Thursday, August 7, 2008

Honey's Doughnut Run: Deep Cove, BC

Robert, the Reverend's scoot had been out of service for the past couple of months and now he is making up for lost time, and leading group scooter rides before summer is over. It is usually his custom to have a common meeting point, so often he posts a time to meet at Vespa Vancouver on 4th Avenue. It was shaping up to be a great day, chance of showers in the morning, clearing by noon, and sunny periods in the afternoon. I met Robert for breakfast in Burnaby and we rode over to Vespa (Urban Wasp)


We finally arrive and are greeted by the rest of our group. James, Tony, Mark, Doug, Robert and myself, eager and anxious to get rolling. Our plan was to travel over the Granville Bridge, take Beach Avenue and Denman through the Stanley Park Causeway over the Lion's Gate Bridge swing over to West Vancouver and take the low route eastward toward's Deep Cove where we would have homemade Sushi (courtesy of the Reverend), and perhaps a snack as well as a Honey's Doughnut.


We take the Seymour Street offramp from the Granville Street Bridge, hang a right and loop back to Pacific Avenue towards English Bay. There is a cloverleaf that does this operation in one smooth step, but the reverend wanted us to take the slower scenic route, after all, we are not in a hurry to get anywhere.


Riding down Denman Street is a slow affair. Lots of pedestrian traffic and stop lights.


After a while we finally arrive at Deep Cove, a little community on the north side of Burrard inlet with a Marina on Indian Arm. It is a small community with a short 2 block main street with stores, restaurants, a museum and coffee shops. What luck we had finding a parking spot large enough for all of us just across the street from our destination (Honey's Doughnuts).


A satisfying smile from our Group Ride Leader, Robert, the Reverend. He's been dreaming of devouring one of these doughnuts for the past couple of months.


After our short break, of about an hour or so chatting and having a snack we decide it is time to head back to town. It was a great day to be exploring the urban jungle of North Vancouver.

This short video clip says it all . . .

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  1. I am enjoying your blog very much and catching up on the older entries. I read your report on the difference between the 250 and 500 Kymcos and am curious about the service intervals for the 500.