Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wet, Dry & Warm, Dark & Cold

I don't what is happening, perhaps it was the full moon, perhaps everyone is moody or it is that time of the month. Perhaps it started with Jack Riepe (Twisted Roads) (<-- link) making a few snide comments to Mr Conchscooter (Key West Diary) (<-- link) about his lack of motorcycle blog content and using his beloved kennel to transport Cheyenne. Jack even picked on me, I hope it was in fun, I mean . . . I thought we were buddies


Anyway Mr Conchscooter fought back with a vengeance


I think Mr Conch was writing to Mr Jack but then he included Moi, CPA Jim (Premeditated Scootin') (<-- link) in Kansas and even poor Orin (Scootin Old Skoot) (<-- link) in Portland . I mean, there is no way he can win against 4 other keyboards aimed towards Key West so I can only attribute his bad behaviour on OLD age and his set ways, which accompanied him from the old country.


So Mr Conch, see what you did. You lashed back at me and I have such a weak fortitude that I inadvertently lashed back at Irondad (Musings of a baby photographer)
(<-- link)


So inter-related is our community is that emotions get transmitted throughout the Blogosphere, even when not meant. After all, Irondad is my hero and I strive to copy his every movement. I should because he is a motorcycle instructor extrordinaire the best in the country and if you follow his advice you should be able to have many years of 2 wheeled enjoyment and ride in safety, through proven scanning, cornering and braking techniques (to name a few), that is . . . when he is not posting baby photos or photos taking in grocery stores.

Here is a recent photo posted by Irondad during December (I hope you don't mind me "borrowing" this image)

reading on bike_irondad 15dec2009
(Original image posted by Irondad, December, 2009)

I strive to copy your every movement but not make it blatenly obvious so ended up with this


I chose the left view as in your original we cannot view the title of what you are reading, but we gather that it doesn't have a vertical photo in the centre-fold


I must say that it is relaxing to sit, read and watch the traffic go by


A few days ago I received a comment from Cpa3584/Jimbo asking where I stored the Pink Crocs, in my left hard case of course, along with my reading material which was sent to me at great expense by a curmudgeon who walks about Key West in the dark being led by a dog who travel together in a Kennel-mobile, exploring every alley, lane and trail while a certain Triumph bonneville remains parked under a stilt house. You will be able to recognize it by quickly glancing at the instrument cluster as it will be without a tachometer.


Not all comments are delivered in scorn. I actually get some praise once in a while. This is one from Gary France (Mr H-D from the UK) (<-- link)


Gary, that mount you received with the "diamond" RAM mount can be used with the RAM GPS cradles. I have one for my automotive Garmin

And to Chris (
(<-- link), I have some rain in the video below


I am getting some rattling noise from the waterproof case, but it is not the camera that is rattling. I think it is the spring loaded shutter button, or on off switch button. Also I have not yet applied Rain-X to the lens protector so the water droplets are not "blowing" away in the wind.

It started out raining in the morning, then it cleared. In the afternoon it was a warm 10c. Later in the afternoon it clouded over and started to rain again. The ride home was after sunset so you can see how the GoProHD handles the lack of light, and how it handles the flare from the passing cars.

(Wet, Dry, warm, sun, cloudy and dark, all on a typical Saturday in Vancouver)


  1. Bobskoot,

    Could the rattle have been from the mount vs the buttons? I never heard the rattle while the camera was mounted to your dash. Just my 2 cents. I'm afraid to comment on the rest ;-)

    My Adventures on 2 wheels

  2. The rattle was your brain exploding, you poor boy.
    Yours Sincerely
    Iron Butt Member 39523

  3. @Mr H-D from the UK

    Of course you can buy RAM mounts in the UK!

  4. Err......Rattles...I will just re-post my comment to you that appears to have got lost...

    ''Bob,Bob....The rattle you mention in your next video on YT....I had the same problem, couldn't find it for weeks, but it turned out to be the little screw on the side of the pivot adjustment for camera angle...I just wrapped the whole thing everywhere in black electricians tape, and it cured the rattle''



  5. It's either your brain about to explode or a woodpecker in your...never mind.
    your sincerely
    Iron Butt Member 39523
    (ps did you spend hours inking out the palm trees?)

