Thursday, December 17, 2009

Seattle Motorcycle Show: December, 2009

A couple of months ago Trobairitz posted on her blog her desire to spend a weekend in Seattle to attend the Seattle Cycle World Motorcycle Show. She probably gave Troubador a few jabs and he relented so they booked a room at the Doubletree, Arctic Club on 3rd Avenue. As soon as I noticed the post I clicked on all their links and was mulling things over in my mind. If I ever have a chance to meet people, then I do go out of my way to do so. Because of all the ice and snow I waited until the last minute to make my arrangements and when the weekend arrived the weather co-operated and the rest is history . We arrived at Qwest Field and I noticed my first photo op


Our plan was to meet at the Vespa booth at 3pm, but there was no Vespa this year but luckily we had previously arranged to meet via "text messaging".


We got our first view of the floor when I received my first text message from Troubador (Brad). He indicated that he had just entered the building so I looked around to try to identify him. I found out later that there are two entrances and he arrived one floor below


Near the entrance on the mezzanine there was a static display of sought after or unusual bikes


I noticed David Hough, author of Proficient Motorcycle was there autographing his books


I met Mr Hough last year in Stevenson, Wa at the Rally in the Gorge. We had sandwiches for lunch and he is a very elequent speaker and gave a talk on traction. He rode his Beemer with sidecar from the Olympic Peninsula where he resides.

(Chuck & Brad at the Gerbing booth trying on heated garments)

Here is a Darth Vader mask made of Aluminum checkerplate


There was even a Triumph Tiger with luggage


I didn't realize that a T-rex had such a large trunk


At the Honda booth I noticed their new 700 sport tourer on display


I think even Chuck was thinking of trading in his new Vespa 400-mp3 for this Honda Silverwing


There was even a display of an Ace car powered by a V-twin, front wheel drive


and a Ducati something or other vintage bike


Even Twisted Throttle was there. If you shop on-line you have probably been to their website.


I think this is a rare Beemer


I'm not sure if this was modified or not as it looks very unusual


We had a great time, and while all of us have never met before we were comfortable with each other and it felt that we had known each other for years. I know we will be getting together again, hopefully as soon as the new season starts.

(Brad, Bob, Brandy & Rick)

Sounds and action are sometimes better than mere words and static photos, here is a short video to make you feel that you were there with us . . .


  1. Barefoot in Seattle?
    That looks like a lot of fun.
    We have a local event around here called the "Big Boys Toy Show" that will include lots of "stuff" including motorcycles. Boats, 4 wheelers and other things are there. I actually have never gone to it, but may yet someday.

  2. Hi Bob,

    great post, licked seeing the little Kawasaki with side car, reminds me of when I lived in Asia, happy days!!

    CPA3485...There's nothing better than ''Boys toys'' c'mon join us!!



  3. I followed the video all the way to the antique bike stand ) the machines of my youth except for the Norton which ante-dates even me) and wondered why motorcycles looked better back then. Tis the time to wax nostalgic I suppose.

  4. Nice set of pics there Bobskoot!

    that highly modified beemer used to be an Airhead like mine, not my cup of tea the way it was modified, but then again, it's not my beemer.

  5. FABULOUS!!! i love that you had the opportunity to connect with fellow bloggers/friends in person. seems like a great day was had by all. very very cool bob!!! happy holidays to you and yours!!!

  6. As the German soldier (Artie Johnson) on the t.v. show Laugh-In used to say:

    "Veddddddy intadesssting!" (but certainly NOT stupid by ANY means, I might add).

    Lovin' those pics, babe....('n wishin' that *I* had gone, too) :-(

  7. that honda silverwing, i really like how that riding position looks. i keep coming back to that pic bob. hmmm... :)

  8. cpa3485:

    We have a big m/c show here in January. This was the first time I went to one in Seattle, and it seemed to be very small, and not that busy. Could be the economy.


    You are so lucky to be able to live around the world, and now in beautiful Turkey. Keep that place under your apartment free, we may want to visit some day soon. It would be nice to walk around the ruins and take lots of pictures.

    (talking to myself "Where is that carrier pidgeon with my tickets ?"

    Mr Conchscooter:

    My friend has a Norton Commando that he purchased new. I like to look at old stuff too, but would prefer more modern reliable mechanics with the old look, rather than the actual old thing subject to breaking down more frequently


    I only noticed that one Kawasaki Hack. It would be nice to have a vintage bike but scarce parts scare me away. There was a really nice SRX600 last fall for sale for a reasonable price and I was really tempted, but I don't have the garage space that you have

    Ms M:

    I have met a few bloggers so far. Your time is coming, I hope you will be able to make it to Redmond, Oregon next July, 2010. Google for the BMW MOA rally for 2010.
    So far I have found that when you finally meet, it's like meeting someone you have known for a long time. The hard part is making the initial contact as you don't know what they look like.


    I'm glad you stopped by. It's hard to go to a m/c show as there is lots to see and many products on display. You just have to pick and choose where you spend your time.

    Ms M:

    Maxi-scoots handle like sport bikes and have lots of plastic to cover up all the mechanicals. They are heavy but manageable as all their weight is low down, which helps cornering. I also have a X500Ri Maxi-scoot which I rode to Oregon last year.
    I was using it as my commuter bike as the CVT automatic is better in Urban Traffic, but since I traded in my SV for the WEE, I have only ridden my bike since then

  9. Thanks for sharing the pics. I've only been to motorcycle shows in Minneapolis, and our isn't nearly as big.

    The Minneapolis motorcycle show is the beginning of Feb, and I've already got my ticket. :)

  10. Chris:

    The Seattle show was actually smaller than I thought. Others have said that it has been reducing in size over the past few years. The one in Vancouver is larger and will be held at the end of January 2010. Enjoy your show and look at all the gadgets.