Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sounds of Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA

This past weekend I had the opportunity to actually meet Troubador on a Triumph (Brad) & Trobairitz' Tablet (Brad's significant squeeze) and meet up again with One a day - Mostly Seattle (Chuck) while attending the 2009 Seattle Motorcycle Show.

Saturday morning brought us to Seattle much earlier than we need to be so we headed down to Pike Place Market for a quick lunch and wander around.


I don't have to tell you that this is a very colourful place with lots of character, and many characters such as the "clown" above. Blowing up balloons is a very tiring occupation .

Recently there was discussion about the merits of still images versus moving images (Video) or talking pictures as they used to say back in the old days. Each medium has its place and it is up to the "artist" (Photographer) to convey the image by whatever appropriate method they have at their disposal, whether it be a colour image, Black & White (greyscale), panorama or "talking pictures."

(Raw Corn, Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA)

Don't they look like they're having a lot of fun, moving around playing music and entertaining the many visitors of the market. It's difficult to convey the emotion unless you lower your shutter speed to blurr the image to help with the feeling of movement.

Farther down the street there was this excellent Quartet with a large crowd gathered around.

(Slim Pickins, Pike Place Market, site of the original Starbucks, Seattle, WA)

Again you are left wondering what all the fuss is about. Silent images left to your imagination. I think you will agree that these two groups of entertainers are putting on a great (Free, donations accepted) show. If you ever get a chance to visit Seattle, you have to go down to the Pike Place Market to spend some time poking around and getting entertained.

We had a great time meeting up with Troubador, Trobairitz and Chuck with all of us going to the 2009 Seattle Motorcycle Show on Saturday. Too bad we missed Lance and Irondad, but we did meet Rick (Brad's friend) who also came on the Amtrak from Portland/Corvallis. More pictures to follow, but not today, I'm tired


  1. Hi Bob,

    Nice clear, sharp video, and you can zoom too. Mpeg2 does give the best result, so what are the other 2 dozen formats for??

    Got 6 video editor programmes now to torture myself with, didn't get Adobe P E it needs a 3G processor, dont know anybody here with a PC that modern, and its 6GB file size, would take a month to download that!!

    Good one again Bob,



  2. As a former radio reporter I am always tuned to the sounds and you need a proper mic.
    I hope you tipped them. Canadians are famous in Key West for being worse than canoes (canoes tip)and even though I point out people in Canada live under socialism and don't need tips, the argument makes no mileage in the land of the oligarchs and their peasantry beneath the 49th. Those musicians if they get sick are SOL.

  3. Dear Bobskoot:

    What a great post tonight!!! And I know the video you took at the bike show will be equally impressive. Pictures do make a blog come alive... And video clips of the muscicians were just great in thisa piece tonight.

    Bob, I apologize for cash-hungry Americans who feel compelled to remind foreign visitors that they should walk the streets, showering indigent musicians with cash. It is a dirty US secret that whole communities thrive on the generosity of tourists. If strippers and rum disappeared overnight, some warm-weather tourist traps would be compelled to sell their children.

    But while we are on the subject, a modest tip is almost as bad as none at all. The formula for determing what to tip street musicians is to simply match the price of a Starbucks Grande Latte for each individual involved in the performance. $10 would have worked for the first group, while the second group would have satisfied with $15.

    So the cost for taking those two videos would have been $25, or the price of a hot chocolate in Geneva.

    Fondest regards,
    Jsck • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  4. As always, you help me live life to the full (vicariously speaking). Looks like you had a good weekend in Seattle.

  5. Dave:

    Everyone calls it MPEG2, but it is really Mpeg 1, Layer 2. The Canon FS200 is a real camcorder with 41x optical zoom, not a P&S camera with video mode. Most P&S cameras will not zoom in video mode.

    Mr Conchscooter:

    I recenly purchased a professional PCM recorder capable of recording music CDs in better than CD quality but I prefer video. You have to remember that our Cdn Dollar used to be much lower than the US$ and our cost of living is much higher, we are taxed to death, that should read "taxed until death". Everything we purchase, durable goods and electronics are more costly. So when we have enough saved for a trip to a warm place there is no tip money left.

    Jack "r":

    I took a lot more video that will never be posted. There was an excellent violinist playing classical music on a lower level, but he noticed me with my camera and turned his back to me so I could not "film" him playing with his instrument.

    Jack, are you able to play the harmonica ? If so you could set up shop on the sidewalk somewhere and put out your hat

    Robert, the Rev:

    My main purpose was to meet other bloggers. The Seattle M/C show was just the excuse. I am sure some motorcycle pictures will find their way here but for the moment I am concentrating on the human element. Not too many scooters there and Vespa was absent.

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