Friday, August 29, 2014

NCM: National Corvette Museum, Bowling Green, Kentucky

Today was the day we were to finally visit the NCM: National Corvette Museum and tour the Corvette Assembly Plant.  Sorry no cameras nor any electronic devices are allowed

This is where my car was born.   This is the only plant in the world producing Corvettes since 1981

We were lucky to have prebooked our tour on-line months ago

thought you may wish to see the sink hole

it's hard to get close because it is sectioned off and there are security guards everywhere

The Museum also sells bricks for fundraising

The Corvette Assembly Plant was very interesting.  We were allowed to walk around the plant and ask questions.(but no photos were allowed)

Lots of other things were not allowed either.   Outside of the Corvette Cafe I noticed this large rock, everyone was walking past but not noticing it

That's it on the left.  I can't be sure but it looks like it may weigh a ton

Here's what the inscription says

Here's the ZR-1  Spyder, the most damaged car in the collection


  1. Hmmm, another "No Open Toe Shoes". This must be the most you've worn shoes in quite a while...

  2. I hadn't heard about the sinkhole. Lucky it happened when the museum was closed. The security camera videos are something to see.

  3. I too hadn't heard of this sinkhole, bummer about the affected cars.

  4. I had heard about Corvettes sinking but didn't pay enough attention to where it happened.

  5. Holey Moley! That's a BIG hole!!

  6. Wow tough security too - no cameras (what secrets are being hidden?)

  7. I hope you knew about that shoe thing in advance! It's cool that they saved the Spyder rock. I'd forgotten about the sinkhole.