Tuesday, June 26, 2012

MSR, crushed nail & my new babies

My bike is serviced and ready for my short trip in about 3 weeks. No, I haven't packed yet, but I know what I need to bring. I'm thinking of not bringing any tools to cut down weight, but I do need a couple of cameras, my small laptop and various chargers. My plan is to pack all this stuff and see if I have any room left for clothes. I'm thinking 2 or 3 pairs of shorts, one convertible pants and 3 T-shirts. Plus tank tops, 3 underwear and a few pairs of socks, sandals and my trademark Crocs©. The difference this year is that I will be bringing camping equipment for emergencies; Tent, pad, sleeping bag and my new MSR Whisperlite stove


As you know, I'm not one to open new 'stuff'. My new; helmet, Bluetooth communicator, JR Alter Ego jacket & Tourmaster Flex pants are all new just waiting for me to use them. My AlpineStar* riding boots I bought last August and I have only worn them once or twice. But I thought I had better figure out how to use my new liguid fuel MSR stove. I bought the MSR Whisperlite Universal which is multifuel and can also use Canister Gas. I read that Unleaded Canadian gasoline is NOT recommended for use in this stove due to the gas formulation and I didn't want to ruin my new stove, so I just happened to spot a used MSR Whisperlite internationale for sale on Craigslist, so I snapped it up


This is the old design as you notice from the wire legs. The new ones have pressed Stainless legs. Anyway mission accomplished. I managed to set it up and boil a pot of water in mere minutes using MSR Superfuel.

I'm really not that clumsy but early in May I managed to crush my finger and my nail turned black


I thought that the blood clot would clear up in a few days, when when I went to Victoria a couple of weeks later, Dr Dar told me that she thought my nail would come off. I thought to myself "how would she know", but she did and she was 100% right


The new nail is pushing the top one


The last week or so the nail was catching on my clothes and I knew if it ripped off it would hurt immensely, so I started to trim it


I would imagine it will take a few more weeks before it looks normal again. Then about a week ago I closed my car door on my right finger. I missed the nail but my finger swelled up for a couple of days and is almost normal, except for a scab where it was bleeding.

On my prev post I mentioned that we had a new bird nest in our carport area which I found while trying to clean it up. The tiny eggs looked like they only hatched a day before. I tried to make "chirping" noises but I think they can't hear yet. Then I decided to "tap" the wood and they must have sensed the vibrations. I think it's neat to see those little beaks searching for food . . .


  1. What is "Next BD Coquitlam"?

    Your Craigslist stove looks just like mine though the carrying bag is a bit different. I also have the smaller (and much older) fuel bottle. Where did you hear that unleaded gas shouldn't be used?

    1. Richard:

      You NOTICED ! you mentioned about your countdown timer recently but yours was hard to read so I found another one, but I didn't know what to count down, so I picked my BD = Birthday. My work is in Coquitlam, BC but I didn't know how to change it to read Vancouver. The large Fuel bottle is too big for me, but I could use it for "white" gas storage

  2. Your 'babies' look like little aliens. Are you sure they are birds?

    1. Sonja:

      I think those birds looked neat. I am just trying to stay away from the mother bird, I don't want her to leave them

  3. Bob those birds are just too cute!!!

    1. Brenda;

      They have grown so much in just a couple of days. I remember last year we had "little" ones learning how to fly, and one fell out of their nest.

  4. bob, carry tools my friend.
    holy moly, ouch to that nail!
    and ooooooh... pretty babies :)

    1. Ms M:

      I do have some tools under my seat which is where I also put my air compressor. I think I will leave my socket set behind. It is small but heavy for its size

      I'll bet "kitten" babies are also cuties

  5. Ewww nasty nail pictures Bob. I think we need to file that under TMI.

    I agree that the birds are cute. Was funny how wide they opened their beaks. Hopefully their mom came back soon to feed them, lol.

    1. Trobairitz:

      I had to google what "TMI" meant. I don't know all these new fangdangled abbreviations. I was looking for . . . sympathy, but so far NONE from anyone. I hope your cut is healing too. when I get a cut, it is always where something "bends".

      don't forget your sundress and non-Crocs©

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