Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Maintenance: Chain Lube for Suzuki V-Strom

This is my first attempt at doing a Video Blog, Vlog for short. Dave, my Correspondent in Turkey (<-- link) has been pestering me to consider doing one ever since he posted his first Vlog. It's one thing to be shielded behind a camera rather than being in front of it. Then there's the problem of having enough content to keep interest.

I am glad I had an OEM Suzuki centre stand installed when I purchased the Wee as it makes this operation much easier. The only problem is with the weight of the bike, which is top heavy. I normally clean and lube my chain around every 1,000. kms when I get home after a ride and let the lube soak into the chain overnight. This quick procedure was done only as a subject for my Vlog video to let me get comfortable with talking into the Videocam.


  1. I've been worrying about my chain since I bought the bike last fall, thanks to your tutorial I believe I can deal with it, just got to get some lube. ;-)

    What brand are you using? Motul? I have seen that they make a cleaner as well as a lube, have you ever used the cleaner?

    My Adventures on two wheels

  2. Dear Bobskoot:

    Congratulations on your first instructional video blog or Vlog. It has ben a while since I had to lube a chain, but from what I recall, you executed the process beautifully.

    Not having a chain, 15-year-old BMW K75 uses a veey different process. The drive shaft splines get lubed every time I get the back tire changed. With the tire off, it takes a competent BMW tech about 15 minutes to pull the rear end and examine the splines. Many of my friends with these machines do it themselves.

    Nice Vlog today, Bob.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  3. Kerosene,a stiff brush and lots of rags every 1000 miles or else the lubricant turns to paste. Then install a $35 Loobman and give the old english bottle a squeeze every tank fill up. Use more rags to wipe off the flung oil. Repeat. And while you're at it pretend you are pinching the snotty riepe's shaft and you get extra pleasure from thinking of him lubing his splines. People with shaft drive just don't undertsand the joys of being in a chain gang.

  4. Group Reply:

    I didn't put in the part about the Kerosene. I purchase a gallon at at time and clean the chain when there is a lot of grit on it. This time I didn't bother. There are lots of pros and cons on ADVrider.com about cleaning or not cleaning and it seems, that it doesn't really matter much. I mostly use MOTUL. I normally spray the links from the rear, but then I would be in the way of the Camera, so I only showed you from the side which I never really lube that way.
    Having a chain is more simplistic and you are more able to get going when stranded in the middle of nowhere as opposed to having a shaft to squeeze.

    Another thing, the Kerosene does an excellent job of cleaning the alloy wheels too, without discolo(u)ring them, and clean your body panels and the "flung" lube on the lower bodywork. Lubing is usually done after a ride when the chain is warm, then left to sit overnight to soak in

  5. Enjoyed the Vlog very much today. I was very afraid that the crocs would get dirty, but you seem to have handled that concern beautifully.
    Excellent job!
    Now that you have the Wee, any plans for the Kymco?

  6. Congratulations on your first vlog. I have a belt drive on both my bikes and even though these need no maintenance at all apart from an occasional scan for damage, I watched your vlog anyway.

    Gary’s USA Tour

  7. BOB YOU WERE IN MY FRONT ROOM TALKING TO ME!!!!!! Congratualtions on your first Vlog...The best bit for me was by far the tutorial of taking off ones shoes and putting socks and another pair of shoes on..Well done you hahahahaha xx

  8. Very good vlog my friend, I used to had that bike, well only for a couple of weeks, I only drove it for like 5 hours in those 2 weeks, I did like it, but someone bought for an amazing good prize.

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