Friday, March 12, 2010

GoProHD: Rotation & Flip 720p30 test

Short post but this took 3 hours of labour by the time this little video made it to YouTube. It will be of interest to other GoPro users, especially Gary France (<-- link) and perhaps Chris Luhman (<-- link).

I was trying to find a place to mount my GoProHD without putting it behind the windscreen and decided to try the Givi crash bars but with such a wide angle (170 degree) lens you could still see the plastic fairing. Then I got the bright idea to mount it in the car upside down using the suction mount on the top of the windshield to get some traffic video. Having a high mounting position is less intrusive and doesn't obstruct your view as much as having it mounted on the dash. The main problem is that GoPro has not yet released their upgraded software to reverse the upside down image, so I have been scratching my head for a solution.

and here it is . . .

the first portion is Upside down, and then horizontally flipped to appear you are riding on the wrong side of the street, like Gary does in the UK.


  1. Bob - Scene 1: That's how the Australians see the world!
    Scene 2 - does the gear change move over to the right too (just like the classic British bike)?


    Mrs N has just let me buy a video camera but its a "domestic" model Sony DCR-SX73E - maybe not robust enough to mount on a bike but I notice that an "underwater" case is available.We bought it to convert some old celluloid movies onto DVD...

  2. Bob, it looks like you have been practising for driving in the UK. Your video shows you driving on the right side of the road, and by that I mean the left.

    The first part of the video had me thinking for a few seconds. I too then thought of Australia. My guess is the results of your head scratching was that you flipped it in PREL 7 - I have seen that you can do it there.

    Nice trick and thanks for making me feel at home watching one of your videos.

  3. Thanks Bob. I hadn't had a chance to mount it upside down yet and expected the UP/UPd setting to be there... it isn't. :(

  4. Bob,Bob....The rattle you mention in your next video on YT....I had the same problem, couldn't find it for weeks, but it turned out to be the little screw on the side of the pivot adjustment for camera angle...I just wrapped the whole thing everywhere in black electricians tape, and it cured the rattle!!!

    Hope this helps,



  5. Dear Mr. Scoot:

    I didn't realize that the Australians drove upside down... But it figures.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  6. Nikos:

    My friend has had a Norton Commando 850 since new. Everything is backwards and even the gears shift down instead of up. So confusing


    Yes, I'm getting used to the correct (Left) side now . The video was flipped and reversed using PREL7


    I do find it a bit cumbersome to change modes and settings on the GoProHD. Better to just use PREL7 when editing the video to flip it around


    I think it is the mount that is rattling. There is a rubber thingy supplied but I don't know how to install it, but Chris knows

    Jack "r":

    everything is upside down on the opposite side of the world

  7. Bob: I linked to some quick photos on the rubber thingy. Changing modes is getting easier the more I do it.

    BTW: I finally got PRE working... it wasn't 60fps at all, it was my CPU being too slow. I could edit and watch with other software, but not Elements. I upgraded to an Phenom II X4 940... everything is nice and smooth. The downside is now my computer uses twice the electricity it did before.

  8. Bob - Just saw this video on your site. I've been looking at the Go Pro since I posted on it back in January ( couldn't decide whether to go regular or wide angle. I was concerned the wide 170 degree view would create too much distortion, but it looks fine.
    Thanks for helping me out!