Saturday, August 1, 2009

GPScity and small Balls

Lately I have noticed that there have been posts thanking businesses for their good service. Recently cpa3485 Jim (<--click link) visited his local scooter dealership and was very warmly received and they went beyond the call of duty to make him happy.

Joe (scootin da valley) (<--click link) loved Sheetz so much that he visited the Sheetz corporate office

We'll, I was getting tired of moving my Ram-mounts back and forth between my two bikes. I have gotten used to having the GPS and Video Cam mounted so wanted the convenience of having permanent mounts on both of my bikes. When I originally found out about Ram-mounts I liked them very much but here in Vancouver there is no place to buy them. Also I was a little unfamiliar with what was available and also the hassle of shipping them to my US address down in Point Roberts, WA

(video cam, Kymco X500Ri, Ram-mount with long extension)

When I rode down to the Maxi-Scoot rally last year I purchased a universal camera mount. I downgrade my car GPS and decided to actually buy the m/c cradle and another mount to properly mount it. On the local sportbike forum a lot of members had good sucess with (they also operate in the US). I like the idea that prices are in Cdn funds and you do not have to worry about the US exchange and other border issues. Their pricing is the same as, or less expensive than the official site.


I didn't like the idea of this long extension as I thought that minor inputs to the steering would result in "bumpy" video but I need to use this on the scooter due to the proximity to the windshield

I noticed that on their site, with any order received before 3pm they will ship your items the same day. The first time I ordered my "parts" sure enough, they shipped the same day and I received them very promptly. Minutes after you confirm your checkout, they send you an email to confirm your order. It seems that your order is already packaged and ready to ship as no sooner than you blink your eyes, you receive another email confirming shipment along with the tracking information

(notice that small ball on the bottom)

On Thursday around noon, I ordered another bracket and a 1/4-20 ball for my camera

(the small ball shown along with the large camera platform)

The small ball with the standard 1/4-20 threads fit most camera tripod threads

(the small ball mounted on my Panasonic SDR-SW20 video cam)

(video cam mounted on SV650, using small ball)

(dashboard of SV650 with GPS and Video cam)


It's much more convenient to have mounts on both bikes. I am able to transfer over the GPS and Video cam very quickly. I never knew that these small balls were available. I should have ordered another small ball, then I will have two to use. You just never know . . . nice to have an extra ball around


  1. Hey! Really cool! I love gadgetry and still keep thinking about making camera and GPS mounts for the BV. It doesn't have a handlebar to speak of, though, so I'll have to settle for something that might attach to the mirror shafts.

  2. Hi Bob,

    Very cool gadget, what is the vibration like?

    We cant view your videos here in Turkey because of censorship, so could you describe the picture quality please.

    I have anti blocking software on my pc that has worked for 2 years but now its all been by passed along with proxy servers, your blog is obviously subversive Bob and a threat to the turkish government lol.

    How do those mounts work with a still camera, any good, have you tried it*



  3. Bob, thanks for the review and kudos for GPScity. Always nice to hear the scoop from a satisfied customer.

  4. Bob,

    Thanks for the just saved me a lot of time in tring to do this...I was going to look up your old posts where you had originally installed the hardware...but this is cool...thanks!

    ps: the pictures are real cool

  5. Bob, I really like your set up! Great to hear your feedback on GPSCity as well. I've been thinking of a better way to chronicle my scooting, so I will give them a look.

  6. Want one...this camera looks and sounds sooo cool,thank you for the great write up and excellent photos.Was going to say sorry about your small balls but thats sooo unlady like ;)


  7. Joe:

    On my scoot I have a reservoir mount and a mirror u-mount. you're right about all that plastic


    You are able to mount either a still camera or a video cam. On a still camera there is also a video mode so you could be recording video too.

    If you can access youtube you can see my videos. search for Bobskoot channel. so far the ram-mounts are working out great


    I am quite happy with GPScity. Their website is easy to use and they ship fast

    Thank you for stopping by.


    anything to help you out. Once you use the Ram-mounts you are hooked. They are very solid and secure


    What can I say . . . they appear to be a good supplier and I read about them on another website. Everyone posted that they were reliable and shipped promptly


    I find that riding and taking pictures with one hand isn't very safe. I had to figure out what parts I needed and then order some mounts. Once you take some video of some twisty roads you will be hooked. Now I want to have the camera mounted all the time just in case I may need evident of some "bad drivers"

    Yes, small balls are very useful

  8. Never mind the gadget, Point Roberts has always fascinated me. I want a story on life in the enclave.

  9. Dear Bobskoot:

    Your bike has more crap on the handlebars than Pee Wee Herman's... But it is all very cool-looking. My handlebar situation is very tight and I have pretty much maxed it out with one Ram Mount for the GPS. As it is positioned, my GPS is out of the wind and behind the fairing.

    I would love to make some videos-from on the road, but I am goping to have to experiment a little more. I have discovered tht my Nikon CoolPix S9 will take up to one hour of video, but I do not want to expose that camera and its lense to the wind and debris.

    Great post, small balls and all. I get my Ram Mount products from White Horse Gear. I ike those folks a lot.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack "reep" Toad
    Twisted Roads

  10. This is indeed an inspiration post! I'm re-energized to get the video cam on my bike mounted properly. I've had the camera more than a year and have used it only a couple of times because it needs a better mounting system. Thanks! You've done a cool job of being set and ready to go on both scoots...


  11. Mr Conchscooter:

    I didn't realize that I was going to go to Tsawwassen this afternoon, otherwise I would have brought my passport needed to cross the border. I took some pictures on the Canadian side but will save them for the US pictures. I have a PO Box in Point Roberts for all my eBAY stuff


    Have you tried to put a U-bolt on the mirror stem, that's what I had to do to clear the windshield. I know some people who mount their camera behind the windscreen but I would think that there is some distortion or flare from reflections. I had to un-install everything as I traded the SV in and now have a new V-Strom with ABS


    sometimes video is better since you also get "sound", and sometimes pictures are better. It just depends on the subject.

    If you are riding a twisty road you could view your angles later

  12. Bob ... as always some wonderful photojournalism or journalphotoism (I'm not sure which, but I like your blog). Again, makes me envious (all that vroom, vroom) but my heart is still fixed on scooters. Sorry that I can't keep up on the PX150. Congratulations on finding that Wee Strom a good home.

  13. Robert, the Reverend:

    No worries, as long as you know the destination we can wait for you there and keep your dinner warm. Remember that slow and steady always wins the race

  14. Enquiring minds want to know. Especially readers of this blog. LOL