Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Goats on Roof, Coombs, BC

During our relaxing weekend on "the Island" we had to stop at Coombs to see the Goats, but there were no goats today. If you are in the area you have to make this a "must see" place, especially during the summer


you can obtain more information ---> "HERE" <---

There is a very well stocked Country Store along with other business' in an area behind . I remember that this is a very busy place during tourist season, not so much now that the weather is cooler.

Years ago when I first started my YouTube Channel, I used to put music to my videos, that is . . . until I got some disturbing emails from EMI and Columbia Records about Copywrite infringement, so while some of my videos still have music attached, many are silent. I am very careful now about the music I use and I only use "public" material, or in the case of the following video, music that we have produced ourselves. I have a prof PCM digital recorder and the soundtrack was from a jam session recorded on November 7, 2009. Rock, the guitarist is no longer with us and if you listen closely you will hear Bobskoot & Mrs Skoot happily singing along.


  1. I love Coombs! When we went by this summer there were no goats either, maybe they were on vacation. I love that little store Coombaya. I saw the short with the motorcycle on it, I am thinking this may be a destination ride on the weekend if it's nice out. Always have trouble parking there in the summer, but I think on a bike it might be a breeze. The market there is awesome too, I have had some very yummy baked goods from there. Looks like you had a good weekend. Loved the song Diana, I was singing along, good thing you can't hear me. Lol.

  2. Our local visitors center used to have a sod roof and during the summer, the student interns took turns mowing the roof. Now they moved to a new building and lost the "frontier spirit" that the old facility had. Thank you for the tip. The next time I'm on the island I must look for it.


  3. Bob,
    My first YouTube video upload of a fast ride through Arthur's Pass had Eric Clapton to accompany it. All was well for a week or so then it was removed for copyright infringement but no warning letter from record companies. Like you, I chose one of the public domain tracks to replace it. That was fine as they have a good selection.

  4. Dear Bob:

    I am intrigued by the notation of "Other business out back," in reference to this country store. Is it in hookers or bootleg gin?

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  5. It is a shame that there were no goats on the roof. Goats are so neat.

    I like the blue bench with the yellow sun. It kind of reminds me of the BC flag.

  6. Dar:

    A few years ago when we stopped, the goats were on the roof, but alas . . . I didn't take any photos. I saw the motorcycle T-shirt, it's in the video, but I didn't buy it. That Country Store had some nice, tempting stuff.


    The next time bring your bike down and we'll both go to the Island together. I know most of the roads


    I use "public" music now, not public domain or royalty-free. I was thinking of humming the tunes myself . . .


    "Out back" is a loose term used on the "Island", not the same meaning as used in PA. Hope you have survived your move. I wished I could visit you in your cabin. I would like to go to Cape May. I've always had a hankering to say "New Joisey"


    You are so perceptive, I was drawn to the chair and it looked so familiar, also the colours . . . I just had to take a snap of it. Why don't we plan a long weekend over on the Island. I can take you to Sointula, or Alert Bay