Friday, August 22, 2014

A Sea of Corvettes at Carlisle, PA

Today was the first full day of activities.  Yesterday was only for vendors to set up their tents

This is one of the largest gatherings in North America, of Corvettes

If you needed anything for your Vette, then this is the place

Over 150 acres of everything under the sun.  You can buy a car, get financing and insurance.   Or you can get new mufflers, tires or new seats  installed while you watch

there are cars in every direction

The sun may not be out but it was hot and humid and it was a struggle to see everything .  They also had a car corral

and here's beautiful car . . .

better than new

and I also saw another car which caught my attention

Out of the thousands of cars on the field, this may be the only one with this colour


  1. I wonder what kind of a shambles the crew from Top Gear could manage in that field?

  2. That silver corvette selling for $115,000 is quite the looker. One of my favourite models. Maybe my dream machine won't be a Porsche. The pink corvette might be a Mary Kay distributor.

  3. Is this where there are 10,000 Corvettes or is that later?

    That looks like quite the gathering. Pick anything up?

  4. Wow, looks like a great event. What did you buy?

  5. Wow, a sea of Corvettes is right. I bet you are enjoying yourself despite the humidity.

  6. Did you find it difficult to find your toy in that sea ... maybe there's something to be said for a way, off side paint colour.

  7. Thanks for picture of the 1957 Vette. That model is definitely my favorite. What is a less rare model of that vintage going for?