Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Shaniko, Oregon

We left LaPine and headed north on Hwy 97 past Madras and came to a little (Ghost town) of Shaniko, Oregon. Well, not actually a ghost town, but no one around, most stores were closed and little activity. There was a filling (gas) station on the right as you entered the town and I saw a BMW there filling up. I always try to keep an eye out for my 2 wheeled "brothers". I thought nothing of it at the time so we parked:

and walked around to see the sights

it looked like a living ghost town except the post office was open as well as a sort of jewellery/gift/junk store rolled into one

the hotel and cafe was closed (and for sale). It didn't look like a very prosperous place . . . old, run down buildings with little prospects for business activity. anyway, that's just my opinion. Wonder where everyone is and what they do for a living ?

These cars and trucks looked to be in very good shape for their age. I guess that being in a desert area helps to minimize metal decay and rust. If you were into antique cars then you would be in heaven. There were old cars parked everywhere around the town, sort of like they were just parked there and left to rot.

Now as we are walking back towards our car, that BMW that was filling up comes up to us and asks if we know where the nearest gas station is. It seems that gas station is not operational and he could not get any gas so he may not have enough to get to the next town.


I asked if he had a syphon, for I had lots of gas in the tank and willing to "give" him some to get him on his way, but no syphon today. Too bad as I had just filled up at Madras. Then a local resident shows up and refers him to a local that could give him a gallon or two (but at some highly inflated price). Oh well, what can you do if you are stuck and have no other choice.

I think this short video clip sums up our impression of SHANIKO, Oregon

shaniko oregon.wmv

We decided to travel on some backroads while we are snaking our way back to Washington state, and as you may or may not know that Oregon has the best roads within a days ride from BC

Here is a hint of what was to come, one of the best motorcycle roads in recent memory


stay tuned . . .

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  1. Bob ... gotta get back on these roads on 2 wheels instead of 4 ... they're gorgeous!