Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gastown Motorcycle Show: August 16, 2009


Recently Bobbie2 and myself visited the Gastown Motorcycle Show. There was FREE parking for bikes so naturally we rode our bikes downtown, myself on my new Suzuki V-strom and Bobbie2 on my maxi-scoot Kymco X500Ri. This is the largest motorcycle gathering in British Columbia. There are displays, vendor booths, live music, demonstrations, new products, demo bikes from major manufactures and yes, there was a show and shine, not to mention all the bikes parked everywhere.


Gastown is the birthplace of Vancouver, formerly in the skid row area where they dragged the logs. Now it is an upscale area filled with restaurants and fine gift stores.

Today's essay will not be an essay, but rather an assortment of photos in no particular order with a bit of narration. Sort of Conchscooter style using few words of substance to adorn a picture "of a thousand words"


Yes, Bobbie2 is an ardent snapper, he managed to get a few of myself. Just in case you jump to conclusions when it is very hot, I wear shorts under my JR Alter Ego riding pants, with armour. When I get to my destination, I remove the pants and get rid of the riding boots and replace with my trusty Teva or Chaco sandals. So while it would appear that I am in my beach outfit I do not ride without gear. My riding Jacket has leather uppers with removeable panels to reveal a full mesh jacket underneath, so while moving it is really sort of cool


It was very crowded. The streets were blocked off and bikes were parked on both sides of the asphalt as well as on the sidewalk. Bobbie2 managed to get another shot of me (in the white T-shirt).


I know nothing of these machines, except that it says "Norton" on the side. I can't tell if it's a 750 or 850


There were lots of custom machines there. I decided to post these pictures at Linda's (Montie & Me) (<-- click link) request to post a few from the motorcycle show. She was begging me for more photos.


There were lots of Harleys of every description


Finally I had my chance to snap a photo of Bobbie2 in action


For Jack "r" (what else can I say ?), I didn't see any brass poles around


I believe this custom had 500 cubic inch V-8 power.


This particular custom motorcycle builder only makes V-8 powered bikes. If you have $35 - $40K real dollars you could ride one home


Old style


Old skool kool, chopper, ape bars and flow back exhausts, wide white wall tyres


There was something for every taste


this Ariel was better than new


here is a glimpse of the control panel and gauges


they even had Beemers for the Mac-Pac wrenching society. With bikes like these they would never have time to ride


Now here's a Triumph for Lance, and perhaps also for Mr Conchscooter if he can manage to swing his short legs over . . . or he can borrow Mr Reeps elevated platform


I thought that these handlebars had a neat swept back look


at times you had to navigate through the massive crowds


during this depressed economy, manufacturers are taking every opportunity to display their machines


after a while all the machines start to look the same. perhaps it was the heat


It was a great summer's day and what better thing to do than to ride your bike to a motorcycle show and shine, and dream . . .

And speaking of dreaming, I spotted something for Jack Riepe . . . (<-- click link)


If only I won the Lottery . . . (Sigh)


  1. Thank you sooo much for this post, well worth it bro.. I am so jealous,what fantastic bikes they have on display, wish we had bike shows like that here, cant think of a better way to spend your day..perfect :)

  2. Very interesting collection of machines. That old Norton is really nice. I used to think they were pretty cool. BTW, I like your hat!

  3. It's a bit nerdy of me but I think the Norton is a cafe converted fastback. harleys are all V-twins. Ho hum. And I rented the 1200cc version of the last BMW and let me tell you you don't need it. It's a crazy motorcycle fit only for moto journalist poseurs.
    By the way luv them gameroos (it's okay to ride in shorts. No really I do it all the time and have scars to prove it).

  4. oh dear Conchscooter, your in a heap of trouble now!! they are always telling me off for riding in shorts... and yep have the scars to prove it as well :P

  5. .....And another person who rides in shorts!!

    Great photos Bob, I know what you mean about wining the lottery, so many great bikes there, if money were no object I would come away from that bike meeting with at least 4 bikes lol.



