Sunday, October 23, 2011

White Rock revisited

While I have posted limited photos of White Rock in the past, I had always intended to record a video of the main tourist area along the strip which is across from the beach. We used to come down here all the time and have brunch at our favourite restaurant, near the pier. Nowadays, not so much.

I also have a summer car which I have not used since August and my insurance is expiring in a few days. There is always a reason not to use it and when the weather is good I usually gravitate to my V-strom, and my car sits gathering dust. I also spend my Sundays in the car with Mrs Skoot and we go somewhere for a ride & brunch. Today I decided to kill "two birds with one stone" and accomplish both missions.

The following video was recorded using a GoProHD in R3 mode (720p60), using my Manfrotto monopod technique. In the car, Mrs Skoot was the human monopod holder & aimer.

White Rock has two business districts. The main one on the top of the hill where there is a mall, restaurants, shopping and fast food places. At the bottom of the hill along the beach the "tourist" area is split in the middle by a hill which is really too far to walk. The sandy beach is around 2 miles long and is a popular place during the summer when parking is hard to obtain.


  1. Great video about white rock revisited.... I like it... Great..

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  2. It was a beautiful day for a ride. Everyone was out and about today. We had a beautiful day on the bikes and went to Sooke a& back. Mrs Scoot did well with the monopod!

  3. Please tell Mrs Bobskoot she's got a fine steady hand.....were you shooting in R3 mode?


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  4. Nice tour of White Rock and on a really beautiful day. Thanks for sharing your last ride of the season in your 'vette. If you were in other parts of the world, people would be up in arms over privacy issues....

  5. A beautiful day for a ride in your beautiful car with your beautiful wife.

    Two thumbs up!

  6. Ayasha:

    I often go to White Rock but not during the summer, it is too busy. Thanks for visiting


    I wished I could have gone to Mom's Cafe with you both but this was the last Sunday before the insurance runs out


    I finally changed to R3 mode, I had been shooting R2 all this time. My videos seem much smoother, thank you for your advice


    From what I understand from photography blogs where they talk about this all the time . . . if you are standing on a public place, there is no expectation of privacy if you can be seen from that vantage point. Of course, climbing over walls or using long telephoto lenses may be different


    Thank you, it was a great day but a bit warmer would have been preferred