  6. The comments sections are where the fun is many times. The text barbs are almost as fun as the posts. Glad to hear that the crocs are stored in an accessible place on your Wee. I was concerned.

  7. Dear Sir:

    Only people of extreme merit and character are noted in my blog. For example, Dick Bregstein. Dick and I ride thousands of miles together and he is one of my best friends on earth... How do I acknowledge his virtue and riding prowess? By constant mention in my blog, in some of the most colorful paragraphs I have ever written. It has changed his life. Dick is now in the witness protection program.

    I would be utterly remiss if I failed to include you in my blog... And just wait until we get the opportunity to ride together! You will ne amazed at my powers of observation.

    My well-intentioned assessment of Conchscooter was well-warranted. And with one or two finely chosen words, he is focused on the motorcycle again. I have learned to accept his occasional poisonous cynicism for what it is -- latent tachometer envy.

    I can understand the frustration that you must occasionally feel as a Canadian — living in a highly hyped haven, yet being denied the right to openly bitch about anything. So you vent your frustration by wearing pink crocs, and hiding that tattoo that says, "Follow me to the US, where everyone bitches about something."

    Did you know that when Mother Threresa visited then Mayor Ed Koch in the hospital, where he was recovering from surgery, she asked him about getting a special parking space at the hospital? See. It's natural here.

    So wear your mention in my blog with pride... It means I took your advice seriously enough to put it to my readers. I would not be offended if I read in a line in yours that read, "and that fat son of a bitch who writes Twisted Road..." I'd be rather flattered, in fact.

    By the way, the picture of you stretched out on the bike is very funny. But it is also so natural, f you get my drift.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  8. Dear Mr. Skoot:

    Am I the only one who has noticed that Nikos and Chuck Pefley look like twins?

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  9. LOL. Good post Bob. I like "Musing of a baby photographer" ;)

    The rattle is the camera mount connecting to the mount plate. Use the orange rubber piece to prevent the two clips from rattling. Let me know if you need a photo.

  10. Mr Riepe via Mr Bobskoot

    Yes I think that you are the only person to spot this familiarity.

    Have a good day.

    Best wishes, N the walking antique

  11. Ok. Where to start. I'm amused by Musings of a baby photographer. That's actually quite funny.

    The book I was reading is called Mastering the Grill.

    I'm flattered by the way you copied the pose. You are much more photogenic than I am.

    Finally, I enjoy the barbs. Let it be hereby publicly declared that I will never make a barb or jest on my blog or in anybody's comment section that is actually meant in a mean manner. These are not the forums for that kind of thing.

    I hold everyone in deep affection and regard, plainly stated,as friends who can tease each other and still keep the affection. Even if somebody is actually having a bad day that creeps into their writing, well, that's what being friends is all about, right?

    Bad day? No sweat. I'm here for you and understand. If I were really pissed off I would come knock your head off, you know?

    Warm regards!!!!

  12. Group reply:

    I couldn't reply until I saw that all was Okay with that famous Knight of the round table, Mr Irondad.

    I know we are all friends whom have not yet met and this was a sort of tongue and cheek look at how we send friendly vibes to each other and joke back and forth. Irondad summed it up nicely. Nothing we say to each other is meant to be more than a tease, there is no malice between all of us, curmudgeons excepted. It's like we are all sitting together having a meal and poking jokes at each other. True friends in the real sense, if only we didn't live so far away from each other.

    I can't wait to meet more of you on my travels.

  13. Absolutely spot on Mr Bob.

    In blogger solidarity and to upset Mrs Nikos, I've even gone as far as buying some hideous bright orange padded croc type plastic clog shoes from the end of season sale at Lands End!

    When are you lot all coming to Europe then? (Or maybe Turkey?)