  6. I was so hoping you'd be doing this post as I could not be there for obvious reasons...great job with the that Ariel.
    For me it's as if I was there...thanks so much..!
    ps: I do ride in my shorts and flip flops sometimes

  7. Great pics Bobskoot. Looks like a great day for a great event. Troubadour and I like to wear shorts under our mesh armoured pants too and have our trusty Keen sandals in the saddlebags ready to put on. No fun wandering around in the summer heat wearing "full battle regalia." Thanks for the post of such a wonderful event.


  8. Linda:

    It was sort of bike overload, so many machines. Only happens once a year. There are many car shows, but few m/c shows


    that hat is an old Tilly. I just throw it around and keep it in my topcase. I have to put something on my head to keep the sun away

    Mr Conchscooter:

    I love shorts and sandals. When on vacation that's all I wear. I wear my JR riding pants over top.
    I also have "scars" from the old days. Have a few burns from the exhaust


    I seem to recall a very good leg shot not too long ago which was promptly deleted. I am waiting for you to re-post your LEG. We need to see your scars


    Whenever I go to a car or bike show I imagine that if given a choice to choose ONE bike to take home, which would it be. It's a hard choice


    For some reason most scooterists on 49ccs wear that sort of riding attire, and I did when I rode my BWS. It was great to feel the wind between your toes, sort of like walking barefoot on the grass, or wading barefoot in the mud. It just feels good


    We think alike. sometimes I have to chuckle. I purchased my riding pants one size over so I could wear my work slacks, or shorts underneath, so my wallet is under there. Whenever I go into a store and need my credit card or cash, I have to sort of undress and roll my riding pants down a bit to reveal the pockets and I have gotten used to these funny looks

  9. I knew you wouldn't ride in shorts. You don't look like the kind of guy that likes bees up the short pantlegs.

    Personally, I like walking around in full battle regalia, as Trobairitz says. I like intimidating people! Especially when I start smelling real bad in hundred degree weather.

  10. Those are lovely moto pics. Seriously. The thing that gets me is choppers...they don't look comfortable at all! I can't imagine riding 600 miles in a day on one--actually, I can't imagine riding 50 miles on one! They seem to be designed for show? Different strokes for different folks, I guess. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  11. Bob, thanks for your post - very cool bikes all, and thanks especially for the Triumph pic! Gastown is a great area, and what a nice way to spend the day.

  12. fabulous turnout. looks like a great show, excellent pics!!

  13. Bobskoot,
    Thanks for stopping by...I'll tell you the truth, I hate rallies...but this is more like a town fair and celebration. I enjoy when the town shuts down a couple of blocks for vendors, bikes and food. This is more of a local event...celebrated and fun...

    And I love that Ariel, I just did a little history research on the can find it in Aug. material on my blog...

    Thanks Bobskoot....I enjoyed the flavor you gave me with Gastown...

  14. Dear Bobskoot:

    What great pictures and engaging narative! I too would give the Ariel "Best In Show." The control panel on thr gas tank has a definite "Jules Vern" wquality about it. But the fact is the old Beemers demanded respect, reverance, and awe. They were ahead of their time then, and they still are now.

    One of the more refreshing pictures was that of the blue bicycle. I think it is important to get in an occasional crowd shot. And there is nothing wrong with the crowd shot having a nice ass.

    While I do not subscribe to chopper school of thought, or share the Harley mystique, I do love looking at custom bikes. The flowing nature of those red handlebars was pure art. Useless, but true motorcycle eye candy.

    And you managed to conclude with a very appropriate statement that is one of life's great truisms. "In the heat, all bikes start to look alike."

    This was a very refreshing post, Bob, especially i these troubled times. But I couldn't help feeling a slight tingle in my balls when I read the line "moto journalist posers," as I if I had just missed a kick.

    The summer is over and I got tired of August quick. My bike is apart in the garage as I've made some changes.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

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