Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Last Friday I went

to pick up my bike. My bike was ready the day before, but the staff went home. Today before I left work, I called ahead to make sure they would be there, and they were


I knew it was going to take some time to do my service so I dropped it off a few days earlier. I like to have the service done and ride it around for a week or two before a trip, just in case it would need another adjustment. I think I needed new coolant as it will be very hot down in Eastern Oregon. I also had the brake fluid flushed and I notice the difference right away, the lever feels more solid and not as spongy. I think heat cycles break it down, or else water gets into the system. Anyway it seems much more positive. The fork oil was also changed. I think I get less nose dive than before, but it may be my imagination.

A few weeks ago I ordered some more RAM accessories from GPSCity.ca so I could snap photos more safely whilst riding. I really dislike the idea of grabbing my camera, and snapping photos when I should be concentrating on traffic, and I noticed that many ADVriders.com use the RAM Flexmount, so I ordered one, with some other attachments


This FlexArm is like a coiled spring, not unlike a gooseneck lamp, which you can move to different angles and it stays put. I just need a rotating tripod head . I'm not sure it is going to work the way I envisioned as it is too long and vibrates.

I've also lost my parking for a few months and now park outside on the street, so I decided to purchase a bike cover


It's large enough to cover the top & side cases, and goes nearly to the ground . It gives me the feeling that it is more secure as it is away from prying eyes

I stopped by a dealer today to look at riding pants. I need to replace my tattered JR Alter Ego, which I have had for a few years and it is getting tired.


This vintage Honda had a sold sign on it. I wasn't in the mood to be taking my pants off to try them on but I like the removeable panels of the TourMaster Flex Riding Pants. The front and rear panels are removeable to reveal a full mesh pants hiding underneath. I asked about sizing and the salesperson told me that the YKK zipper factory was destroyed in the Tsunami in Japan and that all the other manufacturers are having problems producing riding gear. YKK makes the best zippers and the factory is still rebuilding . . . other than what is in stock, there will be no more stock until the Fall. It's the same story for all the other manufacturers as well.

A couple of weeks ago I was down in Richmond, on my non-riding day and was playing


around with my camera . I couldn't help but snap another photo of this blue


Lamborghini. I was just in time as the owner came out moments later and drove it away. They are usually going so fast that your photo is just a blurrrr

I noticed this big Gorilla on Sunday . . .



  1. I have a tourmaster flex jacket. Can't be beat for range of temperature/weather and ease of converting from textile to mesh. Mine is water resistent only, but have never gotten wet despite rainy rides. This time of year I often wear the textile to work, zip it off and ride home with the mesh. Of all my mesh jackets (I have three) the Flex is the most open mesh and the coolest when temps warm up. Tourmaster makes some nice stuff.

    I did break the zipper pull early on (I've done this to a number of zippers actually...too impatient me thinks). added a corded loop and I like that better anyway. Easier to grasp in gloves.

    The gorilla looks like a match for the Lamborghini :)

    1. BlueKat:

      I really like the "Flex" pants. Perhaps I will go back and try them on. I also like the Olympia but they are much more expensive. I have a few jackets too. My new JR Alter Ego mesh, and the one I used in Oregon on the last IMBC2010. I also broke the jipper tab on my JR jacket and put a ring through it.

      for a moment, I felt like a Gorilla

  2. Bob that Flexarm looks interesting, would be interested to see where you put it and how you use it.

    Love the antique Honda !!!

    1. Brenda:

      it is a very heavy duty, FlexArm. Too much friction to move about, but would be okay to bend into a better camera angle. I wondered how much they were asking for it, but there was a SOLD sign on it

  3. I am glad the service to the bike is complete and you have noticed some differences.

    I didn't know about the zipper factory being destroyed. It makes sense that it would be hard to manufacture gear if they don't have all the suppliers they need to do so.

    And I was thinking the same thing as Kari - the Lamborghini looks like a close color match to the gorilla.

    1. Trobairitz:

      The service was worth it. Bike feels more secure and firm, especially the brakes are more solid. I never knew about the YKK factory either. I am having a hard time trying to get "highway" pegs

  4. oooooooooooh! vettes on sale!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    1. Ms M:

      NO ! It was a Corvette show & shine. We had 85 'Vettes there and raised money for Special Olympics Charity. I recorded lots of photos & video

    2. Ms M:

      I can give you a ride in a RED one

  5. I bought a red Honda Dream right out of the crate way back when.

    I'm going out an limb to guess that the bike in this pic was owned by a Shriner. I bought my bike from a Shriner. They had just switched from Hondas to white ElectraGlides. I guess they'd bought too many Hondas and hadn't bothered to uncrate them all. That's Shriners for you.

    1. Wayne:

      sometimes you amaze me with your past travels and previous life. You should get a scooter to roam around town, much more convenient than a bus pass. You are probably right about that Honda. It also had the windscreen

  6. Did you see my bike there? I think I lost it...

    1. Tony:

      Your bike was parked just beside me, on the left side. When are you going to ride it ? Make an appearance once in a while, thanks

  7. Bob, if you ever decide to service your own brake lines....highly recommend replacing the stock bleeder caps with "Speedbleeders", they make the job simple to do. I read that brake fluid is hygroscopic (sp?) in that it absorbs water from air and thus it breaks down eventually. It could very well be the heat cycles you mention too. Anyways, once a year, I do all my motorcycles....just don't splash the stuff on the paintwork!


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

    1. Dom:

      over time, you don't notice the minor changes, and how vague the levers feel, until you change the fluid. I knew the coolant had to be changed as it has been through too many heat cycles in the heat of Oregon, and last year on the way back from Montana. The fork oil change was recommended by my mechanic. All seems good now, more solid feel and all systems have been checked out. I have to look into those "speedbleeders"