Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ed does Vancouver (day one)

We got a late start and headed down to Steveston for breakfast

It was forecast to be very warm so we ditched the ATGATT and the drive on 4 wheels

After breakfast we headed over to the boardwalk.  It is early and we beat the crowds

We headed over to the Government pier

To see the commercial fleet at rest

One of us forgot to unzip the legs but at least we are wearing hats (in the hot sun).   Later as we were heading West on 10th Avenue Ed wanted to stop and photograph the Maple trees

At least we think that they were Maple trees

I wonder what he is taking a photo of ?

A maple leaf I think . . .     Then we headed over to Granville Island to see the floating community

and stop to rest on this bench.

and I wanted to show Ed the market and take another photo with the Burrard Bridge in the background .

We even managed to stop for an ice cream and relax

at Jericho Beach.   That's the Vancouver skyline in the distance


  1. Good thing you fed him ice cream. He needs it for energy to keep up with you. :-)

  2. Vancouver in summer... sweet memories.

  3. Well done Ed - one day and you saw it all!

  4. Maples different than those I'm used to but they sure look mapley.

    A hot day so near the coast sounds pretty darn good Bob, looks like you two had a grand day.