Monday, July 28, 2008

SOB: Hamster Run 3 - July 2008

SOB: never thought that I would want to be an SOB, that's Scooters of Bellingham if you didn't know. Last weekend was their Hamster Run 3 Scooter Rally. It's the third year that they have organized a rally and it keeps getting bigger and better. Rumour was that this year was the largest rally ever, I heard someone counted 82 scoots. Of course not everyone could go on the group ride as some SOB's had to go to the BBQ site to get the food ready for dinner after our long ride to LaConner, WA . Bellingham is a mere 60 miles from Vancouver, BC but border waits have become a huge headache due to security measures and the last time we crossed we had to wait over 3 hours, but now we are prescreened and are perceived to be less of a risk for now we are Nexus registered. We have allocated a special lane for Nexus users and while he regular line was probably over an hour, we only had to wait for the one car ahead. I remember the last time I crossed in the Nexus lane they (Homeland Security Agents) asked a multitude of questions and even questioned whether my scooter was legal to travel on the freeway (I-5). This time I was nearly waved on through without so much as a 'wink'
We had arranged to meet on the US side at the BK parking lot in Blaine,WA, but as I have a sensitive stomach I needed to get some breakfast at the "Golden Arches" while en-route, and I was joined by Brian on his Vespa 150. It is always better to travel in a small group so as to take advantage of photo OPS.
Before you ask, NO we are NOT LOST. That dead end is along the waterfront and leads to an Old Pier.
That marina on the "other" side is part of the Semiahmoo luxury resort just north of Birch Bay. As Brian is on his PX150 we had previously planned to take the backroads into Bellingham. We zig zagged our way over farmlands and rural roads, (got lost once, don't tell anyone) and we eventually reached our destination
The major sponsor for the Hamster Run 3 rally is Chispa (basically VespaFairhaven). Chispa is hosting the Breakfast starting at 9am
We arrived just past 9am and already there were dozens of scooters there. Breakfast was in full swing. Juice, coffee supplied by Tony's, and an assortment of Breakfast burritos, donuts, fruit plate, more than enough to get your human batteries recharged.


I also had the pleasure to meet "Safety ED" (you can read about him on Orin's Blog

Around Noon we leave on our group ride. We take Chuckanut drive south and our route takes us through farmland and about and hour and a half later we arrive at LaConner and have some time to explore the gift stores and have an ice cream. Many restaurants have their sundecks overhanging the water. This is a view of the Rainbow Bridge.

At a parking lot down in Bow-Edison we have the pleasure of meeting the SOS's, short for Scooters of Skagit, although I heard that perhaps they should have been called Seniors of Skagit. The SOS's are a sister scooter club to the SOB's


Here we are waiting for the light
It's a lucky thing we have "blockers" to make it easier for our WHOLE group to stay together, as otherwise our group would be segmented by all the red lights.
As you attend more scooter rallys you will notice more familiar faces. It gives you a chance to stay in touch and rekindle/renew friendships. It was a great day to be a scooterist.

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