Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Scoot Commute: la troisième partie

This is a continuation of the previous two posts. We were blessed with having David (The scoot commute), from Montreal join us on a group ride on Saturday (a couple of weeks ago).

We started with breakfast in Coquitlam and then suited up for our day's planned activities, which was to escort David for some 2-wheeled sightseeing, and include some twisties along the way


We eventually ended up in Horseshoe Bay for a late lunch on the outside patio

David, Sonja, Roland & Dave

it was a great day and we ended up going across the street for our last group photo

Bob, Roland, Sonja, Dave & David

finally it was time to lead David back to his hotel and say our goodbyes


Come along with us for a quick recap of our day, that is until my battery ran out. Most often I was following Dave Dixon (the Big guy on the Red Vespa), and David Masse (on the white Kymco Frost). I prefer to ride "sweep" (at the rear) , but I volunteered to lead the group through the maze of traffic from Burnaby to West Vancouver as I knew some local shortcuts . . .


SonjaM: Find me on the Road

Dave Dixon, Big Guy, Small Scooter

David Masse, The Scoot Commute

Roland, non-blogger


  1. Lovely video Bob, thanks for making the effort. I am pretty sure that you created memories for a lifetime for David.

    1. Sonja:

      taking videos on a bike is safer than fumbling with a still camera and I like doing the editing but it is time consuming, and also takes a long time to upload

  2. Good stuff Bob. I think you managed to pack in a lot of fun in the short time David visited. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Trobairitz:

      I didn't bring my spare battery, so I lost the "end of the day" videos back in the rush hour traffic. If I had the Hero2 I wouldn't have to leave it on, all the time, but I never know if it is on or OFF, so I just leave it on but then . . . I don't know if it is recording or not

  3. Thank you for the video, especially for those of us going through withdrawal after not riding for over a week. I thought that the trip to Anchorage would sort of "get it out of my system" for a while but I think it had the reverse effect.

    B.C. around Vancouver never looked like that whenever I've been there.

    1. Richard:

      the more riding you do the more you crave, so that ride to Anchorage only encourages "more" . Vancouver isn't all traffic and gridlock, but I am in the heart of the city and it takes an hour to get on the open road. In Sonja's area, she is already at the start of open roads. From there it is about an hour for me to get home. I don't have a riding buddy so often I just don't feel like navigating the 2 hours to and from by myself, but it would be okay if I met someone along the way

  4. Amazing video as usual Bob. My footage is too shaky because the fairings on the Frost were too flexible for when combined with the suction mount. Plus the portion I was really hoping to see doesn't exist because my card overflowed. Thanks for saving the day. All the best, d.

    1. David:

      I get more vibrations attached to the fairings because it is rigidly fixed to the frame and bumps more. You get more absorbsion from the handlebars as it is "shocked". Also you should record in 720p60 mode which is higher frame rate. You should get RAM mounts and attached to your handlebar or Mirror Stem, or even your brake reservoir. I've done a bit of testing and this seems the best for smooth flow.

      You could probably "save" your video by speeding up the playback to 2x