.


At least I am now in the que for the lift. Soon the oil will be changed and I will be on my way.

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