Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mark's new maxi-scoot

As local scooterists riding around Metro Vancouver if it weren't for the internet many of us would never have met and would just be riding around solo. We would never have experienced group riding and the comaradarie that comes with a common interest. Our conduit was www.VancouverScootering.com (registration is necessary to see the posts, to minimize spam). Over the years we have gone on many group rides together and some of us have gravitated to larger scoots. 49's are good for urban/city travel, but now we are able to explore an area further afield.
So it was with Mark. His handle was BWS as he used to ride a Yamaha BWS 49cc scooter. A couple of years ago he was pondering the possibility of upgrading due to his longer commute to work and settled on a Kymco Super 9 (49cc super scooter). It was probably one of the faster/reliable scooters in its class. Needless to say he had to change his forum handle, you can't be known as "BWS" if you ride a Kymco. A few months ago on our forum there was a lot of discussion regarding upgrading to a motorcycle endorsement (called class "6" here in BC). Many of us have motorcycles and have our class 6 licence. Part of the endorsement procedure, at least in the initial stages, is to be supervised by a person who has a motorcycle endorsement. Then when you are ready you get tested for your MST (Motorcycle Skills Test), also known as MSA (Motorcycle Skills Assessment). Until you pass your MST you have to have a qualified supervisor who must see your every move and mentor you on the rules of the road and positioning. I heard through the grapevine that Mark was working on this procedure and had obtained his M/C "learners licence", and without posting his intent finally received his full motorcycle endorsement (class 6 M/C license). I also heard that he purchased a Maxi-scoot, actually a Yamaha Majesty.


Here he is with his new ride, just finishing his shift at work. I think that his scoot is only about one week old when this pix was taken. That's my white Kymco Xciting 500Ri, it was probably only 2 weeks old then. We went for a short ride through Surrey and ended up at Mark's home. We both took delivery of our scoots back in May, 2008 but at that time decided not to broadcast the fact that we both upgraded to new scoots.


That's Mark with his ear to ear smile. Mark wanted to get comparision photos of our scoots side by side. We took a few pictures from different angles, and here are a couple

Kymco Xciting 500Ri:

Yamaha Majesty 400:

Don't you think that they both look very aggresive from this low angle ?


  1. Very nice machines, both of them. There's lots of accessories if you like to customize your Majesty with genuine Yamaha parts. Check here for a backrest, luggage rack and more... http://blog.yamahagenuineparts.com/search/label/Majesty

  2. The Motorcycle Safety courses, by whatever name, are really worth the money - even for scooters. Great angles. I agree. Mondo=aggressive :)