Sunday, March 7, 2010

SonjaM meets Vancouver, BC

Last Friday I had the pleasure to finally meet SonjaM (Two-Wheelers Revisited) (<-- link)


It was the end of her first week of work and we decided to turn our coffee get together into an AYCE (All You Can Eat) dinner instead. We had some time to get acquainted before Mrs Scoot would be home so I decided to make a quick stop at one of the local BMW dealers to sit on some bikes

(Should I sit on this one?)

I think I will


Or, should I sit on this one ?


Or should I sit on this one which already has all the Aluminum Hard cases and windscreen installed ?


So many bikes and so little time. Most dealerships close early so we dashed over to the Ducati dealer to find them already closed. We were getting hungry so we made our way downtown to Denman Street in the West End of Vancouver for a meal of cooked and un-cooked sushi dishes


We took our glasses of Japanese hot green tea and toasted her arrival to Vancouver. She is making a permanent move to the Key West of Canada and away from the deep freezer of Alberta. A new city, a new job, a new place to call home and soon, a new to her 2 wheeled vehicle which can be ridden nearly all year. She is now a Vancouverite.

We ate and ate, and soon we were full


Sonja, welcome to Vancouver and I hope you will enjoy living here


  1. Well, Bob, thanks so much for the great pics and the wonderful report. The Key West of Canada is the best place on Earth ;-)

  2. Wow, that is cool! Sonja in Vancouver and a future Beemer rider.

    Sonja - congratulations on the new job and the move. It's great that you had this meeting with Bobskoot. Very nice!

  3. The awful thing is the Key West of Key West has been feeling like a deep freeze for a very long time. Vancouver seems like a walk in the park by comparison. Do they eat normal food there? Stuff like ropa vieja, picadillo and bollos?

  4. Dear Bob Skoot:

    This is how it starts: a casual look at the stuff in the BMW dealership. Did the dealer offer you anything to drink? Kool-Aid? Did he give you a free gift that looked like a giant pod to use as a pillow? When you woke up this morning, did you have an urge to eat weiner schnitzel?

    Don't panic... Just give in. It will feel perfectly natural after a while.

    It was very nice of you and Mrs. Skoot to welcome Sonja M. to her new home. Yiour plans to buy her a BMW are over the top,

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  5. What??..No chips, just raw fish...the poor girl, go for a kebab and chillies next time bob lol.

    Nearly, very nearly did my lights today...too windy, a hot dry wind coming from some desert or other in the East.

    As I write this its 01.00hrs here, the dead of night and the thermometer outside reads 25c...should be nice tomorrow!!



  6. So Jack is that how it works? Visit Bob and get a BMW?

    Bob, I think I'll take the orange one. :)

  7. Very cool indeed. Sonja, I hope you have a great time in Vancouver and Bob, did you leave the pink crocs at home? It was good of you meet up with Sonja.

  8. Sonja,

    Hope everything goes fabulously for you in the move! Are you still planning to stay after meeting Bobskoot? Or is that what the BMW bribe is for?

    When will you get your own pair of official pink crocs?

  9. To all: Thanks for your kind comments. I feel very welcome to Vancouver, and will probably get my own pair of crocs very soon. I guess they should be orange, matching the potential new bike... and yes I am hoping that I can meet with Bob again, BMW or not, for a ride or just for raw fish dinner ;-)
    Why don't y'all come over and visit Bob?