Monday, May 25, 2009

RTE: BBQ ride to Tsawwassen / Westham Island, BC

What can I say, most of our group rides lead to an eating establishment. We should call us the RTE scooter club (Ride to Eat). It is taking a long time to get rid of Mr Winter, so when the forecast changed to sunshine, James decided to post a BBQ ride


James rides a Derbi 150cc and was our group leader today. Tagging along are a couple of new scooterists on their 49cc.

(Diana with her Pinky)

She is parked next to her dad, Ed's scooter. This is the first time that we have met them. We converse a lot on our local forum ( That's the beauty of the internet, behind anonymous names we get to meet real people. As we are not aware of their riding abilities, and whether they are privy to group riding rules, we slot them behind our group leader, James. Most of our rides are 49cc friendly and we adjust our routes and speed accordingly. Being right behind the group leader he is more aware of them behind and can monitor their progress. I usually ride sweep and can observe the vehicles behind and change lane position to block the aggressive ones. It's all about protecting the group.

This day we had quite the assortment of machines. My Kymco X500Ri, Doug's Burgmann 400, Rob's Yamaha Maxim 650, James Derbi Boulevard 150cc, Robert, the Reverend's Vespa PX150, Diana & Ed's Sagas, and an (Ben's ? sorry) Honda Ruckus.


We managed to stay away from the faster arterials and Zagged and Zigged our way south towards Tsawwassen on busy surface streets and over the Patullo Bridge. On our way we took the "COW TUNNEL" under the freeway


By using this tunnel, which is a courtesy "one way" we are able to reach idylic farmlands which meanders its way towards our intended destination. Finally we reach the BBQ and rush to stand in line to order our food. Fresh air makes you hungry


I was told that this BBQ was started hours ago and you had several choices. BBQ Pork, BBQ beef, corned beef and I believe Ham. They cut generous slices of meat and jammed it all into a toasted bun along with lots of condiments.


They had two people manning the BBQ station and they were doing a brisk business. Looks like all of us were hungry at the same time. After we filled out bellies with food and beverage we left towards Westham Island to visit a honey farm


We were allowed to sample some of the Honey, and several of us bought some to take home


Traffic is very light on these roads and along the way we spotted numerous Bicyclists out for their weekend exercise.

Westham Island is accessed by a one way bridge just west of the Village of Ladner, BC


It's a lucky thing they had a 50 ton load limit as we collectively were carrying a lot of un-digested food


This is a neat wooden bridge, looks like it has been freshly painted. You have to be very careful when the road is wet and wood can be very slippery. It is only 1 lane on the centre span so you come up to see if it is clear before proceeding


There is always room on the side for scooters to park when taking pictures, and this one does look familiar

As you look southward while on the bridge you will see many houseboats along the shore. At least they don't have to manage their lawns


On the other side, there is a whole community of house boats


You can tell from the muddy brown fast moving water that this is the mighty Fraser River. It was a great sunny warm day for a ride in the country


  1. Dear Bobskoot:

    Nothing commands one's attention -- and respect -- as does a long line of scooters, nudging their way up to the barbecue grill. I think you are on the cusp of a great urban social revolution. These group scooter rides looks like a great way to meet people, and to take in the local sights, without the pressure normally associated with riding a motorcycle.

    By pressure, I mean finding twisty roads that challenge the skills of the riders on bikes with higher horsepower and biker gymnastics. I fully support the eating objective. Our chartered BMW club's official name is The Mac Pac Eating and Wrenching Society.

    Great pictures... I'd live on one of those house boats in two seconds. My first real riding adventure is only 48 hours away.

    Fondest regards
    Twisted Roads

  2. This looks like it was a great day Bob. I love the variety of scoots and people who make up your group.

    Thanks for coming by and for the birthday wishes.

    Take care.

  3. Decent weather decent roads decent food. But 50cc friendly means 32 mph (53kph) doesn't it? Erk.

  4. Dear Bobskoot:

    What is speed against the opportunity to meet nice folks who may or may not want to hold an impromptu wet tee shirt contest in the garage afterwards?

    That's what I always say.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  5. Mr Jack r:
    One thing that most bikers don't know until they try riding a small scooter is all the fun they can have at manageable speeds. The thrill of 6,000 rpms and only going 50 kms. On tight urban twisties I don't think a large bike will be able to catch them, and of course going scooter speed gives you time to enjoy the scenery longer.

    It's always a pleasure to hear from you


    If you lived closer, I would have baked you a Birthday cake, but you have to clear the snakes out first. I really dislike snakes. I still curious as to what electronic gizmo you purchased that takes stunning pictures. I'm squinting my eyes and I can't see any mention of it anywhere.

    And thank you very much for stopping by. It is my intention "one day" to greet you in person. I received the official invite from Jack.

    Mr Conchscooter:
    Most UN-restricted scoots can achive velocity speeds in excess of 65 kms, others can go up to 70-75 kms with a few mods. And if you don't eat for a few days, you could probably squeeze out another 8 kms or so. It's not always so bad to go "smell the roses" speed

    Mr Jack r:
    We don't have many wet T-shirt contests up here, BUT we do have BIKER BABE charity bike washes. I have a video on my YouTube channel of the "T-shirt/biker babes" washing my SV650 last year. I swoon every time I think of it. I close my eyes and dream for a moment that I am an SV, just parked there on the side stand being washed by two lushious HOT BABES

    There is another Biker Babe bike wash coming up: (link)

    But I will be out of town in Pentiction that weekend. So that there is NO favouritism between dealers, the Biker Babes rotate to different dealers during the summer so I will catch up with them another time

  6. Bob, the BC scooter community is pretty amazing! Great people, 49cc friendly, and FOOD! How do I sign up???

  7. I always thought that riding n and eating went together very well, and that really looks like some serious BBQ!

  8. Lance:

    It's nice to know others with the same interests. We have a local forum ( where we chat with each other and discuss various topics. Of course many never leave their keyboard, while others like to socialize and go for a ride so we are always meeting new people. Also newbies feel intimidated and perhaps require some riding guidance so we are there to help them.

    If you should visit our forum and check out the local rides you will find that most rides end up somewhere with a Food destination.


    Jim, you're too modest. You're the BBQ guru, I've seen your BBQ setup. You are the master. I'm drooling over your slow cooked ribs. Too bad you didn't live closer. I could raid that cooker of yours when you turn you back and do the gardening